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"Can you please borrow my eyes?" Part 1 :: You are an embarrassment

A very warm welcome to my readers. Today I am going to narrate one more story. It's a fiction work and is entirely my creation. Copying its any part or using the entire story for otherwise purpose is likely to be treated with action. It is a copyright material.

About the story :: The story entails a relationship of a mother and her seven year old son. Parents usually do few things they should highly avoid. Their harsh words, insincerity towards the child, ignorance about the child's routine and being immune to what child thinks about anything often results into some unanticipated repercussions. This story escapes into one.

The story will be having two parts, each one with a title of itself. Part 1 will include how parents' verbal behavior inputs suffering within their child while Part 2 will enlighten the fact that parents too should see things from their kid's perspective. Both the parts will deal with the individual mind set of the mother and the child named Atulya along with other characters involved.

Part 1 ::  "You are an embarrassment" 

"Ma! Can I go to Nimit's home for playing. I am done with my holiday homework?" A seven year old son Atulya asked his mother in a hopeful manner to get the permission though his agitation was clear. He had been to Nimit's house this morning to play and yet he was asking for the same. Nimit was their neighbor and he studied in the same standard as Atulya did.

The mother was reading a novel while her son Atulya finished his homework. She was still so much into the novel that she did not listen what her son had said just now.

"Umm. What Atul?" She looked up. She usually addressed her son Atul with fondness.

"Mumma! Can I go to play with Nimit? Pleaaassseee, pleaasseee, pleaaasssseeeeeee" Atulya pleaded, joining his both hands as one does at the time of worship. The mother paused for a moment.

"But you have been to his' house Atul. Going again is not a good idea" She counter played.

"Why is that not a good idea? You also talk to your neighbors more than once a day. Then how is that right?" He crossed his arms to his chest, demanding for the clarification.

The mother threw up her hands. "Okay, Okay. Go on Atul. Don't disturb me. I am reading an excellent novel. You being here means a lot more disturbance than expected. Go but come within one hour. Okayyy?" She instructed him and went back to reading.

Atulya found it annoying listening all this but he ran out to play with Nimit.

The mother went back to her novel as soon as Atulya left the house. She was relaxed to find her house on her own.

After one hour or so, Atulya came back crying loudly with Nimit's mother behind. The mother had failed to notice how much time had ticked off when she was deeply floating into the novel story.

With an ominous hint, she rushed to the main entrance. As soon as the door opened, Atulya hugged his mother hiding himself in her motherly cocoon. The mother was puzzled about what had happened.

Nimit's mother, Suraiya, bellowed on her, "How sinister you son is! Haven't you taught him any good manners?" She was shouting at the top of her voice.

The mother got a whiplash. 'Why is she talking to me like this?' She wondered but she chose to talk reasonably.

"What happened Suraiya? Is everything fine?" She said as clutching Atulya tightly to herself. His sobbing increased by leaps and bounds by receiving his mother's bodily support.

"Everything fine? Huh! Atulya is such an insensitive person. DO NOT send him ever to my home" She enunciated Do Not with such hatred the mother felt like punching her face right away. Neighbors had started to peek out from their windows and doors. After all, a scuffle always serve others a cake of gossip with the icings of curiosity and entertainment.

The mother knew Suraiya was an ill-tempered and less evolved person as a human being but still, somehow she had managed to be in an okay-okay relationship with her. Alter all, neighbors are always meant to be friends, not strangers nor foes. Suppressing her anger, she signaled Suraiya to come inside but she declined the offer.

The mother turned to his son for asking the matter. She found it was futile to ask Suraiya once again.

"Atul! Here, look at me son. What has happened? Tell me", the mother asked softly.

"What will he tell you? He is in no state of describing his own mistake let alone committing it. I will tell you".

"Nooo aunty. Pleaasseee. My mother will not like it and the fact is, I did nothing. I tried to explain but you are not listening" Atulya begged eerily. In fear, his words came out jumbled.

The mother found herself hanging in a midway between them with no clue.

"You should have thought about it before doing that to my son you shameless creature" Suraiya threw a disparaging comment. The mother could not tap her tolerance anymore.

She said with a stony face, "Will you tell me Suraiya about what Atul has done or else should I close the door at your face?"

"I am telling you" and right then, the mother heard a loud cry from Atulya. His fear was clearly telling he had done something he wasn't supposed to.

"When Atulya came to our house one hour before to play with Nimit, they started playing with the toys. Later Nimit asked him to help through his studies and then they went to Nimit's room but after sometime, I heard Nimit's loud cry. When I rushed to the room, I saw papers lying across the floor. On asking, Nimit told me Atulya has tore down his Mathematics note book. They both were studying for the exams and Atulya wasn't in the mood to study. He wanted to play with some more toys. When Nimit didn't listen, he tore down his Mathematics note book under the effect of outrage. Now how will Nimit prepare for his exams?".

The mother was aghast to listen this all. Atulya indeed had done a very unfair thing to Nimit. Their exams are just a week away and now that his Mathematics note book was gone, how on earth would Nimit manage his Maths study? Moreover, it would affect his over all study. She turned towards Atulya in anger.

"No mumma! She is saying all the wrong things. Just listen to me once. Pleaassseee" Atulya held his mother's hand to give her the comprehension of the situation.

"God! What have you done Atul? And why you did that?" The mother admonished her son, jerking her hands away from his'. Atulya kept crying, constantly shaking his head. When he saw his mother too leaving his side, it broke down his leftover hope on being heard. Yet he tried once again but the mother refused to listen.

"I am very sorry about what Atul has done Suraiya. Kindly excuse him. Nimit can use his Maths notebook and complete his study. I am so sorry for his loss" The mother said handing over Atulya's Maths notebook to Suraiya. She spoke some more ill words and left.

Now Atulya knew it was his mother's turn to shower him with copious anger and frustration. He quickly entered into the house and tried to lock himself up inside his room. But the mother was smarter. She held his hand with a tight grip and spanked his face. The unbearable pain gushed through his body. He kept his hands over his cheek and froze at his place.

"I had never thought of you perpetrating such ill thing Atul. Why you did this? I am so hurt. You are such an embarrassment to me. How will I ever face Suraiya now. The news will float around deftly. Oh! I am so ashamed of you" And the mother went on throwing endless pebbles as in harsh comments making a cumbersome stone on Atulya's tiny heart. He tried once again to narrate the situation.

"But mumma! I did nothing. I was...." but he couldn't complete his sentence. His mother cut short him.

"Yeah. You did nothing. The notebook tore down itself by some magic. Right?" She threw a burning glaze at her son. She didn't even try to give him a flickering chance to explain his things.

With pain and tears in the eyes, Atulya started to think inadvertently.

How someone says a mother is the best friend to her child? He never found her mother on the same note.

How someone says a mother is the best listener to her child on this earth? His mother's ears were always a shut down to him.

How someone says a mother takes her child's side no matter what? His mother had always been on other's boat.

There were so many questions haunting Atulya's mind. He was so scared of the slap he had received. It had retrograded his belief on his mother. He wanted to explain his things to her; he wanted to tell what exactly had happened but she stood like a gigantic monster with no ears and brain. Yes! She was a mother monster. She had never listened to me. He hated her.
His mother's incessant rude words were strangulating and twisting his heart with a squeezing force. When Atulya found he couldn't listen anymore, he shouted at his mother like he never did before.

"Will you please listen to me mumma? Can you please borrow my eyes to look through the actual situation? Will you ever listen to me? I so hate you for being such a close book for me".

The mother stopped for a moment, stupefied. She didn't expect such an outrageous behavior from her son. His words fused her mind for a minute. She couldn't understand. Atulya had never screamed this like. The next moment when the light of sense came back, she decided to ask his son; something that she had never done before either. She decided to listen his things on Nimit's matter.

To be continued......

And here the story pauses.

It is the foremost thing for parents to listen to their children. What they want to say; what they want to do and moreover, what they want from their parents are always important pieces of a family mirror. Each ignorance leads to one crack and the face of a beautiful family can easily be metamorphosed into a contorted one.

Keep reading to know what happens later when Atulya tells his side of story. Was he saying right or just trying to trick his mother? At what extent Suraiya was right? Would Atulya be successful in giving his mother his perspective? Would the mother look through her son's eyes?

All these and more candid questions will be handled carefully in the second and last segment of the story.

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