Monday, 4 February 2013

A moment of smile

After a hectic day, now I get some time to settle on my sofa to have chit chat with my blog and I have a special moment to share that happened this morning.

My son is not well since last two days. Same story. Cold cough and then fever (because of weather change or something). He is having his exams since a week and is supposed to take one more week to finish. Since he isn't well, hence I was perturbed whether he'd be able to give his today's exam. Therefore I had a talk with his teacher regarding the same yesterday. She suggested if he could manage just for an hour, he could come and give his exam and then go to home straight. I wasn't sure about this option and expressed the same to her. Re-test system is not applicable now, so if he misses one paper that means that paper can not be given again.

This morning I asked my son whether he is in the state to give his exam. Initially he wanted to stay at home thinking he could go for the re-test but when he heard re-test can not be done and his paper would go blank, he asked me again.

My son :: "Mumma! If I don't give today's exam, can I give it tomorrow?"

I :: "No baby. Re-test is not possible as I told you. If you are feeling better, I'd say let's go and give your exam. I will wait outside your school and collect you after the paper in one hour"

My son (thinking) :: "It means in PTA, my paper will come in blank?"

I :: "Yes! it will. See if you can manage baby, then we can go in a whoosh and come back in no time"

My son (almost instantaneously) :: "I will go mumma. I will give my paper"

And I was surprised as well as happy to see his dedication towards his exam. Who says kids are not serious about their studies? At least my kid has bowled me over by his sincerity this morning. We got ready in 20 minutes and left home. I drove him to the school and reached on right time. Teacher was happy to see him. While he started to give his exam, I waited outside in my car. 

Just before finishing the paper, his teacher asked me a favor for minding the class for 10 minutes. Initially I stood there and instinctively my teaching skill was brought in action. I had been a tutor a while ago. Therefore I knew being a teacher is a challenging job. Children were talking, sharing their things, hitting each other, scratching their heads to think of the suitable answer, digging their noses, screaming at one another and this all means they all were truly behaving like children. It was interesting to see them. 

I tried my best to behave like a good teacher and ordered them things that a teacher would normally do. Funny thing was, some children were confused regarding what to pronounce *the-sudden-new-avatar* of their teacher. Some escaped to called me 'Ma'am' while some preferred to go with 'Aunty'. It was quizzical to see them thinking more about what to call me rather than thinking about the answers. Anyways, I guess I did a fair job as '10 minutes student monitor' or '10 minutes teacher'. Later on, the class teacher came and thanked me. Then I and my kid left. My kid had done his paper well and didn't feel any health issue at all during the paper.

When I told his this exam attitude to my mother and sister, they went like "Awww! So nice" to which I proudly replied "Yes! He is". From tomorrow I guess he can regain his full time schooling. Let's hope for his best health.


  1. You mean a " momentary smile " ?

  2. so you tried your best to behave like a good teacher uh:) you are lucky there were no brats like me in the class!:)


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