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"Star Of The Week" winner

And the so much coveted awaited and proudly invented by me, the winner of "Star Of The Week" game that took place in my home was announced yesterday (pre-decided day of declaring the winner). If you are scratching your head thinking 'What the hell this game is?' then click on this link to fetch the details "Star Of The Week".

And the winner emerged out of last 6 days of battle constantly fighting to earn this prestigious title is none other than our 6 year old son. Yes!! He did it. He won the "Star Of The Week" title with his constant efforts and some surprising stances. He was super happy and joyous when I declared the winner. We are also happy and proud of him because he did win something that was hard to claim for a child as young as he is.

Yes! Winners always shine.
It's true that we desired him to win not because for the sake of the game but particularly because to drill him with good manners and the noticeable qualities that can turn him into an emerging flamboyant personality. I know it's too early to think of such things for a 6 year old child but trust me! It's never too early to teach your child the utmost qualities of a good human being.

In fact, sometimes they enjoy facing the challenges.

Interestingly, during this game and along with our son, we also learnt few things. In the category Bad habits, though my husband won this category by curbing his bad habits yet we could see a remarkable difference in our son's behavior too. He was aware of his activities that could easily put him down the throne of the winner. Given the fact that he is very young, he did made some mistakes like showing anger and ignorance but we had to ignore it once or twice. Kids can not change themselves at the drop of a hat. But we can see a little difference in him and this little equals a big GOOD change. Now he knows it is good to keep calm and listen to parents.

I bagged 1 category that was Love and Care and I am quiet proud of it.

As an award, we bought a carom board for the winner (kids can never be satisfied economically when it comes to claim a prize...huh). He has got the fascination towards this since we had visited a resort few months back. In the resort, there was a club with numerous games. Carom was a part of it. From there he enthusiastically learnt how to play and excel the shots. And we also have a copious fascination towards this game (Being imbibed with one of the ancient interests shows that we are still Humans, not the Robots :) ).

Nonetheless to say, the moment carom board stepped into our house, we give it a round. We immensely enjoy playing carom.

Surprisingly, no one managed to cross the big barrier of points 250. So we all got E/VG badges.

Some funny and interesting incidents that happened during the game ::

  • One morning our son was brushing his teeth and I was kind of yelling at her to speed up the process otherwise he'd be late for the school. He instantly grinned at me and said, "Mumma! You shouted. Your points cut". And I bit my lips and stopped shouting in fear of losing more points. Greedy mum...hmm :P
  • Our son went overboard for showing love and care to us, sometimes. One day he came to me and asked to help me to dry the cloths. I said that no need to show extra sweetness honey as you wouldn't get extra points. He smiled sheepishly and left.
  • My husband was watching TV for a long time during the game week. We both interrupted and he had to close it in order to earn points. How greedy can we become to win! Lol!
  • Valentines day fell during the game week and I made several new cuisines on a single day. Therefore, I earned perfect 10 points under Good Work of the Day category.

It was a very lively and fun filled game. In order to earn points, we had to control our bad habits and doing this, we, as parents, realized that we also fall for bad habits very often. Yelling, shouting, anger, mood swings etc. are so much inculcated into our habits that we fail to notice it many times. Thankfully, this game made us realized that not only for a week but also for the rest of the life we have to keep a sharp eye on our bad habits.

Lastly a good line for all the parents ::

"Being a learning parent, not teaching parent, is a resonating step towards wise parenting"


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