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We all are disabled!!

Yes!! You heard it right. WE ALL ARE DISABLED.

I am not talking about the disability that deals with the body. Instead, I am mooting the subject pertaining to those kind of disabilities that limps your inner soul, taut the sick mentality, hardens the view to differentiate between nature, makes the heart immune to listen someone's cry and not the least, an outgrowing discouraging personality that totally refutes to come on the Humanity track. This is called Inner Disability.

To throw the limelight of better understanding, let me scribble something of my own experience. A while ago, I used to work as a Corporate Relationship Officer in a NGO. This NGO is mainly established to help disabled people, especially children. I was the part of fund raising team and the core nature of my position was to contact potential organizations that can help us grow via donations or any other means.

While working there, I landed on some opportunities to interact with disabled children, boys and girls. Some of them were deaf, some were blind, some were both or some were abandoned by their families and relatives when they found it crucial to educate them and giving them a good head start for their future. I respect this NGO very much because of its remarkable contribution to the society.

One day, I got to meet a bunch of disabled girls. They live in the hostel established by the same NGO. Many of them are blind. It was my first chance that I was interacting with a group of disabled people. When I met those girls, it was like someone had caught me tight and crushed me to the ground. I was encountering a real life picture; a picture in which we never want to be a part of it; in which we never want us to be sketched.

We have so many of luxuries around with us especially to have a perfect 24x7 working body but still we cry all time for more. And them? They are differently abled (as the NGO like to put forward a term for them) and surely they must be skeptical about their future yet they had DREAMS; dreams to become a teacher, dreams to become a BPO employee, dreams to become a dancer.

Those girls are nonetheless disabled physically yet they hold enormous amount of courage and hope than YOU and ME. Interacting with them made me realized that in some or other way, they are stronger than many of us who are perfectly able physically. They have got better hold onto their lives because they know the barriers coming on the way and that is exactly why they know how to overcome them. Knowing your barriers, hurdles in advance makes you stronger. Isn't it? You are already prepared to combat the troubles and if you fight with utmost never-ending courage, you are most likely to emerge out as a winner.

For me those girls are real upcoming winners who, one day for sure, will be crowned as 'Survivors' despite of their disability.

Now I can explain why I titled this post as 'We all are disabled'. Those differently abled girls have dreams that are flanked by hopes, passion, perseverance and dedication. This is the special ability to show the destiny that "I don't give a damn about what mess you have done with my body. I will still screw you with my efforts".

If those girls consists of outer disability, we have inner disability. If you are an ill speaker, you are a disable; if you pursue the nature to hurt someone, you are a disable and if you have the habit of spitting poison for unnecessary reasons then you are again, a disable. Tossing snide comments, brewing vicious spells against someone, coercing someone to complete your task, bribery, egotism, idiosyncrasies like taking pleasure in hurting someone or barbarism, gossiping and there are endless traits that make us a disabled person.

Time to focus then

Think about it. Just because your body is working fine, that does not mean your mind is also working fine. We join fitness classes or do regular work outs on our own to get that perfect envious bod but what do we do to make our inner selves healthy and fit?

There are many ways to do it, depending upon your choice and lifestyle. But keep one key always :: No one is perfect yet efforts can be put in place to touch its boundary.


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