Thursday, 31 January 2013

"But this train has pantry. Right?"

Today I am gonna share a funny incident that happened with me years ago but it's still so fresh that I feel it happened just yesterday. Whenever I think of any funny moment in my life, don't know why but this moment jumps out of the memory cards. Each time it makes me smile and simultaneously I bang my head inside for the stupidity I fell for. So here I go.....

This incident took place almost 10 years ago when my one elder cousin sister was due to her delivery (of pregnancy not of any project). My sister's delivery was just few more days to go. I along with my uncle (her father) had to go to Noida (where she resided that time) to help her in the process (not that any of us is a gynecologist but as a family of course). My aunty (her mother) and one more elder cousin sister were already there to help her through.

We had to catch a train from our native place to Noida. Mummy packed food for the journey and then we left in the evening. We boarded the train and soon it caught its optimal speed. During dinner time, people around started taking their meals. Some had got it packed from their homes while some ordered it from the train itself. The train was equipped with its own pantry.

When I saw people ordering and eating pantry food, I was mesmerized (and right at this point, now I bang my head inside for a silly temptation). At that time, I had never eaten pantry food ever and it was like The God of journey food for me. Therefore, I was keen to consume it. There were few reasons behind it like the way it gets packaged (plates, water can and bowls everything nicely covered up with shiny silver foil), the cuisine looks inviting, you get all your stuff into a neat tray and you can finish the meal in a tidy manner. The accompaniments like pickles, lemon, salad, sweet etc. makes it even more mouth watering. One who has never eaten pantry food can easily go banana about such arrangements and outlook in first go (it's another matter what glitters is always not gold but I was yet to realize it).

The God of journey food...heck @#&*@
But I couldn't do anything because we already had our dinner with us from home. So we had that only. But I couldn't help myself from overlooking at other's pantry meals. I was chewing my food but I longed to taste their's only.

In the morning we reached to Noida and jijaji (my sister's husband) came to receive us. Later, my sister delivered a healthy baby boy and we all were very happy. I was amazed to see a new born baby because probably I had never witnessed one earlier. Anyway, it was a wonderful feeling.

We stayed there for few days. Then we had to depart for our native place. Aunty, jijaji and the other sister were already there to look after her and the baby.

Our train was again in the evening. Aunty ji and my other sister asked me to pack dinner from home but I refused. My uncle usually don't prefer to have dinner apart from some exceptions. So this time it was the matter for me only who had to get the dinner packed for the journey. Aunty and my sister kept asking me to pack my dinner but I stuck to a constant No. Had I told them the reason behind my refusal at least for once, I'd have known the reality. But no one can interfere with destiny in the matter. Finally they gave up and then we left, without any food for the journey innocently oblivious to what vicious spell the destiny had planned to cast on me.

We (I and my uncle) boarded, again. Before the train could leave the station, my uncle asked whether I want anything from outside to eat. I demanded for a Cadbury chocolate and he bought one for me. Then he asked what more I'd like to eat as dinner. I was surprised. I asked,

"But this train has pantry. Right?"

And here comes the revelation of the cruel conspiracy cleverly laid out by my destiny. My uncle laughed at me and replied,

"No my dear. This train doesn't have pantry. That was why your aunty and sister were pushing you to take the dinner along with you".

I can't explain the feelings I had that time even if I put the entire dictionary on work to fulfill this purpose. I can feel it only. The loads of disappointment I felt and the deeper my heart sank just at the thought of not getting a very much expected chance of relishing the highly coveted inviting, mouth watering pantry food really did its job well on me.

I swallowed the saliva and managed to ask,

"But the train we came here from was a pantry car naa tau ji?" I call my uncle Tau ji.

He again got a chance to laugh at me. Replied,

"But this train is not that one stupid. This is a different one and this does not have pantry".

No words can describe my feelings after this conversation. It was like someone had poured down cold water on me and my all the wishes and dreams and the fascination of the journey had washed away. The center of my journey's attraction was lost even before I could get a golden chance to enjoy it. My heart sank like Titanic (though Titanic was yet to release that time but it is perfect to describe the chagrin I went through).

Where I was sinking, there my uncle was enjoying every bit of my disappointment. His chuckles were adding fuel to the fire. He was savoring my droopy and a sad smiley face. But he said out of affection,

"The chocolate you have, you eat that and drink water as your dinner" and I, naturally transformed into a hapless person, couldn't utter a word because the train had already left the station.

P.S. Later I got the chance to enjoy the royal pantry food on some other journey and when I tasted it, I found it is always better to take home cooked food along. It is certainly not The God of food I had always imagined.

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