Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A journey of a woman

A journey of a woman

Paths are stretched,
Roads are intertwined.
Signs are entangled,
Means are disappeared.

No traveler walks around,
Not even a trespasser is crooning a sound.
She is scared to take another step ahead,
A blob of sweat dares to touch her forehead.

She strains her eyes to see further,
Tearing the sheet of fog and misty cover.
She shudders to think about her destination,
Yes! it is...
Scary to be devoid of any companion.

'Keep moving', 'Keep moving',
Her heart says,
'Keep hope', 'Keep hope',
Her heart cries.
She wonders how it can be possible...
As no one lives here,
Neither dead nor alive.

Another turn shows up,
Another gulp of saliva goes down.
Take the turn or not?
She thinks...
Will it be a delusion or to correct to take a shot?

She pauses, wipes the tiny sweat beads,
Moves back with 'clit clat' footnotes.
With heart racing, heart beats pounding,
Do it or not....
Or run back with hope and courage ending.

Running back is easy,
But not to run away again.
Saying YES to cowardice is easy,
To get second chance of saying YES to life?
Will be far more tricky.

She does not want to go back,
Rather, she prefers to fight back.
Surrendering her life to The Life,
She raises her head...
And smiles at her strife.

She knows what to do now,
Yes! She will take the turn.
She has fixed her daze,
Right on the mark...
To solve the twisted chain of maze.

She takes the turn,
And startles to see the sight in return.
Two paths mischievously resting as ducks,
Dammit! She hisses.
Now what the life wants? It sucks!

She knows life is a teacher,
Writing learning on the board.
But here is the magical learning,
That stays hidden...
In the drops of clouded air string.

She creases her forehead,
As a childhood memory strikes her head.
A flame is needed to heat up the page,
Then only...
The learning will be out of the secret cage. 

Human is the source of fire,
Her PASSION is the source of flame.
It will take her to salvation,
All she need is....
To splutter and ignite every vein.

Setting her eyes narrow and thinking agile,
She looks down the two paths like a sharp reptile.
One of'em must belong to tranquil,
And once she knows which one...
The other can easily go to hell.

She examines the right path first,
With her clear and decisive thirst.
But the air curtain appears too thick,
She shakes her head...
A sheer strategy, impossible to prick?

Turning her head to the left path simply,
She raises her eyebrow dismissively.
In order to trick The Life,
She knows....
She has to hit her stride.

She closes her eyes and clenches a fist,
Memories of past hits with a gist.
Passion, Clarity, Perseverance,
Three ultimate saviors...
That had kept her breathing for the years.

With open eyes and ignited passion,
Thoughts brewing clear to find the solution,
An unending journey she has chosen,
Will she get to her salvation?

Her sharp eyes tearing down the veil,
Finally she manages to find the trail.
What other says always 'Right' is wrong,
She wonders as...
The 'Left' is merely traveled by throng.

She warmly looks down the left,
Her legs eager to brand it with deft.
Oh! How could she wait now?
As this right 'Left'...
Is the harbinger of her happiness,

The verdant trail of the soft pathway,
The onlooking petals drops on her way.
Filling her lungs with their fragrance,
She is mesmerized...
With the colossal sight of a new entrance.

She runs with long strides,
The fragrance stroke minutes ago, subsides.
'I will not let it close on me again',
Thinking, running and panting...
'This is surely the door of my new life reverberating'.

She is right, she is always right,
She felt disappearance of her remaining fright.
She pushed the door hard,
And it swiftly opens...
To a new world, awaiting to be claimed by the woman who deserves.

This is HER world, HER choice,
She wouldn't get it if she had thought twice.
The happiness is beaming her whole,
She smiles...
A smile of a quenched heart, and a dancing soul.


  1. nicely said, very nicely said:) so you took the turn and found what you wanted!:)

    1. Thanks! But it's just a story about any woman because women face more complexities and choices to take a firm decisions at some points :)


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