Saturday, 9 March 2013

Break your cocoon

Yesterday was International Women's Day. I scribbled one post on it with an ode to women (in the form of poetry). This morning is still carrying the memory ingots of some of yesterday's happenings. While I mentioned about the webinar that I attended and that was organized by Accenture, something else also happened yester-evening.

I called one of my neighbor hood friend to have some snacks and chit chat. Our sons play with each other regularly. Therefore, it is quite natural for the friendship to grow over just the familiarity. Anyways, she came and we started chatting. Being a talkative person, I was throwing humor balls to which she was laughing a lot. We both were talking to some usual stuffs. At one point, I told her something personal about my life. This opened a conduit between us. She also shared some of her issues with me and then like there was no red signal to stop ourselves anymore, we continued sharing and munching on our personal issues for the rest of the evening. We both understood how life is and how it comes with the several Ups and Downs.

She is very beautiful, a little introvert and a soft spoken person. I like her a lot. She already knows on which path I am heading to, I also suggested her to do something on her own that can inject her heart with the immense joy and peace that she craves for. We all crave for the same in our lives...aren't we? ;)

Initially she was like bit hesitant, much to my surprise. But I told her not to underestimate her personality. And the same goes with everyone. No one should underestimate their pertinence. We all have hidden gems inside. The only thing required is, we have to go deep inside ourselves to search that gem that makes us different from others, that let us shine ourselves in the crowd. The process is not easy but it will definitely be worth doing.

In the webinar that I attended yesterday, the renowned author Preeti Shenoy was also featured in their documentary and she was also the part of discussion panel. At one point, she said something worth pondering on. She said how does a person's sex can decide his or her ability to do anything? Anyone can do anything and gender simply can not define one's ability. It is simple yet very marveling thought. I agree with her.

Break your inhibitions and let the sunshine come through
If I talk about myself, I am merely a Graduate in Science but I never underestimated myself. I know I have the ability to do anything and I have proved myself very well at this front.

I had organized a 3 days Art and Craft sale few years back. It was one-of-its-own-kind initiative and people who came to the sale profusely lauded me. I had put handmade items in the sale along with some other ready made stuffs. I was showered with appreciation and surprises.

Later, I also took part in two summer camps. In one, I was the Coordinator while in the other, I played the role of an Art & Craft teacher. At both the places, my efforts and energy that I put in were highly recognized. In one of them, I even created their advertising rhyme. They used it extensively for the advertisement of their summer camp.

In the later years, I had joined one teacher training institute but because of some issues, I couldn't complete its course but the most important thing is, I joined it. I was willing to do it. It's another part that it wasn't on my destiny palate.

Then I acted as a Tutor as well. I tutored students up to the middle level, covering all the subjects. I admit Maths was difficult for me but I put my 100% effort. Sometimes I had to solve Maths chapters in advance so that I can teach them to my students and I have no shame admitting it. The path I had chosen for being a tutor, it was challenging yet I did it with my complete dedication.

Then I pursued Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher's Training with Specialization in Teaching English from American TESOL Institute (ATI). With this certificate, getting a teaching job has become far more easier for me. 

I have Diploma in textile designing and I have done few more courses in my leisure because I don't like to sit idle.

Then came Freelancing in my life. When I received a mail from one of the companies for a freelancer, I couldn't comprehend that I could be a freelancer too; I could write articles too. Since my few articles had been published in some magazines (one of them is a national level magazine), I got the offer. Though I didn't have slightest of the idea whether I could do it yet I stepped forward, once again. And now I am a Freelancer for the last almost 2 years 8 months. Now writing comes very naturally to me. It's like all the alphabets are mixed into my blood stream and when I write, they come out in the form of words and sentences. I find myself blessed because of this virtue. 

Then I became Corporate Relationship officer in one NGO. It was the role full of responsibilities and learning and I fulfilled my job with utmost sincerity and dedication.

I write poems too. This trait emerged in me many many years back. That time I was writing poems in Hindi. I was heavily drizzled with admiration and adulation. I still write in Hindi but now I try to write poetry in English too. Some are simple, some are interesting but I love all my creations.

Currently apart from being a housewife and a mother, I am a Freelancer, a blogger, a poet and a fierce learner; and now I am very close to the path of exploring the extremity of my one more ability. 

This list is long, if not for you but for me and I am proud of all the achievements I have earned. Education was never a barrier to me. In fact, I was an average student during my academic phase. I had hardly won any accolade, medal or shield in the large chunk of my school-college years but I have made myself quite diversified; trying my best to collect and absorb lights from every possible direction. I believe that if you are hungry for more, the destiny will serve you even more on your palate to take your pick :)

In search of job once in my life, one principal from a Delhi school appreciated me on the phone for the versatile things that I have done in my life. Even my husband says not all the housewives are as willing and hungry for learning as I am. It makes me feel proud. It satiates my soul.

A simple Graduate, a normal mother and a loving wife. I am no more special than you but the belief I have in myself and eagerness to learn something new every time makes me stand in a different line from millions. 

Bill Gates says,

"If you born poor, it is not your mistake but if you die poor, it is certainly your mistake"

Very true and I agree.

Do not think you are benighted to do anything in your life. We all have the tremendous potential hidden in our personalities. Why not break your cocoon and come out of it? Why not show this world what you can do? Why being a housewife or a mother hinders you abilities? Marriage has never been a hurdle unless you think that way. If you are married and the spouse is supportive, I bet the sky is your first limit.

Everyone has some special trait. Search it. Identify your goal, set your eyes on it and throw the invisible dart kept in your hands. With confidence and belief, YOU CAN achieve what you want.

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