Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Your diet regime mirrors your work performance

Prima facie, your diet has a great resonance to your health and the stomach works as a centrifugal force that individually (and personally) commands several of your health factors. Mood swings, diseases, alteration in body adjustments, power of brain and its efficiency and not the least, your work performance.

This time I shut my mouth up and let the elitist reports and researches do their meticulous jobs. According to the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Brigham Young University and the Center For Health Research at Healthways, employees who eat healthy meals through out the day survive better than their peers at the workplace and reflects better job performance.

Another website, BusinessNewsDaily, shot a limelight on eating fruits and vegetables at least four times a week boosts up the stamina and lead the employees towards working a mountainous 25% more than an average.

If you are a junk food lover and also carry the caricature of a furniture (that always want to stick to one place), I have a doubt you are giving your eyes a new lead away from this post. Don't turn your head away. Face it bravely because the fact that had been masquerading the mantra of being active and a better performer is :: People who are fat/obese usually suck up to lower work performance and are loaded with absenteeism habit than those who are infused with depression or any other chronic (lasting for long) diseases or medical conditions.

It has always been a triangle of three different groups of people -- One, who are fit and fine; Second, who are obese/fat; and Third, who are suffering with depression or with any other medical condition. New researches have exposed the notable difference between the Group # 2 and Group # 3.

And if that is not yet enough to raise the happy hormone inside, employees who reserve 30 minutes of their day for exercise or any physical activity too hook up for a better work performance.

Right...I$n't it?

I have one more good news that can suffice the need of your much needed promotion. If you embrace a healthy diet and fitness schedule, it will cut down on your rate of absenteeism (caused by feeling sluggish, haggard etc.). It can enhance your working stamina too by a whooping 11% and that will surely make you a stand out in the crowd. If you are a regular goer to your office and perform better than the others then Congratulations! You may be an apple of the eyes' of your boss and also, may be the next bull's eye for the promotion.

Other DOs to become a shining star @ workplace ::

  • Leave your work area/cubical and take a stroll around for few minutes or walk in a nearby park or garden. It will certainly increase your memory statistics up to a considerable extent.
  • If you have some free minute nuts in your hands, much on net surfing that can take you on those boards (websites) that can please you (and by that I mean recommendable websites). It will add a plus point in your productivity.
  • Drink warm water at work place, if possible or else normal water will do the job. It makes your digestive system happy. Keep soda water as an optional pal on the shelf.
  • Keep a miniature gym with you at your desk say like a set of dumb bells or resistance bands. Use them when you are free even for 2 minutes. Or, use the office gym.
  • Always sit straight. Posture contributes a lot into the recipe of a good health.
  • Tea or coffee infused with milk works as water retention agents. They sip at your ability. Instead, have healthy drinks that suit your taste buds.
  • If you are at a prestigious position in the organization, you can moot the idea of having some kind of workshops or activities that are based on maintaining (or switching towards) a healthy life style once in a while. But if you are not, zip your lips up and be your own savior.

Few DON'Ts @ workplace ::
  • Do not munch on sweets or unhealthy savories in frequent celebration parties at office. Munch on small bites always.
  • Keep yourself in motion does not mean at all you go on other's desks and have a mouthful of their snacks. Stop it. Your tummy is not a junkyard where you throw anything to make it a rotten place.
  • Do not sit in a position for a long duration. It will retrograde your body strength and make your mind go on a sleep vacation. 
  • Never skip lunch otherwise your body system won't get required amount of nutrients and you will end up feeling sluggish and lazy later.
  • Do not tag yourself as a 'Late goer'. No one appreciate this, including your boss too (if I toss this secret). Staying late chimes in with the lack of sleep that surely eats your mental concentration.
Success is paramount at workplace. It doesn't mater whether you are an employee or a boss. You have to be diligent with no dearth of activeness and right mind set. Tinkering helps you to become a workplace person that you have been desiring to be all the way long. Simple key is :: Let your diet mirror a better performance of yours.


  1. personally i find a 5 KM run, at least 4 times a week, works wonders!

    1. That's great. Work performance along with workouts and right diet plan go hand in hand.
      I also do aerobics and feel a remarkable difference through out my routine.


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