Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Secret of the Nagas...a thunderous tale

As the title reveals the context of the book itself, The Secret of the Nagas (TSOTN) is indeed a thunderous tale giving bolts of joy and surprises every now and then. I think I have completely fallen for the series that is a modernized, revolutionized and a cleverly laid out version of Shiv Puran.

The second book about which I had previously mentioned in my post lauding The Immortals of Meluha, is TSOTN. I expressed to get more and more out of the Shiva Trilogy and Yes! I am getting it. It is such a consuming and witty tale of various cultures, warriors, India, Kashi (Also Varanasi), love, competence and all the immense blend of human emotions topped with the potpourri of Lord Shiva's greatness, kindness, eagerness to kill the evil, compassion for the people and unparalleled love for his wife, Sati that keeps me mesmerized all the time. Like it has supremely hypnotized me until I struggle hard to snatch myself away from it. 

Last night when I started reading it from where I had left it earlier, I couldn't put it aside even after 1 and 1/2 hours of unperturbed reading. This morning too while cooking the breakfast, I quickly stole few minutes to finish its few pages. 

No! No! I am not going to reveal any content of the book here. Actually what prompted me to immediately open my laptop and write a fresh post is, the effect of the few incidents from the book on me. Few incidents and dialogues are so smartly written with the heavy drizzling of humor that I broke down into the laughter fits and remained under the same impression for at least a couple of minutes. Seriously! I am not exaggerating anything here. The book is really one-of-its-own-kind masterpiece. 

An I totally admire Amish Tripathi for his brilliant work. Kudos to the man!

Okay now I am going back to my novel for the next 15 minutes before I head towards my kitchen for the dinner preparation. See you shortly :)

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