Monday, 25 February 2013

Monopolizing conversation? No Thanks!

Assume you are sitting in a room with a person and there is a plate full of the delicacies placed between the two of you at the center. The delicacies are palpable which you always love to indulge into but the twist-in-the-tale is, the person opposite to you is not letting you eat anything. Though you are absolutely free to pick up any eatable from the plate but yet, you are unable to do it; because every time you raise your hand to grab a bite, that person scowls and snatches the same before you can entrap that eatable for you. You are helpless. You can do nothing but to sit patiently and watch that pathetic person and listen to the sound of his/her irritating continuous mouth chewing until the entire delicacies are stuffed into his stomach.

Urrgghhh!!! Similar reaction would spurt out from you...isn't it? You would immediately hate that person. If not hate, disliking on-the-spot is guaranteed.

What I am talking about is nothing like an eating disorder but an attention seeking disorder. Some people love to eat the large chunk of the conversation and they keep doing it until everyone's hunger is mobbed and killed. But a very interesting part is, they don't even realize it that their habit to monopolize the entire conversation is actually sickening someone. They are actually suffocating others. They think they are talking high of the life, raising several important issues on their front and all but in the reality, they keep beating about the bush with little or no result at all.

Such people are either hungry for the attention or they just want their till life frustration let vent out on others. They think they have learnt a lot about life. They think they are the cut above the rest. I agree that they may have succeeded in achieving the same but only-talking-no-action is not a good bird to shot at. If they bring their words into the action, their all talking will make sense and they will be getting appreciation awards from the others. If they share their experiences and teach others about the various facets of life that they have gone through, they really will make an impact on the others. 

But what if they don't turn their words into actions? Others will stay hungry and this hunger will raise angst among them and that certainly is not so good to achieve from any conversation especially if you are the origin of it...right?

If the person opposite to you is listening patiently for a long time in order to give you the respect, that does not mean you should keep singing your tunes only. Listen others' songs as well. Who knows you may learn some new beats, rhythm, music sense or entirely different tune whatsoever.

Learn to listen others. This is one of the very basic teachings that life offers otherwise people will be in a haste to find the exit door and more than willing to leave the spot.

It's also true that no one is too small to teach you something. Even a kid can point out at your weak links. Everybody has some ability to splash colors through their learning. Then why to spoil the entire painting with your wrong size brush with unsuitable colors? Let the conversation happen in a natural flow, let others speak, let others breathe. After all, we all live in a free country.

This way you will actually be making real time friends that will love to spend time with you umpteen times. They will be your savior in trouble times. They will bring happiness to you.

So next time if someone starts to eat the bigger chunk of the conversation to inundate attention and you are not in the position to reprimand them, simply say 'No Thanks! I rather wish to kill my hunger with something eatable'. Or, 'My ear drums are not working anymore' and take the exit door at your disposal.

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