Friday, 29 March 2013

I miss you sister!

Today morning when I opened up my eyes, I was bit disappointed at the sight. Next to me was lying my son, soundly sleeping. Not that his presence hurt my eyes but I tenderly missed the last few days' rare sight. And this morning when the sight was changed, it hurt.

My sister had come to visit us for few days. I and her used to sleep together at nights, bound by sisterly bond of course. Every morning after opening my eyes, just a look at her was delicately filling me with the joy of the upcoming happy day. We share a very beautiful bond with every possible impression of sisters-go-happy-together. We both are a nuisance when it comes to talking. We can talk endlessly to each other. We tease, we travel, we share, we work, we laugh, we cry, we get angry, we shop and we do everything that comes with the sister bonding with a high ease.

She came to attend our kid's birthday party and to celebrate Holi together. We enjoyed a lot. We played with lots of colors and loaded our cameras with an array of snaps. I made her favorite meals. The delicacies that I had made for her in advance (and that can be stored for up to a month), she liked them. She also brought gifts for all of us. I teased her by saying, "You should keep coming to Bangalore" to which she grinned too with an instant reply, "I'd have to think on that then".

But when she left last night to her destination, it seems a part of me is also gone with her. I feel terribly sad. In fact, I cried when she was sitting inside the train, waiting for it to depart. I was cracking up jokes but tears suddenly bobbed up into my eyes and I tried to hide them well. My mind couldn't suppress my heart any longer I guess. I walked few steps away for wiping my tears but she got me. She cued me to not to cry. I knew she was also feeling the same yet she is stronger than me to hold herself back. Few more columns of tears gently rolled down my cheeks and I wiped them out.

Now since the first awaking moment of the morning, I am missing her. I feel like to curl up into myself so that I can relish the beautiful memories of previous joyous days with her. When she was here, I didn't bother to arrange my house. This thing can be done later but sitting idly with her and chit chatting on random topics seemed to be the most demanding desire of every moment.

For the two nights we slept at 3 in the morning! When all the water bottles went empty, she used to fill them while I was busy in finishing up other household chores. She fulfilled my other responsibilities like arranging the house, folding the dried up cloths, looking after my son etc. But moreover, her continuous chirping echoed my house all the time. I loved it, we loved it.

Then how come I wouldn't be missing her so much? How would I not long to be with her again, right here right now at this moment?

She is missing us too I know. The first thing she did in the morning was to call me. It was good as well as saddening to listen to her voice because I can't see her now, at least for the next few months.

Since morning after the breakfast, I am doing my all tasks with dull eyes and a sad heart. My eyes are still brimming with tears. But my husband is trying his best to soothe my sinking heart. He said,

"While I can't be your sister, still I can take care of you". I smiled and nodded slightly.

And there is this strange habit of mine's since ages. When I am nervous, happy, or sad, I start to crave for eating something that I like say chocolates, sweets or pastries. It is sort of a bad habit I know because I can easily fall for unhealthy eatables in such state but I can't help it. I try to distract myself but I often fail at it. Today again I was craving to eat something and I ate. Maggi! Yes! A plate full of maggi, just to satiate my taste buds and cravings. Thankfully it's Good Friday and hence, a holiday. My husband's presence will calm my nerves as I don't want to be alone at any cost.

Next two more days to pass and then Monday will come. But this time, it is a good news for me. I'd be able to resume my usual routine with loads of engagements.

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