Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Immortals of Meluha...a journey of God Shiva

Two days back I finished a beckoning novel The Immortals of Meluha (TIOM) written strikingly by Amish Tripathi. It is the first book in Shiva Triology. Two more novels are to follow :- The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras.

When I was reading TIOM, I wasn't able to put it down even for a second. It is such a gripping and tony tale of our Hindu God Shiva that makes one impossible to overlook on something else. The story is about a normal person (like you and me) Shiva and his untold journey towards turning from a brave fighter into The Neelkanth (the person with the blue throat) and realizing his already signed fate of becoming Mahadev, the savior of goods against evils.

The story entails the classical yet surprisingly modernized journey of Shiva as a person. He hails from Mount Kailash, Tibet and then shooted to Meluha, the land of Suryavanshis. Meluha is one of the most sophisticated cities in the world. The chronicles of events happened then in Meluha is very relishing to it's every bit.

The most interesting part of the novel is the characterization of Shiva. The book expertly expounds the very fine details of Shiva's nature and codes of conducts. He is an impeccable leader with a kind heart, a passionate lover, a modest human being whose modesty is more than anyone can imagine, a well grounded Lord and a person with unbeatable sense of humor. His ways of unparalleled thinking and supreme modesty has bowled me over several times during the reading. In fact, I still linger some of his dialogues in my head.

Before finishing the book, I already found myself falling for Shiva; not Shiva The Lord or The Neelkanth; The Savior but as Shiva; the person, altruist and every other divinity personified into a humanity. My admiration and love that has developed for him is platonic; a pure affection. I admire Lord Shiva a lot now, not because he is a God but as a simple person and his unmatchable course of actions.

I must admit that TIOM is a curious and knowledgeable piece of writing that lets you peek into the early life of our Hindu God Shiva like who he actually was before turning into Mahadev. I get a very explicit details about his thoughts, actions, dilemmas, pangs of guilt, sincerity and every other impression that can easily belong to any of us. I can easily recommend anyone, if s/he is a fond reader, to go for Shiva Trilogy without a doubt.

One more thing happened while reading this book. It is usual to cry Har Har Mahadev in respect of The Lord Shiva. I have been listening this little piece of admiration since I was a child but never knew its meaning. But now I know that :

Har Har Mahadev means Everyone is Maha (Greatest) dev (Lord) (Every one is the greatest lord) and TIOM is the fount of this knowledge.

But the journey does not end here. The 2nd book is to follow and I have already started it. The sojourn I had lived during TIOM had been gratifying and now I am more hungry to get more out of Shiva trilogy. More jumps off, more U-turns, more eyebrow raising, more reverences, more twists all packed in a well excelled Amish's skills in the form of The Secret of The Nagas.


P.S. The review written above solely belongs to my own experience during and after reading the book. None of its part is written in the slightest intention to promote the book or to pursue any kind of critical remark. This review belongs to an individual reader's unbiased perspective.


  1. The virtual life story of Lord Shiva is very well imagined by AMISH and expressed in a very nice manner.. once you start reading you don't feel to do anything expect reading the book. its an awesome book. And also the Best Series released in INDIA. . :) Must Read. . :)


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