Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How do you manage your life?

This question has been scowling, irritating and irrigating the anger within to so many professional women and it's quite natural. How do you manage your life? Or precisely, How do you manage your personal as well as professional lives both simultaneously? Many eminent women give away smart answers but that does not mean this is not a thing to ponder about. It surely is.

Since centuries, the situation of women in our Indian society has been monopolized heavily. Where the maximum number of departments are inadvertently pocketed to men, there no one wants to see women standing to their shoulder high. The mountains have been broken by several women but still, this very pebble appears frequently from nowhere.

"How do you manage your life?"

Earlier, I hardly racked my brain over this question. But somehow, it slugged my mind only few days back. When I diligently processed its answer, this question doesn't remain a matter of mirth anymore. Why not men are being asked such questions? Why not?

Think carefully and the answer becomes as clear as a hot afternoon sky. Because women have not been very much supported by their parents, husbands (and children, if any), in-laws or worse, their own developing thoughts. When she wants to achieve something, others tend to stop her nourishing with their support. It makes her life hard, emasculate her ability and exactly creating the very reason to vie for her own survival.

Whenever a woman has tried to do something along with managing a house, one or other problematic mind set keeps her in check making her life stifling over squanders while the same case is a chalk and cheese with men.

Men gets support from every possible direction; they get it from their wife, parents, children and others too. Hardly anyone think of not to support a breadwinner of the family. And this very reason makes a man's life a lot easier to get hold onto. With all the earth's support, he surely can do things easier than a woman. That is why, no one darts such question to a man.

There are those men too who are managing eclectic things on their own. They are like silver linings in the sky. I have a great reverence for them but unfortunately, they are few in numbers.

Believing the backbone as her best support, a woman starts to manage things like never before and becomes expert in management skill too. And then she becomes successful in managing both of her lives. She can easily switch from a wife/mother to a professional person and vice versa.

When a woman is grappling with creating a sublime identity, kindly do not prod her with such questions. Rather, appreciate her ability to organize her things expertly whether she gets a bar code of support or not. This will emancipate her inner core and let her fly in the sky with no squeezing boundaries.

A woman needs support like a man do

A woman makes your life easy. Trust her, support her. This will make your life easier.

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  1. things are changing. The change is slow but it's happening. women are overcoming hurdles, breaking bariers, crossing frontiers in our country .

    & generally speaking women are emotionally, spiritually stonger than men.

    in your life if you face hurdles just try to overcome them by taking a step back , analyse and then come up with a plan or an attitude that would be acceptable to many if not all!

    and by the way this method holds good even for men!:)


    1. thanks jd...and I agree with you..
      women are no doubt stronger than men but the things is...the lion himself doesn't know how much it holds the power...the same case is with women :)


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