Friday, 22 March 2013

How much I wish!

Sometimes I so wish to get a clone of myself or if not this then get more hands just than two. These days when I am entitled to do a whole lot of multitasking, I feel like going frenzy with all of it.

Getting up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and lunch, getting ready and munching breakfast simultaneously so that I can make it to my fitness classes, going there and doing all the jumping, pumping, dancing moves around for full fledged one hour and then after relaxing a bit, rushing again back to home. This is just my every morning routine that I do without missing a beat.

Now a days, further routine has got so much entailed that I bite my nails while thinking of it. Getting a call from a company two days back as they need a content writer for a short term project and meeting them for two consecutive days, undergoing the elaborated process of understanding their structure and technical strategies, gathering all the essential details and all this while keeping my share of bargain with them seems a new touch to my life. Yesterday after putting much effort in the process, I delivered them my work for the approval. I have kept my fingers crossed. But I have a glitch that I will strike the deal. And then only I proceeded for my lunch at 3 p.m.

And my sister is coming to visit us for few days. So I am making home made delicacies for her. I love giving my loved ones something made by me when they visit us. At least I try my best to follow my own created ritual and do not fail at it until it is the last day of my life. Yester-evening I made bountiful of one snack that consumed two hours. But the tiring long process became easier to deal with a playlist of my favorite songs buzzing in to my ears via ear phones.

And without any need to say this, there were obvious household works waiting for me patiently. With a steady pace I did; I did everything and the time I went to bed, I was exhausted. Truly tired.

Today again I have another load of work to do. That is why how much I wish for having a clone of me infused with similar or more caliber or, getting myself stitched with more hands. Life would become so easier na! Sigh!!!


  1. sadly we don't make clones on earth!:) but i guess once this hectic running around is done you can take a well earned rest?


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