Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Broken threads

Life is wonderful many a times. One can compare it to anything and customize it as per the needs.

Today I am comparing it with an endless structure of a Thread. Yes! Life also resembles a Thread...a long series of yours stitched intertwined mother fabric that connects you with different fabrics of relationships.

It is strong when you have bindings of strongest fabrics that cares for you, that loves you and that can do anything for you. Such fabrics you get by birth like parents and siblings.

And it becomes stronger when you are lucky enough to drag more relationships with you in the later phases of the life say some relatives and friends. This makes your mother thread thicker. Those people let you live as you are; they let you be as you are and they enjoy every nook and cranny of your personality. They enjoy your goof ups, your candid reactions, your twinkling eyes after you spot your favorite chocolate, your full fledged smiles that takes them to travel far from the moment and also...they understand your faults,  your endless columns of tears, your dramas about pettifogging details and everything that comes from you in a spurt. They just stick with you matter what.


The same thread becomes weak when you encounter a stark realization of your life. Those precious relationships start to loose themselves from your mother thread. They start to go away from you. You live in a reverie thinking they are tightly tied up to you but due to the lack of little more understanding, they gradually grow away from you.

Where you expect them to stand beside you, there they prefer to take a quite exit from your life. Their tiny fabrications loose their strength and thus, increases its elasticity by manifolds. They unfold themselves away from you much unlike earlier.

One day, hands will be joined

It certainly hurts.

Sometimes, you can identify the difference in them instantly but sometimes, it takes a particular thing to make you realize the truth, like a phone call or message or a simple mail. One thing and the life takes a different U-turn than you had not anticipated it'd take. Your thread is still strong but the relationships that used to make it thicker and stronger seems to be an apparition...something you had always imagined its presence but there was nothing as such actually.

Life changes and its course also changes

But that does not mean the person you are connected to has also changed. 

Few people in my life have become different towards me. They think I am changed centrifugally. The very core of me has changed. The very essence of me has changed.

What an irony! People who laughed with me, shared time with me, discussed books with me, hid their secret in me, spent their holidays with me, got a gift box full of crunchy chocolates from me and even listened Lucky Ali's hit songs with me in a constant loop, they find it elusive to understand me and my heart. It makes me wonder, sometimes.

I won't explain myself at this point. I simply won't. It's my choice. If someone loves you, that love should be unconditional. Love must not need a reason to appear like a god. It should be ubiquitous; present with every praise and with every mistake.

Why those departing people don't understand it hurts back too? Why they become stringent to be with you again? Why don''t they leave everything on the time to do its job and let themselves be with you? And why the hell I am asking these questions when there is no any answer?

But I want to mark my words here. I don't like when some precious people go away from me. It makes my eyes brimming with tears sometimes. It doesn't matter what they think about me. All that matters (at least for me) is :: They are still precious and they will be preserved into the treasure box of my heart forever like this. But the only difference is :: Now I watch them from a distance, I still enjoy their persona; I still enjoy their smiles, their happiness and I still grimace when they are in grief or in any kind of trouble and I still wish them best for their lives from the very core of my heart.

I stand at my position while my eyes break the barriers. I look at them and waiting for them to stretch their hands for me, once again because one way relationships never work. But this waiting may take me nowhere eventually. So I have made my hopes and beliefs malleable enough to absorb the effects of harsh weather yet keeping its nature pure and intact.


  1. very heartfelt >. my experience says grab the happy days with both your hands and cherish the memories of the happy days when things are not going well.

    not an easy thing to do but neverthless what else is there but memories. there's this song by G'n'R , sweet child of mine . the song is about happy days and later memories of them.


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