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"Star Of The Week" in making

Day before yesterday night I fell for a brill idea and thought to commence it the next morning. The catapult of the idea was to analyse one's own behavior and retrospecting ourselves in few categories. After mulling over every nook and cranny of the game, I thought it would be an interesting idea to go for it and what's more intriguing than to begin the charity from home itself? So, I, my husband and our son are the happy participants of this game which I proudly pronounce "Star Of The Week".

It is prepared with the mixture of 5 categories that majorly distinguish our persona. Each category scores for 10 points. Everyday before going to bed, each one of us will be analysed and tested for the each category and then the scores will be given on the basis of the performance.

Details of the game

Name :: "Star Of The Week"

in making

Duration :: 6 days (Monday 11th 2012 to Saturday 16th 2013)

Rewards :: Every category is worth of 10 points

Badges :: As total points at the end of the game will be 300, below is the chart to describe one's actions. Every participant will earn a badge at the end of the game.

E/VG with ** -- Star of the week
Above 250  -- (E) Excellent
200 - 250 -- (VG) Very Good
Below 200 -- (B) Better luck next time

Time of starting the game :: In morning after brushing teeth.

The game will rest :: Before going to bed, scoring will be done for the day.

Winner declaration :: On Sunday 17th 2013

Prize :: The most interesting part. The winner will get prize from the other participants. E.g. Suppose if I win, my husband and our son will select a surprise gift for me. Under no circumstances I would be entitled to select my own gift. Gifts can be anything. It can be from a single flower to a warm hug, depending upon the participants' budget.

Bonus :: The person who has done an outstanding job during the entire game will be awarded with two shining stars. That person doesn't necessarily need to be the winner only. It can be the participant with the badge either E or VG but s/he must have followed all the rules, understood the concepts of categories, tried his/her best during the entire game and most importantly, how s/he has taken the result declaration.

Participants :: Priyanka, Ashmit and Sumit

Creator/Inventor of the game :: Priyanka Baranwal

  • Every category will be thoroughly entailed to every participant.
  • Everyone has to keep the categories in mind and try to behave according to them. Though the game demands maximum scores, the trials and efforts put in the process MUST BE genuine and natural.
  • The game will start right after we brush our teeth, not prior to that.
  • Cheating or ignorance will not be tolerated till the game is breathing.
  • One can remind the rules and categories to the other once or for maximum, twice. Not more than that.
  • Scoring will be done for all right before going to bed.
  • Very important rule. No one will have the privilege of scoring him/herself. The other participants will discuss about the category, how one has behaved or achieved the required standard and then only they will score you. You have to be amenable about your scores.
  • Last but not the least, follow all the rules dictated above.

5 Categories -->

1. Love and care --> Every individual will be scored on the basis of love and care that reflects from his/her behavior. Feelings should be genuine and not particularly for earning points. No exaggeration of feelings will be entertained, of course.

Target of the category [TOTC] :: This way the sensitivity in inter-personal relationships will be enhanced. Each one of us, especially our son, will understand  at better extent what love and care actually means and via how many ways we can put them on the show.

2. Obedience --> As the name says it all, everyone will be checked for how many tasks they have done after being asked without making too much fuss and mess. No more unnecessary demands. This category is particularly for our son because kids usually bear a pair of insulated ears to their parents' requests/orders.

TOTC :: This way, our son will be seriously listening to us in just first or second request/s (and simultaneously this will also give our mouths a whooping rest because we won't have to shout in the constant loop anymore). 

3. Liability :: One's work is a liability to him. This category will score you on the basis of how many tasks one has done. A detailed sketch of the tasks that falls under this category is essential to be described to every participant and also, the difference between Obedience and Liability is equally essential to be given away.

TOTC :: This will encourage each of us to finish our tasks before going to bed in order to achieve maximum marks. This will infuse ourselves with the sense of fulfilling responsibilities, arranging our things, doing chores with an optimum speed and all these should to be happening ON TIME. 

4. Bad habits :: Anger, unnecessary crying, shouting, fighting, losing stuffs, yelling, sleeping late, lying, lame excuses, farting and digging nose in front of others, watching TV or laptop for a long time and what not will be seriously accountable for one to earn points. Bad habits that are not mentioned in the list also comes under this belt. 

TOTC :: Of course, it will get rid us off from bad habits and we will be more civilized this way.

5. Good work of the day :: A tricky yet quite intimidating category. One has to do any good work during the day; work that is apart from above categories and you will score the points.

Good works like reading/drawing a book, helping someone, learning something new, increasing knowledge, playing skillful games, finishing all the meals properly, making a new recipe, completing official tasks efficiently before time, helping each other and what not. This is a straight shot that can give you a stupendous raise on the total scores, setting you as a high flying Superman.

TOTC :: The nature of goodness will be proposed via this task. One constantly has to push the self for doing any good work in order to earn scores. This pushing may result into a constant habit later.

Isn't it interesting and unique? Yesternight, my son was all bouncing to tell about the good work he had done that can be accountable for a high point. He also acknowledged the areas where he wasn't good. We also churned our minds to come up with the honest best answers to achieve high points.

I hope this game will be a fruitful thing that can bring a good change in all of us. Let's see who emerges out as the winner.


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