Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Banned from blowing candles on birthdays?

Yes! Kids of Australia are now being banned from blowing their birthday candles together. Isn't it incredible? I mean how can someone stop them from doing this ritual that is meant to be done with tons of friends?

Kids love blowing candles on their birthdays and doing it together makes it even more fun. This unspoken tradition has been in kids' blood since the earth has cooled down. Even adults too enjoy the anecdote of blowing their birthday candles off till date.

Then why Aussie kids are getting tormented by such unfortunate news to not to do the archaic act on the birthdays?

Because according to National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), blowing out candles together spread germs on one other and thus making kids prone to diseases later. That is why such rule of "Not-allowed-to-blow-off-your-birthday-candle-with-your-friends" has landed unexpectedly.

NHRMC has provided a solution that if children want to blow the candles yet, provide them with separate cup cakes with candle on each or go for a big cake that can be cut and shared together.

Have they gone out of their minds? Means I wonder why such big organization didn't put a simple rule to rescue :: 'Brush your teeth before you cut the cake'. This will be far easier. The only suffering parents have to take into the account will be, to carry their kid's brush and toothpaste along with the birthday gift; and there is always a handful of time before cake cutting ceremony. Kids can utilize that free time by cleaning their teeth in no time.

Or, they can use mouth sanitizer to keep the germs at bay. Easier than above. Children can rinse their mouth prior to the cake cutting killing their maximum germs in a matter of seconds.

This way they can enjoy cake cutting together and sing the Happy Birthday song with the same energy and glee. Someone please tell NHRMC to cut the crap and provide the solutions like I have given above. This way Aussie kids will be saved. And who knows our country may be the next in the pipeline.

Therefore, save the kids, provide the solutions.

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