Friday, 1 February 2013

Fructifying motivation

It would be futile if I drone on how important is to find a *Me Myself* time. Everybody acknowledge it and those who don't get such time acknowledge it even better.

Fructifying motivations simply means achieving goals. So the question of the day (or life) is :: "How to fructify motivation?" And to accomplish its most appropriate hitting the right chord most stunningly explanation, let me give a brief preamble.

It is quintessential to live your life without much hassles but with a strong motivation. Motivation takes you to the crossroad where you have to contemplate for the right path that can take you to your chosen destination. If you have a destination and you are pertinacious, you will automatically be motivated towards it. In order to make your learning less rigmarole and more of a comfort process, you will definitely without a doubt be tossing things that can make you to think over the accurate options you can tick to achieve your destination. And exactly this *the tossing things* is the magical and one and only way to achieve your goal because it takes you straight to the answer of my question that means ::

"By taking time out for yourself" (= Tossing things to achieve the goal)

As simple as that.

Now, how do I toss things to taste the fruits of my motivation?'s not very tough. The foremost thing required is to choose YOUR unique goal and then to behave like a stubborn child to get it. Time span of achieving the goal can be short or long depending upon the nature of the goal I have chosen.

For now, I certainly have few goals. First, to write a post on every weekday (in weekend it becomes difficult to write many a times) and not just any post on any topic. It must be munificently infused with positive thinking, beaming energy of life and more of giving me gallons of satisfaction as one writer craves for. Everyday I try to write a post and for that, trust me I have to toss things first in particular to find a suitable subject that can interest me first and then equally to my readers. I do some research, read here and there certain random things, some posts saunter from my life experiences, some from others, some pops up instantly and there are many other directions from where I get the content/s of my post/s.

Writing a blog is truly not an easy task especially if you want to make its contents varied. It is very tough and very knowledgeable too. My G.K. has inflated in few areas if I speak my mind.

A post is an embellishment to my blog and I want to make my blog look as beautiful and inviting as it can ever be. So I put lot of efforts to achieve this goal.

Second goal is to read a good novel. Currently I am turning pages of "The Immortals Of Meluha" from Shiva Trilogy, written by brilliant Amish Tripathi and it is so very intimidating. I can't stop once I start reading it and I hate any distraction during my reading time.

Reading any good piece of writing helps me in enormous ways without making me realize them. This way I peek into someone other's thoughts (with their permission) and that's a huge benefit. I become a part of another world. I learn different concepts and words. I churn my tauten brain to understand the complexities of what other mind is saying and moreover, it opens up hidden gates of the brain. You can exercise it if you read something that can completely take you out of this world for sometime.

Aerobics is something that I enjoy immensely too. I find it invigorating. To be fit and healthy are my two twin goals coming out of it.

Reading, writing and aerobics are three things that give me equal space and importance that I deserve from these sources. But for all this, I need to find time. Taking out time for them is utmost necessity and I do it religiously.

Here are few keys using which you can unlock the door towards your hidden time slot. Find the motivation, key the doors and use your claimed time to retrieve your goals without any laziness or excuses.

  • Identify a goal. Learn what things you need to achieve it.
  • Remember, learning without any difficulty is never fun and more deserving. Be amenable towards your goal.
  • If you have a big goal that you think is tough to achieve in one go, slice it into smaller goals. For example, you want to become a trainer of any profession. First goal can be - Understand the A to Z of the profession first. Second goal can be - Interrogate your own skills whether the training profession is suitable for you. Refine your skills accordingly. Third goal - If you are suitable, contact a person who is already in such field. Meet the person and come out with a full fledged plan of becoming a profound trainer. Fourth goal - If a course can be identified, do it. A course excels your confidence and prevents your mind to befuddle about certain aspects about the chosen profession. 
And if you are done with all four steps correctly, you are all armed to hit the bull's eye. Step by step is a very strong move to beat the goal.
  • Take other family member's help to perform some of your tasks. This will give you a time in which you are free to play YOUR things only.
  • Learn to manage your time. I know I know you are a super busy person and you don't get time to crush yourself for other thing apart from your exasperating job life. But without any offense and with my utmost sincerity, please do not give me such crap. There are millions of people who are lot busier than you currently are. They also have the equal privilege of 24 hours as you have. If they can manage to do multitasking, why not you? 
  • Use the holidays skilfully. Enjoy it with your hobbies. If you are married, that certainly is not a hurdle if I dare to say so. In fact, if you try to restart or pursue any hobby, you can find your partner helping you making the task easier, fun and quicker to its fruition. Who says after marriage you have to give up on your hobbies and dreams. It is always YOU who can decide what's what on such sensitive topic. And if you happen to be single, you understand my point already. No need to nudge you further.
  • Meet the ideals of your life. If you emulate someone, try to meet them. I won't say to give up on your dreams of meeting the celebrities you have always been fascinating. If their certain qualities makes you feel good then a thumbs up from my side. Try your best to meet them. It's another matter if your luck interferes with your karma but at least you are trying. My ideals are my parents and meeting them is not that tough. I prefer to be around them whenever possible and enjoy their company as much as I can. And I am also very fond of evergreen beauty diva Madhuri Dixit. I hope I may get a chance to meet her someday.
  • Take a sabbatical from your busy life and do things that holds the capacity to please you genuinely.

Once you have the goal, you may have several keys to achieve it. The only skeleton key you require is :: The unparalleled hard-to-move motivation.

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