Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tips to identify and achieve your goal

Here I am again! :)

Yesterday was my birthday and I was deluged with SMSs, phone calls and messages on the Facebook wall. It is always wonderful to have an occasion like *Birthday* which makes me feel literally like a Queen of the Day. With a Thank you note for those who wished me, I'd also like to thank that person who created or invented or celebrated the day of the birth. Because of that wonderful person, we all celebrate our birthdays.

If you still wanna wish me, guess what? IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! Today is my official birthday. So go on...wish me again. I'd still be pleased with equal resonance :)

Now sit straight and let's talk for what I am here. For writing a post of course. I have come across many people who haven't identified or achieved their goals yet. I was also one of'em once and that is why I know how difficult it is to first identify and then achieve the target.

If you have a pre-set goal in life, life becomes so much easier (though I also nod to the fact that path to claim the target becomes even more elusive). Goals give you a motivation; a reason to keep walking after every stumble. Goals are like Oxygen cylinders, pumping your life with the most important life saving element. Therefore, it is very important to set a goal for yourself.

However, there are lot many people who are still scratching there heads to find out where to go or how to go? Or, may be sleeping with lice, not bothering to scratch even. C'mon! Get off the platform and kick yourself. Life is too short to set more than one goal. So grab the opportunity and make one....RIGHT NOW. And guess what? I am here to help you on this front today.

Prima facie, if you are messing with your hair for what to do with your life, keep below tips handy on how to identify to do the thing that suits you the best. I myself have done several things in my till life. Not believing? See (or read) for yourself :: Break your cocoon

How to identify your goal

If you still have doubts about yourself and which way you should head to, ask these questions to yourself ::
  • What I am looking for? Being at what position will quench my thirst for the inner peace?
  • What is it that satisfies me?
  • Which area interests me the most?
  • For which quality or idea I was/have been appreciated for? Take a lead from here.
  • Is it really nothing that fancy me? How is it possible when million of people are transforming themselves into something else; something different and unique? Think hard.
  • Take help from your friends or family members or someone you think can really help you. Talk to them.
  • It takes time to identify what you want to do with your remaining life. Keep thinking until you figure this out.

What you can do to achieve your goal

Realize your hobbies. If you are married then who says you still can not pursue a new hobby or continue with the old ones? If you are willing to move above on the chart, you definitely will find your way.

Work hard. If you are lucky to be next with your goal, work hard to achieve it and once you have achieved it, work harder to maintain it.

Read books. Books helps you to understand different facets of life. They let you feel your own repertoires and potential. Excuses like I don't read/like books are worth keeping them at bay. Have mercy on yourself. Read. It will help you even in those moments when no one is there to hold you.

Think positive. Positivity begets positivity. We know that opposite attracts and similar repels but here, the equation is reversed. If you think positive, an arena of positivity will be formed enveloping you inside. It will attract people who also fall for positive thoughts and actions. This way, positive people will be in your list.

Save your time. Or, don't waste time on trivial unimportant things. If I tell you a very strange fact about me, I am not a gossip loving girl. When I have the premonition that this particular meeting/gathering is going to be about nonsense useless gossips, I try my best to avoid that. Even I have ditched such gatherings into the previous years of my life. I always like fruitful discussions; gentle exchange of words on interesting knowledgeable stuffs. These areas fancy me and I always make it a point to be a part of such meetings/gatherings. This way, you also purse your time with utmost care and take it out only for the things that are really worth.

Love yourself. Trust me, this is the biggest favor you can do to yourself. Read one post of me on this Love yourself for what you are. Loving yourself will make you comfortable with your own. It will becomes easier to achieve your goal then.

Shut your ears for what the other says about you. And this comes with lifetime experience. Dump others' words unless they seem to make some real meaning. What you think about yourself matters the most. Your own perspective does the complete job.

Live life the way it serves you. Whether you can't avail control on your past, your present and future always lay ahead of you to mold. Learn lessons from the past but never let it interfere with your present and future.

Spend time in exercising. Exercising helps you with great degree by the formation of Serotonin (also known as Happy hormone), releasing the stress and makes your inner side as healthy as your outer body. Blood circulation also increases and thus increases the concentration ability. Meditation, yoga, dance, aerobics, gym, any form will do this purpose.

Grab a snooze from the daily hustles and bustles of life. Go on a holiday. Spend your time. Feel the atmosphere. Feel the natural beauty dancing around. Feel your breathing. Rejuvenate yourself. All in the meanwhile of all these, work out on the ways to find your goal.

As we all are broken hearts in some or other way, stitch your heart with positive threads by keeping alive what seems the next essential life saving element, Hope. Never give up on hope. Sooner or later, you will come to know the money you once saved has increased by manifolds in its value. Sooner or later, you will realize how your value has been increased once you have achieved your goal.

Talk to someone. It helps you to let go of barrier. But never consider others as litter. Take them as a gift that they are listening to your words. Dump positive things, energy, perseverance that can effect other too. 

Prioritize your things. It is quintessential task to do. Without realizing what you are doing and why you are doing, you are failing yourself at life. Make a list what is important to go as first and then second and then third and so onnn... This way you will be able to manage your life with better control.

Do one thing at a time. Yes! Spend your energy on one thing at a time. DO NOT start clubbing two or more than two goals in one go. If you are cook, cook only. If you are a driver, drive only. Never mix them both. I agree few things go hand in hand. While competing for medical or other competitive exams, you can teach other students too if you have a sound knowledge of the subject. You can club together only those things that falls on the same track (one line here and there is fine but not too much differences should be there).

Dream. Dream that you have already achieved your goal. That moment will mesmerize you; stun you with its magnificence. Come back in reality and you will find your energy has doubled up. You will work faster with doubled efficiency.

Meet people who are already in the line you have selected. This will help you to find the barriers, how to overcome them and especially, things required to get your goal. They can also help you to create a strategy.

Never lose focus. We fail often. But I believe failures are our best teachers. They tell you, in a way, that you are not putting your 100% effort in the process. They speak truth. So never lose focus for no matter how many times you have fallen. Always stand up and keep moving. In my son's one notebook, it is written :: Do not be afraid of moving slowly. Be afraid of standing still.

Have rest. We are certainly not robots. Work hard, sometimes harder but never forget to have some rest along with the hard procedure. Rest will soothe and calm your body. It will help you to last for longer than the others.

I hope I have given away some useful tips. These are not just the fruits of thinking and lecturing only; they are rather the realities coming demurely from the life.

Life is beautiful and how can we make it more beautiful? By giving it a motto. Start today.


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