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An evening with Preeti Shenoy

In my last post, I had talked about three cookies that had given me three different tastes. Find two of them here :: A meet with nature :: Nandhi hills.

At the end of the post, I had talked about the third cookie. This third cookie was a meeting with a renowned author Preeti Shenoy who was at Sapna Book House located on Residency Road in the evening. After meeting her, I realized it was worth going for and we relished the every chunk of the conversation.

If I talk about Preeti Shenoy, she has claimed three National Bestsellers in her kitty and her fourth book is recently launched. She has been thoroughly praised for her excellent story writing skills and her several interviews have been published in different newspapers. The occasion was to get indulged in a face-to-face conversation with her regarding her fourth book, The Secret Wishlist.

After coming back from Nandhi Hills at 3 PM at the same day, I was seriously looking forward to meet her. I have read her all three books and they are superb especially the third one 'Tea for two and a piece of cake'. I had a handful time with me for completing my household tasks after returning back from the tiring trip. I finished my all the tasks. Then I got my husband and kid ready for the event. I wasn't sure what would happen when I meet her. Mulling over such thoughts, we left home (again) at 5.45 PM. My husband was very tired because of the hectic day but still he got on foot for me so that I could meet the author.

I realized this fact and thanked him on the way. This Thanks note came out-of-blue for him and he wondered. But I told him Thank you is for taking me there especially then when his every bone was cracking with pain and shouting for some rest. He smiled and said he has to do what makes me happy. This event mattered to him too because of me. Little Thank Yous and Sorrys do not hurt. Instead, it makes the relationship stronger when your partner realizes that you acknowledge his/her importance and efforts s/he is putting in place for you.

When we reached at Sapna, Preeti Shenoy was already there with her husband Satish Shenoy. We went upstairs and found a place where she was sitting with some of her fans. I along with my husband and kid greeted her to which she replied warmly. I told her I am a big fan of hers and I have read her all the three books and I loved them especially the third one. She was happy to listen that and said Thank you. We also met her husband Mr. Satish Shenoy. Then we started the conversation and being a curious person, I asked few questions. When she came to know I own two blogs; one in Hindi and other in English; she was surprised to hear that. She appreciated me for this too. She herself is an avid blogger.

 During the conversation, some more people came along and then she gave out a speech she had prepared and that was indeed very nice. She explained the inspiration behind writing her fourth book. When she was done, some more questions made their ways towards her to which she expeditiously replied. While answering my one question "How should one handle the criticism?", she said a very wise and down-to-earth reply that -- "If you are receiving only appraisals for your writing, that means your book is not reaching to the masses". Her this reply touched me. It was a very practical one. I liked it. Then the entire conversation went like a flowing river.

Preeti Shenoy during her speech

We had one more author among her fans. He writes couplets and his thousands of couplets had been published in a really really fat book. We had that book in our hands and we all got few minutes to relish it. Some of his many couplets I bit on were very touchy and amusing. His couplets were very interesting, full of life. I don't remember his name and profession that he used to do before his retirement but its one's work that get him or her recognized and exactly same happened with him too. He left later but still, I remember him :)

Moving on. After the conversation, we got equal chances to get a click with Preeti ma'am.

I with Preeti Shenoy

After meeting, I found her an affable person. She is a very experienced and diligent writer. She told some of her real life stories. It was interesting to listen her words coming directly from her. At the end, I bought her fourth book and get it personally signed by her. I spent a wonderful time with her. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Later at home, there was one more triumph for womanhood waiting to happen when Sanmeet Kaur won Rs. 5 crore in Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season 6. Sanmeet is a housewife as well as a tutor. She played very confidently. Women like Preeti Shenoy and Sanmeet Kaur strengthens the strings that connects one woman to other and it is so very amazing.

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  1. I loved “life is what you make it” by the same author. Infact it was first book of her that I read. I equally enjoyed, “tea for two and piece of cake”. So I was very excited to read, “the secret wishlist” specially since I had preordered it and got a personalized author signed book.

    The interesting and intriguing story of protagonist Diksha made me read the complete book in one go. Though at some places I found striking similarities with “tea for two and a piece of cake’ yet I could appreciate the subtle and nuanced subtext that the author weaves in so effortlessly in this book.

    If I have to say, what’s the one thing about Mrs Shenoy’s books that I admire most. It will be undoubtedly her realistic portrayal of a marriage. Like her previous book this one is bang-on on the biggest weakness in the institution of marriage specially in the Indian context, and it is the MCP AND NARROW MINDED INDIAN MEN. Surely not all Indian men are so, but most are. I loved how the entire plot, setting , backdrop, characters are SO REAL. They are flawed and that’s make them even more relatable. It’s not a fairy tale story and neither are the characters Godly.

    I hope that Mrs Shenoy continues to write more such books that are real, socially relevant and absolutely enjoyable. What further reflects in all her books is her own real life persona and her genuine niceness. Mrs. Preeti Shenoy, thanks for being in our times. The way you portray “agenda-less friendships” in your books conveys volumes about your faith in friendship.


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