Saturday, 16 March 2013

A state of *Nothing*

What is light? The absence of dark; And what is dark? The absence of light, of course.

What is air (gases)? The absence of vacuum; And what is vacuum? Nothing but the absence of air.

Have you ever lost yourself in vacuum (especially then when you are not an astronaut)? Have you ever achieved a state where nothing reverberates in your whole but the void only? It is a strange state under the effect of which you neither feel happy nor sad; neither anger nor peace; neither love nor hatred. Nothing but a dense reveling quietness in every vein, every pore of the body. Feels like you are walking filled with flesh and blood but still, there is nothing. You feel absolutely nothing and the fount of such state does not necessarily be any bad or negative incident or thought or whatever. It just happens.

What is void? As I have stated above, the absence of air (gases). We can define it via one more way. The void is filled with *Nothing*. *Nothing* is flowing everywhere in void, fulfilling its every nook. So the void is technically not the emptiness but it is still stuffed with *Nothing*.

The same theory goes for human body and mind too. The state which I was talking about above, equals the void and the dense reveling quietness equals *Nothing*. When you achieve such state, you are not empty; there is *Nothing* fulfilling your mind and body. It flows everywhere and you feel ethereal. Such feeling can only be combated by living some of the best natural encounters like watching the beauty of the crescent moon till your eyes feels droopy; lying somewhere embraced with lush greenery and verdant nature where eyes can relish the horizon, the mating point of the earth and the sky; sitting on a perch getting showered with the cool purifying beads of snow; getting touched by the incessant supply of oval delicate bubbles of rain. 

Where there is *Nothing*

Doesn't it sound fantastic? Very alluring? does. I felt the same today. I wanted to go to either of the above places; to encounter such impossibly stunning sight; be quenched by the extreme realm of humanity. But now-a-days, sun is dancing like a doped dancer, making it impossible to have such natural supply around.

Seems like I have fallen for...what it can be called...philosophy? Is it? Am I talking like a complicated flummoxed philosopher? If yes then I will stop right here because this world can not bear the philosopher as bad as me. So may be I should go to sleep only to be get awakened as a normal sinful human being back in the action by the next morning.


  1. Lovely ! In this state of nothingness one can fly anywhere . Isn't that beautiful ? Isn't that heady?

    1. In such state...I'd rather prefer to walk..not to fly away but it is indeed wonderful :)


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