Sunday, 20 January 2013

I long to see....

At the time when half of this world is asleep, I fell for a creation that touches parts somewhere in my deep. 

My own creation...

Hands that is too busy to caress its veins,
Eyes that is too blind to see its own reflections,
Heart that is turned over to see its own bleed,
Soul that is locked to see its earthy fragility,
I long to see if this all can be fixed deftly.

Why not eyes get a glass of love and care?
Why not heart sits straight to see where it pinches?
Why not soul is free to carry my wings?
I long to see those lips croon my sings.

I long for those arms to embrace me,
I long for those eyes to shower love on me,
I long for those hearts to smile for me, and
I long for those souls to walk beside me,
I see them quietly departing on a ride without me.

I long to feel my very own existence, and
I long to stitch my very own bleeding heart,
I long to tether my twinkling flooded tiny eyes,
And yet again...
I long to see if miracle really dances nearby.


P.S. My creations are parts of my creativity. Kindly do not use it anywhere without my permission. It is a copyright material.

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