Saturday, 5 January 2013

Can I ask you a personal question ma'am?

Today a funny and cute thing I did with a teacher when we went to attend our son's PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) this morning. We had our breakfast and left for the PTA at around 9.40 AM. There we had to meet his class teacher first followed by the teachers of other subjects.

So we met his class teacher and asked about my kid's progress. I had the exam papers of in my hands pertaining to the last two terms. She was thoroughly satisfied with my kid's performance. In fact, she did show me an answer of his on the paper which was done brilliantly by him. Needless to mention, I was satisfied listening this. Yes! I did realize after examining the papers that my son has done fairly well in the last term than first twos.

Then we went ahead to meet his Hindi and English subject teachers. They were also quiet happy with his progress and I was happier. Then we met his Maths teacher. She is cute and beautiful. Really. She is. When my turn came, I asked again the same question about my kid's progress and she answered the same thing what other teachers had. She was satisfied with his progress too. Then I asked her a question that took her off guard at first. Here is how our conversation went:

I (seriously): "Ma'am! If you don't mind, can I ask you a personal question?"

Ma'am (serious face loaded with curious expression): "Yes. Sure"

I: "Ma'am! This question may sound disturbing and irritating to you first but please be patient. I need to know this"

Ma'am (with a lot more seriousness on her face now): "Sure. I won't. Tell me"

I (with a smile): "Ma'am! How come you look so cute and beautiful every time I meet you?"

For the split of a second she couldn't absorbed the meaning of my question but in the next half second, she started laughing like anything. I accompanied her.

I: "Seriously ma'am. You always look very cute and beautiful. How?"

My compliment manner had taken her off guard. She kept laughing and couldn't answer. Because she has the natural beauty. I never saw her using any trace of make up on her face. People who endow natural beauty are best adored when they keep it that way only. After seconds of laughter, she said:

"I am not irritated".

We both had a good share of laughter and then I bid her good bye. I hope the way I complimented her will make her smile through out the day.

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