Saturday, 16 March 2013

TV Off Life On

Now that summer vacations are about to start in a whiz, I have already started thinking of getting my kid join any summer camp. But these camps will only be able to let me relax for few hours. But when they are finished and my kid is at home, it becomes a mountainous task to strip him off from television.

I have given a thought on this. Though my society is not privileged to have a club or party hall kind of thing where I could organize some games for my kid and his friends, I will ask for his interests on what would he like to do in summers.

Asking my kid's interests and then proceeding for any club, class or workshop will make my task far more easier. On the basis of previous summer vacations, I know he loves doing Art & Craft things and Drawing. He also loves playing roles in Drama. So I guess this is where I can take the lead from and send him to such class where he could avail these and other new wonderful activities.

However, these classes will not last for more than few hours. Then again he will be at home, watching TV in a constant loop. Now this time it will become trickier to take his eyes off because he would already be ready with some reasoning like "I have already gone to the activities. Now I want to relax and watch TV". Though I agree with this up to an extent yet I want him to go outside and enjoy the surroundings. So to bring my desire to fruition, I'd definitely do these things that can encourage him to go outside and explore the outdoors ::

  1. Now that school will be closed, I can easily take him to the park frequently where he can enjoy, ride and explore the outdoors and the nature.
  2. I will plan for a picnic or some other outdoor fun activity like Badminton match. This way he will be doing some physical training, a plus for his health.
  3. As there are not much children in my society (if there are, they are not known to me), I can send him for cycling.
  4. I will get him into some new classes where he could learn different things. 
  5. I will send him to his friend's home where he can enjoy other games (not on TV or computers) like Tambola (Housie), Chess, Business, Carom etc.
  6. Summer vacations are perfect to plan for holidays. We have already plan to go to Ooty, Cunnoor and Mysore that is maximum of 3 days trip. Later on, there will be one more holiday planning where my kid can enjoy himself and the nature. Wonder La seemed to fun for all of us. So we will certainly take our kid to Ooty, Cunnoor, Mysore and Wonder La this summer.
Above are the things that I am going to do with my kid this summer. But Yes! I will also allow him to watch TV but for a short while only. 

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