Friday, 22 March 2013

Last words of the day :)

It's 10:40 P.M. This is the time that I have gotten free of my whole day of work load. Not that I am an employee somewhere but sometimes being a housewife also demands for fulfilling so many of responsibilities. Isn't it? :)

Whenever I get tired or feel joyous or sad or something different apart from normalcy, I start to crave for writing a post; my fingers long to settle on the keypad and type languorously to embellish my blog with my heart contents. I don't know why but my blog lures me out in such a manner that I can't deny it and if I can manage to scribble something here under such circumstances, I feel ecstatic; out of the world. This time is exactly the same time. I am done with a long process of two delicacies making and have tidied up my other works, though I feel tired yet I am writing. It satisfies me as I let my heart speak only. No interruption of brain, not worlds' and not any other unwanted ping of life. Just me and my blog. That is why the label I have put in my blog as "A moment of heart" is so close to me. Posts under this label exactly accentuates what my heart is feeling when I am writing them.

Anyways, let's talk something to my blog and I do have something to talk. I wonder why I love writing like a crazy? Why I thrive for writing so much? Why writing something brings peace and joy to me? I searched the answer and what came out of thought churning process, I can gather that it lets me express more precisely and moreover, it helps me to deal with every situation. Writing gives me a much required *pause* that helps me enormously. When I write, I don't like anyone's interruption, not even of my own family's. I just want the flow to happen smoothly, without disturbing the freedom of drift letting words come out in sentences bearing the fine traces of my thoughts and sentiments.

My blog also let me keep the record of my life moments. I can anytime go back to them and cherish my own written words and comments after them (if any).

When people say they like my blog and read it regularly (though many of them are shy enough to leave a comment), I feel a satisfaction but more of a joy. My heart dances. I feel like my words don't just matter to me only; it bring smiles to others also.

With the mention of 'smile', I remember a funny incident of last week. Last week after my aerobics session, I hurriedly escorted to a mall nearby to my home. I needed some urgent stuff. When I reached there, there was sale going on different stuffs. I spotted a pink colored sporty water bottle. It fancied me highly. Not that I like pink color but the design and contour spoke most of it. I inquired whether they had the same bottle with different color. After almost 15 minutes of extensive search, tossing the pile of items arranged in big baskets, my droopy face and cursing the destiny, finally I found the same bottle but proudly shining in blue color. I instantly picked it up. I had already decided to carry it to my aerobics sessions.

I chirpily came back home dreaming about my newly bought bottle (this may sound weird to some of you but little things fancy me a lot and I don't have any issue with it. Do you have?). After a while my son returned from his school and when I showed him the bottle, he went crazier!! Really! He started snatching the bottle saying 'I will take it to my school' and I wasn't just ready to give up on that. We both were having a tug of war over a new water bottle. Can you believe it? A mom and son are fighting for a new bottle to carry it to their own destinations? The scene was funny, in a way.

Eventually I had to give up and I waited patiently for his exams to get over. Now that his exams are done, I took my that lovely shiny blue colored sporty water bottle with me today to my fitness classes. I was happy but the happiness was now subtle. If I could carry it on the next day of its purchase, I would have gone happier using it. But during one week, the craziness was gone. But I am not complaining. At least I got my bottle :)

Now it's 11:15 P.M. I think I should head to sleep now. This weekend is going to be very very busy and hectic. I have to do some arrangements by tomorrow itself. If I can not have the privilege of restful weekend, at least I can wish you the same.

Enjoy the weekend. Good Night.

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