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"Can you please borrow my eyes?" Part 2 :: "A little piece of parenting"

Few days back I had started writing one more story on my blog. It is a story of a mother and her seven year old son Atulya. It is the story about their relationship that mirrors certain aspects of parenting and a child mind set. Parents, sometimes, fail to peek into their children's actual needs and this starts a whirlpool of emotions within the child. It takes him to a dilemma where he becomes paralyze about whom to trust when his parents are nowhere near trusting him.

To know more about it and to read its first part, click here :: "Can you please borrow my eyes?" Part 1 :: 'You are an embarrassment'. Clicking on this link will take you to the new window.

It is recommended to read its Part 1 so that you can keep yourself in the loop right from the beginning.

Disclaimer :: It's a fiction work and is entirely my creation. Copying its any part or using the entire story for otherwise purpose is likely to be treated with action. It is a copyright material.

Synopsis of Part 1 :: After finishing his holiday homework, Atulya went to his neighbor's (Nimit's) house to play after seeking his mother's permission. After an hour, Nimit's mother Suraiya and Atulya came back. Atulya was crying heavily. Suraiya started spitting poison about her son's behavior. According to her, Atulya had ripped apart Nimit's Maths notebook into pages.

This came as a shock to the mother because their exams were just a week away. She apologized to Suraiya and handed over her son's Maths notebook. After that, the mother started to scold Atulya for his ill behavior without giving him a chance to explain himself. Atulya grunted in disgust and shouted on his mother for the first time. His behavior took his mother to surprise. She decided to listen his side of story on Nimit's matter, something that she too never did earlier either.

To be continued...

Part 2 :: "A little piece of parenting"

Mother's love is supreme
The mother was stunned to see Atulya shouting like this. He was standing right in front of her, crying and yet, he wasn't looking at her. His shouts and tears, both were poignant to her. She felt a rush of pain within. She wondered when was the last time she had heard her son's things but her head fell in shame because there was no last time. SHE NEVER HAD LISTENED TO HIM. EVER. She always believed what others had conveyed to her on the matter of subject.

She felt it was the failure of her motherhood that failed to give her son a soothing embrace and compassion. She felt it was HER failure that she never listened to him. She always thought about Atulya as a little boy. Little did she realize her son had grown up not just by inches but also in terms of mental status and in repertoire of doing anything.

He had transformed into a fine keyboard player, a fond reader and also into a mature boy. He was no more a small baby who only seek his meals and lullabies. Rather he, too, had become a human being that needs love, care, compassion, support and every other expectation of a grown up boy from his mother.

'Oh! What have I done to my son? I never listened to him and this is entirely my fault' the mother thought for a moment and literally hated herself for a moment. But being an experienced lady, she also knew the fact - Let bygones be bygones. What is gone can never be repaired but what lays ahead can always be taken care of.

She decided to be the best mother on wards; if not for this world but for her son at least. She quickly composed herself and sauntered towards her son.

She hugged him, wiped out his tears and took him to the couch where she was sitting alone few minutes back. She hugged Atulya tightly again as to relieve herself from her own grief. Atulya was bit surprised by his mother's course of actions yet he was happy. He was happy to find his mother on his side, finally.

The mother asked in a soft voice, "I am so sorry beta. Please forgive me. I don't believe Suraiya aunty and her words. I believe YOU and I want to listen YOUR things on Nimit's case"

For Atulya, this moment seemed to be the happiest moment of his life. He couldn't imagine his mother not believing Suraiya aunty's words and her gestures. He couldn't believe his mother was rowing his boat, not others'. He hugged her back with his maximum strength as to save himself from this ruthless world.

"Mumma! That Nimit is not a good boy. He is not my friend anymore. When I went to play with him, we played with his toys for sometime. Later, he told me to help with his studies and then we escorted to his room".

The mother was very well aware of this part of the story from Suraiya but she kept mum. She wanted to listen what happened later that deteriorated the matter this much; that made Suraiya to fall on her doorstep to yell and insult her son like that.

"Then he started doing Maths sums. I helped with his homework up to a bit but later he coerced me to do his entire Maths homework. I hesitated and refused Mumma! Believe me. Now that our exams are just a week after, I suggested him to do his homework on his own. This way he would be able to understand more about the subject. I did right na Mumma?"

He looked at his mother to check whether she was believing him. The mother indeed was listening and believing him.

"Yes my son! You did absolutely right thing. I am so proud of you. Everyone should complete the homework on their own. Then why you ripped off his Maths notebook?"

Atulya beamed to see his mother trusting him so well. After all, it was the first time she was believing his words. He stopped crying. His confidence increased by manifolds. And moreover, what he was saying was true with its every word.

He hushed to reveal a secret.

"No Mumma! It was HIM only who ripped off his notebook and it was not his Maths notebook if I tell you the fact. It was his one old notebook. When I refused to do his Maths homework, he scared me by saying he will beat me off. I did not get scared Mamma. I am a brave boy you see. Instead, I said everybody will scold you for beating me. Then he scurried to put his Maths notebook back into his school bag and he came back with his one old notebook. He tore its pages, flew them onto the ground and started crying like anything. I couldn't understand what he was doing. Then I became little scared Mumma. Then Suraiya aunty came. Nimit told her that I ripped his Maths notebook and without checking the papers lying on the floor, she started yelling at me. Then she threatened me to accept my mistake but how I am supposed to accept a mistake that I haven't committed Mumma? Then she came to you and lied all the way long"

The mother was flabbergasted by listening all this. Nimit was a cunning boy without a doubt but he was a child. Children often commit such things that they are not supposed to but Suraiya? She was a big lady and a mature one. She should have listened Atulya and then took the action accordingly. Coming in fuming with anger and speaking ill of my son wasn't the right thing she did. She was anyway a sick minded lady and her boorish behavior had proved it again.

The mother decided to confront her on this, right away.

"You did a very right thing Atul. You are such a brave boy. I love you for taking your stand. Nimit shouldn't have done that with you. Now we will go to his home and will try to make Suraiya aunty understand about the situation. Okay?" There was no way the mother could reveal what she was thinking about Suraiya. Speaking about the same would drill bad effects on her son.

"Sure Mumma. We will but I am scared. She will again speak bad for me" Atulya said in a worried tone.

The mother pacified his fear. "No one can ever say you anything bad when I am around Atul. You are my brave and a very good boy. No one will speak anything bad. But it is very important to speak on this matter. Let's go" and they stood up to face Suraiya, the ill mannered and poisonous lady, once again.

The mother was in trepidation but this was the high time to show how much Atulya mattered to her. After all her ignorance and cop-outs for her son, she wasn't willing to let one more chance went by. She decided to reveal the truth no matter what.

She held Atulya's hand and hit the doorbell. After few seconds, Nimit opened the door. First he was terrified to see Atulya with his mother (because he was the culprit of the situation) but the way his mother Suraiya had handled the situation earlier, his face shone with a crooked smile.

"Hi Nimit beta! Where is your mother?" The mother asked with a honey voice. She knew showing outrage towards Nimit would make her no different from Suraiya.

Nimit went inside and called her mother. Suraiya, at first, was surprised to find them at her door especially after such insult but she said nothing much.

"What do you want?" she asked curtly.

The mother held Atulya's sweaty hands with a tight grip to give support to his fear and spilled the beans in a soft manner.

"Suraiya! I believe what Nimit has told you is wrong. He himself has ripped his notebook apart". She enunciated her last sentence.

Nimit face went white after listening this. He knew Atulya's mother never believed on him and that was the exact reason he played ill with him. But now seeing her not only speaking the truth but also believing on him started to scare him. He knew the reality was about to come on the platter anytime.

"What nonsense you are talking about? Nimit would never do that. It was YOUR ill mannered son..."and she couldn't complete her sentence. The mother interrupted her with a strong and calm voice.

"Enough Suraiya! No more bad words about my son. He is very gentle and a sincere boy and I believe him. He told me Nimit wanted him to do his share of homework and when Atulya denied, he tore down his notebook".

Now it was Suraiya's turn to get a whiplash. She couldn't believe her words.

"You are lying you mean. You are my neighbor. That does not give you a right to say anything about me".

"Exactly. The same goes for you too Suraiya" The mother was trying very hard to keep her anger in check. Her way of communication would affect her son in every possible way. She wanted to present an example to him on how to deal with a difficulty in life and how to take your own stand fearlessly.

Their altercation at the door was enough to gather other neighbors around. Everybody was asking several whats, hows and whys. One was smiling as to get a gossip material and other was biting her lips to get a better entertainment dose than Saas bahu type daily soaps. Everyone was piercing their hands in the cake to get its maximum dose of flavor.

"What the hell! You have gone insane. Hahhaaaa. See Suman! She has gone mad. Why would Nimit do that? Why would he tear his own Maths notebook right a week before his exams?"

She cackled loudly. People who are insecure from inside, they prefer to hide it either by keeping mum or speaking/showing ill behavior. Suraiya was the latter case.

"Yes. Why would he? He would not. His Maths notebook is completely safe in his school bag. Instead, he had fooled all of us by tearing down his another old notebook and I guess you didn't care to check on the papers lying on the ground. Isn't it?" The mother said, unaffected by others and entered inside the house. She darted towards Nimit's room.

Nimit eyes went wide with horror. He was showering with sweats. Now his lie would come out and his mother would scold him in front of everyone. His mind was too petrified to think of an escape from this predicament.

Suraiya wanted to resist the mother and Atulya both to enter into Nimit's room but to show she was right, she couldn't. She perfunctorily let them enter into the room along with boasting about her son. Other neighbors also followed them to the room.

"Nimit would never do that. Come and I will show you all that Atulya is a liar. See! The papers are still lying on the floor" she said and picked few of them to check. The mother wasn't interested in seeing the papers on the ground. She was more interested in looking for Nimit's school bag where she could find his Maths notebook. This was the only way to prove her son right.

Nimit shuddered and clutched his school bag tightly. The mother stared at him for few seconds and automatically the school bag slipped out of Nimit's hands. He knew his show was over.

The mother searched the bag and took out the Maths notebook, as fine as it could ever be. No sign of ripping or cutting was in the sight. The notebook was smiling with its perfect condition.

Everyone's, including Suraiya's, jaws dropped at the sight. The Maths notebook, for what Nimit had accused Atulya for ripping it into papers two hours ago, was perfect and bore no sign of brutality over it.

Everybody started to talk in whispers. They were agitated and strongly dejecting Nimit's and his mother's behavior. Suraiya couldn't utter a word after witnessing the truth. Much to her chagrin, she started beating Nimit for putting them into such shameful circumstances.

With a quick move, the mother held Suraiya's hands. She requested softly to her.

"If you beat him Suraiya, believe me, he can never be a good person. He is a child and what he has done is not a great deal at this age. Children lie. It's their natural tendency. Its our duty to make them understand about their behavior by setting right examples in a right manner. I request you not to beat Nimit anymore. After all, he is also a good boy. A mischief doesn't turn him into a bad one". Then she turned towards Nimit.

"Nimit! You are a good boy beta just like my son Atul. You lied and that is indeed a bad thing. No one should do it but a good human being is always the one who learns from his mistakes and do better things next time. I don't hate you. I still love you and I want you to be a good boy now. Promise me you will not lie again" Her soft, compassionate words worked magical on Nimit. He broke down into tears.

"I am so sorry aunty. It is my fault. What Atulya had said is right. I wanted to punish him because he was not completing my homework. I am so sorry. I will not lie again ever into my life. In fact,I will always behave like a good boy and will not commit any bad thing. Please forgive me". The mother embraced him tightly too. She believed Nimit's words too. She knew her job was done.

There, Atulya stood in amazement. He couldn't believe his mother was taking his stand only because she trusted on him. He knew what others say about mothers are right. They are indeed your best friends.

After seeing her, he knew how to placate the situation, the angst within the people. He realized getting angry or upset will not help you out in solving the problem. Instead, being calm and composed will help you to find the key to unlock the situation. He felt proud of her mother too.

The mother's one right move put several pieces on their right places ::

  • Nimit realized his mistake. This was a good start for him becoming a good boy.
  • Suraiya, from now on, would never be able to shout on anyone like she did on them. She would have to think for a thousand times before insulting anyone.
  • Neighbors who gathered to bit on a sight of entertainment went on the track of humanity. They sang the mother's song for her brave step to reveal the truth. They also lauded her for preventing Suraiya to beat Nimit. This was a wise step, they thought.
  • Above all, the mother went successful in earning her son's trust and this was the most important thing to her.

When Atulya returned home with his mother, he hugged her tightly.

"I love you Mumma. I love you so much. You are my best friend. I am so happy you trusted me Mumma".

"I love you too baby. I am so proud of you for being such a good and brave boy. I will trust you Atul...always. Keep that in mind".

The mother's heart repleted with pride and eyes with love. She never felt such resonance of joy in her entire life. She never knew giving out a little understanding is such a big matter for a child.

She never knew the parenting is all about giving out a little but to get soaked with so much joy, happiness and love in return.

She knew she had taken the first step towards a rightful motherhood. All she had to do was, to listen his child and trust him more than anyone in this world.


And here the story ends. Basically a story never ends. It always take a pause but we writers prefer to transform that pause into an appropriate end.

Parenthood is all about giving out a little. It's your choice how big or small you make this little in your life.

Hope my readers would have relished this part of the story too.

See you in my next post.

Good night and sleep tight.

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