Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Deceptive affection to maintain relationships

Once again, a new study has indeed blown away one widely accepted quote that *Honesty is the best policy* while supporting another one concretely *All is fair in Love and War*.

In Washington, researchers have found that couples lie to each other with the average of thrice in a week. The motive behind is simple and loving. They do it to maintain a healthy relationship. And doing so, they fall for Deceptive affection. Such behaviorism or lies that are harmless and do not intend to hurt the person is called Deceptive affection.

Even simple lies can spark the fire :)
If your partner asks about her new hairdo and you give a standing ovation despite of your sulking feeling inside, you are throwing a deceptive affection. Your partner has bought a new dress as your birthday present and you don't feel like "Go get it" but still you kiss him for his wise pick, this is again, deceptive affection.

In my point of view, it is good in someway because we always want appraisal and good words for ourselves. If you can make your partner happy for few minutes, it is good. Your motive is steer clear to not to hurt him/her.

These deceptive affections may contribute to balance the relationships but going overboard with them can be harmful. Telling lies for the trivial things; for the stuffs that does not count much into the personal account are fine up to an extent. For example, lying about some annoying traits for once or twice is fine but more than that may jeopardize you.

Relationships are like haven where you can breathe with freedom but lying sometimes can strengthen the bond between the partners. Sean Horan, the lead study author and the assistant professor in the college of Communication at DePaul University has stated it correctly,

"We don't always want to know the truth all the the time".


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