Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Amazing Spiderman

Was getting bored and didn't have anything interesting to do. So I resorted to watch a movie and then I got stuck with The Amazing Spider man. Here is my point of view whether I would recommend others or not. You may get some spoilers here. So if you intend to watch this movie, take your eyes towards the other post that can fancy you equally :)

So the leading star cast is Andrew Garfield as Spider man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curtis Conners. 

Prior watching the movie, I, with obvious reasons, had pre notions from the previous four Spider man movies that revolved around Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco. Since I am a fan of previous Spider man series, I anticipated that The Amazing Spider man would also stand at the same height, sharing the same level of curiosity, excitement and reveling plot. But alas! It didn't happen. So here are the pros and cons of the movie.

Pros :: Though I didn't like the movie much but c'mon! A movie can not be all bad. The amazing spider man has some interesting cues to look for. Like the green sparkling eyes of Emma stone as Gwen Stacy. She has big eyes and those look beautiful. I felt envy watching those because they are worth to dive in. If it's my reaction, the boys will certainly fall for her beautiful eyes. Her acting though didn't hit the right chord. It was okay okay type.

Andrew as the amazing spider man has indeed thrown some wonderful stunts in his school and around. 

Rhys Ifans as Dr. Conners (a leading scientist in OSCORP) turned into a giant reptile eager to create the world free of the weaknesses and in this thread, he planned to turn everyone like him only. If it was possible, may be it would be difficult for me to type this post because of monstrous paws and giant nails. Thankfully, The Amazing Spider man saved us all.

Lastly, I liked the way the movie ended. Not because it came to an end but because of its last scene where the amazing spider man is taking high dives in the air, eclipsing the moon and finally then looking at his audiences throwing a web on them. It was wonderful to see.

Cons ::  I was kind of little disappointed watching it. Many things didn't strike me very well. Like Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spider man. His caricature is not suitable to the lead character. Also, he has failed to give required set of expressions. Unlike the previous Spider man series, this amazing spider man has no naturally web shooting feature. Here spider man makes a device that can shoot a shower of strong webs at his will. It felt kind of elusive to me. If you are a spider, you must naturally be capable of shooting the webs. You are not supposed to create a device for the same that can easily be crushed and destroyed by any evil (like the reptile evil did in the later phase of the story).

While all the city is going to face a big jinx, right there the amazing spider man is talking on the mobile about it among people and people around are not scared after listening the chit chat nor scared what havoc the director of the movie has planned to cast on them. It's kind of disgusting, for me at least.

The amazing spider man's sense of humor sucks...seriously. I literally shrieked my nose in disgust.

Also, the amazing spider man's parents left him in first few scenes and then they died. Why they left their son, where they went and how they met an accident, this all is simply wiped out of the movie like a dish is lacking the last required pinch of salt.

The overall :: Watch it only if you have seriously nothing to do. 


P.S. 1 more thing I couldn't understand that the amazing spider man has goggle type glasses that comes in built with his red-blue shining outfit. As far as I know, goggle either helps you to look in day times or at nights but both, I have a doubt here. If the amazing spider man had developed a different type of glasses that allowed him to see everything with equal clarity in day as well as night, he must have given away the manufacturing secrets. We normal people could also use the same whenever we want ;)


  1. You should have titled it " analyzing Spider-Man"!! :)


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