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How to squeeze or kill waiting time one of the most boring time slot when it's lonnggg and you are alone. No bird flocking around, no car screeching a sound and not even a person near you to not to let your beautiful face down. Whether you are waiting for a person, a phone call, a mail, a gift and even the shopkeeper to return so that you can inquire about the staple you need, waiting in all forms may make you go grumpy. And it is very natural, very human.

Then how to tackle this waiting time slot? How to squeeze the waiting time whose one minute teases you like it has grown up as one full day?

Relax folks! When the creator invented problems, it hailed solutions too. There indeed are multiple ways by using which you can tackle/squeeze/kill your waiting time. In fact, you can also turn your waiting time into a fun time.

So what's the delay? Let's get started.

1. First is first, stop looking at the watch.Set a timer instead. This way you will automatically come to know when the waiting is over. Y…

Sunday Funday :)

Jokes to make you smile and ROFL :)

Define checkmate!
When you tell your girlfriend that you saw a girl on the street who looked exactly like her.
and she asks, "Was she hot?"
You can't say NO You can't say YES

One IT guy, "Dude! Our engineering degree got wasted. What to do?"
Another, "Sell it on OLX. Wahan sab kuchh bikta hai (everything sells there). Even garbage too..."

Some men can't decide whether weekdays are hectic or weekends . . . . . These men are called married men! 

If you are Wrong and you Shut up, you are Wise
But if you are Right and you Shut up, you are Married!

Height of Being Single
Listening to romantic song and thinking . . . . . . About whom should I think of?

" you know BBM and Whatsapp have been ranked 2nd and 3rd as Best for Gossip?" "Who is 1st then?" "Women still rule the world" :D

How to deal after rape :: An inspiring true story

After being raped, I was wounded; my honour was not : Sohaila Abdulali

"When I fought to live that night, I hardly knew what I was fighting for. A male friend and I had gone for a walk up a mountain near my home. Four armed men caught us and made us climb to a secluded spot, where they raped me for several hours, and beat both of us. They argued among themselves about whether or not to kill us, and finally they let us go.

At 17, I was just a child. Life rewarded me richly for surviving. I stumbled home, wounded and traumatized, to a fabulous family. With them on my side, so much came my way. I found true love. I wrote books. I saw a kangaroo in the wild. I caught buses and missed trains. I had a shining child. The century changed. My first gray hair appeared.

Too many others will never experience that. They will not see that it gets better, that the day comes when one incident is no longer the central focus of your life. One day you find you are no longer looking behind you, expecti…

A fun post for all guys (The centenary post)

Sorry guys (boys and men)! There is no fun post here. I had to put the title just to catch your attention. This post is not a fun post albeit you will find something interesting to read, I believe.

This post is the fruition of tumultuous thoughts that come with newspapers everyday. Every now and then, at least one common news is pasted on the papers. Names are changed, locations have tossed, age is no barrier and even the measure of mental sickness varies but one thing remains unarguably constant.

A girl has been raped.

Yesterday there was this news on the front page. A 19 yr. old girl was waiting for the bus at 7 in the morning. She just came out of the church and was standing at the roadside when a Scorpio (car) stopped in front of her. One guy peeked out to locate a address written on the paper and when the unlucky lass went nearer to the car, she was snatched and taken inside the car. Not to mention, she was dumped after few hours, completely destroyed, devastated and strewn of he…

How to get a deep good night sleep

Sleep is as much required for the body as the food. If food is the fuel to the body, a good deep sleep is the switch to turn the body functions on/off. A good night sleep helps your body to function well, on time and without facing much issues.

Time will keep changing and so will the reasons that can easily take a toll on your good night sleep. So why not pace with the time and try your best to maintain a habit of getting a deep good night sleep every time you go on the bed? If you are nodding, read it on then. I am sure you will find ample effective working tips that can add wonders to your good night sleep.

Make a definite sleep pattern. At what time you will hit the bed and what time you should say it a good bye, decide it. But make sure you get at least eight hours of sound uninterrupted sleep. This will re-energize your body to work next day.Some things induces sleep. These are called soporific. Chamomile tea helps you to stimulate sleep. Also, Lavender essential oil is soporific…

Do not rape a life as equal as Yours (Rumination on Delhi 5-year-old Rape Case)

Be it five year or fifty year old female, all are same in the eyes of the rapists when it comes to satiate their upright monster. It is often said, Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. Here I can say, Brutality lies in the eyes of a rapist.

I am failing at thinking what to write here yet I want to express the blankness of my mind. The hatred for such men (rapists) is too strong to suppress. Why they do it? For few minutes of pleasure or to take a revenge on the girl or on someone else? Or, to take out merely the frustration caused by something else? Are they naturally mentally sick? Or, do they commit such sickening crimes just to declare themselves so?

Whatever is the question or the answer tagged to them, I don't give a damn about it. All I care about is, Save Girls, Save Humanity. DO NOT RAPE A LIFE AS EQUAL AS YOURS.

What if we women start to do the same with men? Yes!! Don't raise your eye-brows at it. In many countries, even men are also robbed and snatched of their d…

Why forgiving is so tough?

I am not here to answer or to explain the reason behind this question. Rather, I am here to ask. Why is it so tough to forgive? Why, sometimes in our lives, the concept of forgiving becomes too hard to abide? Why?

When I roll back the reel life through the past, some faces appear in front of my perplexed eyes. Those faces smile, they wince, they laugh, they cry, they share their joys and delights, they scold, they teach; basically they had done everything that being in a relationship can be defined. None of their expressions were fake, I know this from the very bottom of my heart.'s too hard to forgive. Why?

When life takes a different path or I should be saying it in a better way, when life hurls us on an unwanted path, why the same smiling and sharing faces become so strange, so extrinsic that it culminates into an inner juggling to accept them? I know there are some catches in everyone's persona but yet, it becomes a real tough job to accept and manifest those peo…

Donned a fresh success? Celebrate it then

What pulled me towards writing this post is the moment when I stood on the weighing scale this morning. I simply couldn't believe at the sight and kept staring the digital meter for at least two minutes. It showed me that I have lost 5.5 Kgs (12 lbs approx.)!! I was so delighted finding myself near to my pre-set goal that I literally grinned ear to ear. I am highly satisfied for touching the edge of my goal in less than just four months and still savoring its every bit.

Acknowledging that it is a huge compliment for me, ek chhota sa celebration to banta hai na (This demands for a little celebration). So I did celebrate my success by eating my favorite Chocolate flavored sweet. Not in too much of amount but please myself a little bit, I did take a small bite. And it's all okay!

These little celebrations are what required to keep you motivated and happy-go-lucky soul. There are several tips for celebrating success but I am giving away easy and effective celebration tip…

Looking for the salvation

Eyes look ahead, At the path stretched; Don't know where to station? Yet looking for the salvation.
This gloomy day, Topped with sinking heart; And there is this pleasant weather, Adding irony to my fear.
Feeling alone, scared and crippled, Want to hide myself somewhere cuddled; Why life becomes so harsh? Stubborn, irritating and rash?
Want to break this cocoon, And emerge out of it very soon; But like it was that easy, To dump the cocktail of frenzy.

I wait as I write,
I laugh as I feel dull inside;
Let few days pass away,
And I will be soon back on MY way.

Amish Tripathi interview

Amish Tripathi, the renowned (and now celebrity) author of Shiva Trilogy, has found a new way. He is now an A-lister, aired on CNBC-TV18. Below is his interview. He totally bowled me over with his modest yet liberal stances. Found it worth to share on my blog.

This interview has some learning intertwined too :)

Gone with the wind...moments

I hate living like this sometimes...alone, stripped of parents and my siblings :(

The week started on a bad note. And I already know the entire week is already infected by it. (Un)fortunately the weather today is nice. After sinking like Titanic for the whole day and when I found I couldn't withstand with just the four walls and some electronic gadgets anymore, I went upstairs to the terrace with a steaming cup of tea and some low fat biscuits (as I can't imagine myself sipping my tea without any biscuit...if I am in my own territory!!).

When I stepped on the terrace, the cool whiff of breeze stroke my hair and it instantly soothed my aching heart and dull mood. I started strolling here and there while sipping the tea in between. My kid was playing with his aeroplane nearby and to strike the luck on his stride, he got a neighborhood friend to play with. As I was moving my eyes absorbing the surroundings, I saw few people on a building terrace a little far from my own. They se…

Bitten by a Silly Spider

A sting of writing a poem, A desire to write a rhyme; Has struck me now But not sure, Where to start and how.
Poem is nothing but a play of words, Pick one word from here and another from there, And put them in order like you desire; But what to write now? Has become the 'Question of the day' somehow.
I smile as I write, Why this smile, what for? I am not sure; Yet I smile, And it gets wider; I wonder, Whether I am bitten by a Silly Spider.
This state of *unsurety* has consumed me highly, It has made me curious lightly; Do I always need a title to write? I think as I do nail-bite, Is it always so important to hold a kite?
Why not holding just the thread? And letting it go the way it said; Why to coerce it to fly with the kite? This makes some sense, As I gain some quaint intelligence.
But there is this strange relation, Between Mr. Thread and Mrs. Kite equation; Mrs. Kite says, "Let me fly", But Mr. Thread is petulant, He says, "Don't fly. Just lie"

Remember to put down the glass!

Below is an interesting piece expounding on how fatal stresses and worries can go. The same I had listened few years back into my kid's school function; delivered by the principal of the school. It was interesting that time too to listen such easy interpretation. Now when I read it again on Facebook, I remembered and thought it'd be wise to share this. 

A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone asked they'd be asked the "Half empty or half full" question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired,
"How heavy this glass is?"
The answers floated as 8 oz. to 20 oz.
She replied,
"The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for an entire day, my arms will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the gl…

Stress + Smile = Swimming

Now that I have finished my evening snacks quota, let's start talking my dear blog. It is always so nice to sit with you and tell you my things. You always listen to me patiently and reciprocate in the way that I desire the most - the most sincere and friendly way and...I love it. So let's commence one of my hobbies - Chit-chatting.

The day started normal with usual haste in the morning and then outstanding dose of my fitness class. Since few days, I was being so much haggard after my classes that I seriously had pains everywhere. I wondered what happened all of a sudden to me as it's the first timer in four months that I went into such painful state. After a li'l effort, I figured out what was amiss.

Though I have changed my timings for the summer vacations, the current batch is more vigorous and energy consuming. Advance level of aerobics steps, deadly stretches and non-stop running around along with high voltage western music, bigger crowd and the increased desire …

I wish him the happiness and comfort

A funny yet interesting moment happened just now and how can I go without mentioning it on my blog? :)

The moment went like this ::

We are at home. I was working on something on my laptop while my husband was busy with his one official call. The call went for around forty minutes. During his call, I was enjoying myself on my laptop by writing and reading something randomly. When my husband returned from his call, he found me smilingly working on the internet.

He paused. I looked at him and asked what happened. He said with a longing in his voice,

"It's soooo nice that you can work from home. With all the comfort, with not much of the burdens and sitting cozily on your bed. You are soo soooo lucky. I wish I could switch my job with yours"

Needless to say, I guffawed at his such cute longing. He continued,

"If I get a chance to stay at home and do all the chores by myself, I will be a happy soul. I will be happy to prepare breakfast and lunch in the morning; I will b…

15 expert ways for a Happy You

Who says staying happy is a hard nut to crack? At least I am not.

Just because our busy lifestyles are crawling into becoming busier everyday and the latest electronic gadgets are eating those time slots that are supposed to be dedicated for the family and friends, that does not mean we can not be privileged to stay happy.

Staying happy needs nothing but little tiny-winy puny efforts that comes in the package with our day to day routines. All we need is, to find them and enjoy them till they are fresh. Below are 15 expert ways of staying happy. Follow them and get a Happy You...instantly!

1. Hug someone
Researches show that hugging someone for at least 15 minutes can adorn you with that person't trust. Isn't it wonderful? Everyone feels lovely to be hugged by someone beloved. Hugging releases happy hormones (and that is serotonin) inside the body and that relaxes our nerves and muscles.

So what are you waiting for then? Go and hug someone you know will love to be hugged. But …

Women are no longer robots!!

While I started my Saturday morning on a sweet note by eating homemade Kheer (A rice pudding made in milk), the following post may not seem equally sweet to many men.

Disclaimer :: This post is intended for those species of men who think being the bread winner of the family transforms them into a highly superior personality to their wives and hence, deserve to be regarded as the most respectful person; for whom their wives are nothing but a human robot who is designed to fulfill their all kind of desires, not expecting anything in return.

Also, I am not writing anything here with any sort of ill intention to judge or insult men but when injustice happens to one, it is important to unravel the issue; it is equally important to bend the concrete unfair rules of the society.

Caution :: Proceed at your own risk!!

I am not going to be surly here by protesting for feminism or to rule out men from the equation. Rather, I am here only for saying few things that have always been echoing the wom…

Need to learn 'Time Management'

Sometimes days become so strange. Now-a-days when I have the luxury of squeezing more time out of my routine yet, I am not able to do things that I like say reading and writing! My husband has given me 'The Oath of the Vayuputras' (The third book of Shiva Trilogy) as my birthday gift but how bizarre is this that where I found ample time to read the first two riveting books of this series which were extremely hard for me to put down for a second, there I am not reading the third one since many days? Not because it is not piquing my curiosity to know what happens finally but I am just not able to extract time out of my schedule. How contradictory that is!!

Sometimes when I am cooking or folding cloths or doing some other stuff, I keep mulling over like "Oh! I haven't read any book since 3-4 days" or "It has been a long time since I have settled down idly to watch TV" and above all, "Damn it! I am not able to do my writing stuff. What has happened to…

Post for my grand mother and when there is a battle between mind and heart!

It hurts to see our loved ones in grief, trouble or, sometimes in the hospital. People whom we love when face the unfair atrocities of life, it wrists our hearts with a sudden thrust that let us neither breathe nor die.

I remember my grand mother. She was absolutely fond of me. When I recall the wonderful serene time that I spent with her, my heart twists in a way that leaves a scar later. It is painful to realize the fact that she is no longer with me. But if I want to soothe my heart, I just turn my thoughts in the other direction. I think, "She is always with me. Physical presence doesn't matter much when two hearts are tied up" and I feel relax. I still love her a lot. She meant everything to me.

But now that she is gone, a painful twisted scar is left on my heart. They say time heals but sometimes, time only dries up the tears, not heal your heart completely.

Since my childhood, sleeping with her at nights was my usual routine. When any of our family member was gon…

Life In A Metro song

The song I was searching for. Outstanding song that can take you out of this world....:)(

My second favorite song. Can't get enough of it :)