Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy International Women's Day

Winning hearts,
Omitting fear,
Marveling at own clarity,
Emitting the radiance,
Narrowing it's fragility;
Here comes International Women's Day,
Let's wish them at least a century of -
Happiness, joy and prosperity.

Let's cherish being Women,
Let's flourish the womanhood;
Let's enjoy the breeze today,
And let go the tears away.

It is OUR day like the other days,
It is OUR life no matter what the others' says;
No rules for freedom,
No logic for wisdom;
We live, we enjoy and we heal,
We share, we walk and we laugh;
As We are the WOMEN,
And this whole universe is OUR den.

With my this creation, I commence my post now. Here is another poem written by me few days back, coincidentally on woman itself :: A journey of a woman. Read it. I am sure you will like it. If yes, mark your words down the post :)

Happy Women's Day to all my readers no matter which sex you belong to. If you are a female, this day is completely dedicated to you and if you are a male, you are blessed with one of the best creatures on earth in female forms like mother, sister, friend etc. So this days literally belongs to everyone :)

This morning when my husband wished my saying Happy International Women's day, I smiled and said, "Same to you". Not because such reply instantly spurt out from my lips but I did it deliberately just to make him smile for few more seconds. But if I reveal the truth, he is indeed my best friend. He shares everything with me and vice versa.

Women's day is the day when the womanhood is ought to be celebrated on the global panel. Everyone talks about it; wishes each other and even send greetings to their loved ones. Other days of the year are also equally worth celebrating but being one day especially dedicated to women makes it more special.

Several questions are pinned down on the table asking for women's wishes, their desires, their perspectives on success and life, how they achieved the success they have always dreamed of and what not. As the question varies in its form, answers diversifies even more. But one question always tops the others, What do they want from life?

If asked to my opinion on this, being a woman myself, I would desperately prefer to have a fair share of love, care and respect that I deserve from my family. The efforts I am putting in the process to make everything work should get the resplendent acknowledgement. What I think, what I cook for the breakfast, lunch and dinner, what I buy for everyone, what I shop for the house, what I want when I look up to my family, what I write everyday on my blog, where I am heading to, what choices I am making in life; everything needs to be recognized by them for whom I am working hard in every ticking minute, on the daily basis.

Fortunately I have been lucky in this department. My husband very well recognizes all of these; sometimes even those things that I don't know about my own self. Seriously! I am laying the truth here. My son acknowledges up to an extent what efforts his mother is putting for him and it is all wonderful, amazing and fascinating. I feel worth being the part of their lives. I feel proud to be a WOMAN. I try my best to give my family the best of my love, care, respect, knowledge and qualities that I am infused with.

But here I would like to pin down 3 questions for my readers.

1) If you get a chance to be a woman, what will you do?

2) Women's which quality affects you most?

3) The best woman of your life.

Answer them below and let me know what the rest of the world is thinking on such topics.

Today I attended a webinar organized by the organization Accenture. This company has initiated Vahini movement for women and today's webinar was about eight women who have been successful in creating a niche for themselves. The discussion was streaming LIVE on their link (I had registered yesterday so that I could see their LIVE portal). The discussion was outstanding. There were many interesting things being spoken about women and the overall society. After that, three guests were invited on the stage for the discussion on different topics.

It was all very nice to hear, full of learning. I enjoyed that webinar a lot. The last half n hour part I couldn't see but whatever amount I got to catch, it was worth sitting on the couch and watching.

Women are as best as men. They have the same ability as any man has. If you are able to give love and respect to the women in your life, you are truly greeting them for what they are.

Good night! See you in another post.

P.S. By the way, not only International Women's Day exists but also International Men's day is  being celebrated every year, to strike the balance between the genders. It falls on 19th November. So all the men can enjoy one full fledged day dedicated completely to them too :)


  1. a happy women's day! all the days all the years in this life!:)


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