Friday, 15 March 2013

Facts from Shiva Triology

While I have set The Vampire Diaries' next episode on download, thought why not to give away some interesting facts from the book series Shiva Trilogy in the ocean of which I have been diving so deeply since a while.

Don't worry. None of them are spoilers here. These are the facts behind those notions that we (The Indians) have been munching on since our childhood but never came to know about any of Hows and Whys correlated to them. So get ready to shoot your general knowledge at new level with some interesting facts.

Notion # 1 In India, Kashi (Currently Varanasi) is known to be one of the holiest places in India. People usually prefer to spend the last days of their lives here only because they believe that dying in Kashi will make them excused of all of their sins and they will attain salvation.

Fact :: When Lord Rudra executed eighty asuras at one ghat in just one day happened to be in Kashi, it fondly turned into Assi ghat. It was one of the biggest violence of that time. Later on, Lord Rudra realized that those asuras were actually not evils but little different from devas and this turned over a new leaf into his life. He completely gave up the violence and declared Kashi/Varanasi as a sacred place and those who come here will get salvation after their death.

This made Kashi a holy place where people from all around the world come and spend their last days. This is the drastic effect of the Lord Rudra's orders since ages.

Notion # 2 Since childhood, we have read it, heard it and even spread it among the coming generations that Devas are good species and they are called as Gods while Asuras are bad species and called as Evils.

Fact :: If you ask East about West, it will say "I am good but West is bad" and if you ask West the same question, you will receive the same reply but in its perspective that "I am good but East is bad". The same happens with Gods and Asuras. Both says "I am good but the other one is bad". Confused? Puzzled about who is God and who is Evil then? one is good and no one is bad. In fact, they are their counter parts and without each other, they are incomplete.

Asuras are not bad but they are just little different from Gods. But in our minds, the fact that *all the asuras are evil bodies, they always like to declare wars on the gods and they always do bad and this and that* is, actually in reality, is all non sense, a bull shit. Asuras have only a little different life style, cultures and stances towards everything.

So not only gods are good, asuras are also good, if you take things into perspectives.

Notion # 3 Now this notion is world wide spread. After marriage, girl's usually proceed to their mother's house for the first child delivery. In India, parent's house is called 'Maika' for married girls. For the first child delivery, girls go to Maika for the delivery.

Fact ::  Lord Ram, in his reign, arranged a set of laws that culminated into calling Maika. According to these laws, girls have to go to deliver their child to a specific place called Maika where they would give birth. The only difference there was that mothers had to leave their child in Maika only. There were few rules behind such law (which I am certainly not going to reveal).

I guess that is the probable reason why we girls get to call our parents house Maika (मायका) after the marriage.

Notion # 4 This one I have already put under the limelight in one of my previous posts. Find it here :: The Immortals of Meluha...a journey of God Shiva yet I will write it here once more.

The notion is, when we go to any Lord Shiva temple, we pray by saying Har Har Mahadev.

Fact :: Har Har Mahadev means Every one (Har Har) is the greatest God (Mahadev). This depicts that we all possess the greatest gods in ourselves.

Four notions succeeded by four facts expounding on the details. Isn't it interesting to finally have the answers of few things that looked mysterious earlier, wrapped in "I don't know. Everyone does the same" kind of usual answers? For me, it is as I am very curious person who seeks answer for around everything.

I am still reading the second book of the series and about to finish it. More facts lay ahead and I am desperately waiting for them to come out for the revelation. What?? You also want to know more?? O c'mon! Don't be so greedy. Go get yourself the book and read all the facts yourself. Laziness will take you nowhere, not even to my blog. So go get it and please the author :)

See you shortly and have a nice weekend, of course.


  1. interesting to say the least!:) an eye opener

    did you know ravana was a shiva worshipper?

    1. No...I didn't but I know that Ravana was a great person, often misunderstood by many.

  2. Yes Ravana was Shiv bhakt like Sita. whc is y He thot she was "perfect" for him. He was a greatest Brahman known to Hindu shastras. its was his Ego tht destroyed every good deed he did. I mean cmon he must b greatestest king to hv Kingdom of Pure Gold. tht means No poverty. anybdy who knws tht secret , care to share. India wud n 'sone ki chidiya' again & Super power... I mean if Ram wasnt cornered with no other option thn to kill Ravana, He wud hv let him live for sure.
    like Dumbeldore tells Harry tht he doesnt have to fullfill tht prophecy if he doesnt want to. he always has a choice, tht not all prophecies in 'hall of prophecy' hv come true.. but bcoz Voldemort is scared n does stuff tht makes the prophecy come true.. he marked Harry instead of Neville. He killed his parents. Sirius, Dumbeldore, Remus & Tongs, dobby, hedwig, Fred & George n threat to all his friends n family (Ron, Hermione, Ginny) Harry was cornered to kill Voldemort. & voldemort was able to tear his soul in more thn 2 pieces. whc speaks volumes of his power & knowledge.
    Perspective is all is needed to find a Silver lining to every dark cloud.

    1. Yes! It's true that Ravana's ego destroyed his golden time. It killed all the good deeds he did even this one too that he didn't touch Seeta without her permission and waited for her approval. But if you flip the coin, no one bothers to see how many mistakes Ram himself had committed like testifying his wife because of which she had to trance herself inside the earth.
      Anyways, we all have perspectives and are free to share but we should take all these things as an examples to not to let our egos or other demerits destroy our precious character and hence, good times. Thanks for sharing your views Jess :)

  3. Nothing really revealing... it is all in Immortals of Meluha what you have put here.

    1. The title itself says - Facts from Shiva Trilogy. Nothin' new was expected anyway.


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