Saturday, 30 March 2013

When there is no space for you!

Create one. As simple as that.

Let me juxtapose two incredible truths of life. One is, there are these people who don't want to see you go up on the stairs; and, there are those flock of birds who are eager to see you fly high.

People of the first category can easily be spotted at the crucial bumpy road of life. When you stumble, there will come very few hands to help you stand again and to continue the journey. And such few people are a bliss. But not many are lucky enough to get such ones.

But when people enjoy your misery; when they find serenity in your grief; when their lips shrink when you smile, it certainly makes your journey harder to travel. Life is already harsh on you and when such people come with 'Handle with care' tag, they awfully make your 'Go getter' attitude more complex. They won't let you do anything in your life. In fact, they would love to ruin whatever you have cooked for your future.

But if you flip the coin and see the picture from a different window, you will find these people as 'Life tester'. Life tests you by sending such bizarre people on your way; it checks on you whether you would be able to handle yourself in the opposite flowing stream. This is much like a teacher who strains his/her eyes hard to find out mistakes, if any, on the answer sheet you have provided; not that the teacher is willing to cut your marks deliberately but s/he surely wants you to see go up in the sky by rectifying your mistakes next time!!

And through this, life gives you the chance to create your own niche; topple the ball of opportunity towards you. All you have to do is :: Catch the ball and hit it into your stride. 

People won't come often to hold your hand to look through your mistakes. Only your own self is liable, responsible and eligible to do that. If you are down by one bump, get up and brush the dirt off yourself but continue the journey only with a stronger will. This *stronger will* will slowly carve out the persona that is hungry and passionate; that has the reservoir of energy and dreams to find the ultimate meaning of the life.

If you won't get up, others will come and crush you under their frustrated, irritating feet. They won't let you stand up again because by standing up again, you will be eating one opportunity that can be served to another person. Are you ready for all this and moreover, worse?

Then why to stay fallen flat on the ground when you can always get up and stand against all odds?

Why not to shoot your efforts in the right direction to create a space for your own abilities?

When there is no space for you, keep letting your eyes flicker through all the directions until you find what you are looking for. Destiny had indeed made one space corner for you that is filled with the twinkling stars and a full fledged galaxy of your own. If this space is hidden behind or amongst others, make your way towards it and claim your world.

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