Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"Alert!! Your system is crashing down to failure"

Congratulations to all the juveniles out there in India who are getting ready to commit a wonderful crime like *Rape*! Why wonderful? Because the honorary panel of judges has given them such license. Go, rape a girl and get a punishment of measly three years and then, you are again free to repeat the cycle until you transform into an adult. Wow! Look at the decision. It feels like someone has bullied a classmate to her extinction and now he is not allowed to come to the school for next three days. And the school administration didn't bother to explain the reasons behind such decision.

I think rape is a slightly major crime by few inches than bullying. That is why the main perpetrator *the so-called juvenile* is getting only a three years of imprisonment. Judges just went through his school certificate, got his exact age and decision done. He is proved to be a Juvenile. They didn't even bother to check up on his actual age by taking down some tests like bone test. In India, parents often register wrong years of birth in the school certificates. I myself am registered as one year younger than my actual age and I know thousands of people in the same pipeline.

But the more shocking news is about the ignorance of a wide circulated fact. The main culprit alias the juvenile rapist was only three or four months due to his adulthood and he has been a delinquent since many years. He has committed few other rapes in which he was, again and that does not pop as a surprise anymore to me, the trigger and executioner of the victim.

Then how come these facts couldn't manage to steal the show and got him hanged till death?

How come the pleadings of Nirbhaya could not brainwashed the judges' minds to not to set the culprit free?

How come our system can reward and encourage other juveniles like this?

How come Nirbhaya's case is fizzling out like this?

With all these angst, our minds are only awashed with questions, questions and more questions with no answers at the end. Taking such decision is a great error to our system. Those judges will be responsible for every other rape that is skilfully executed towards the barbarism by other juveniles.

More errors and one day, we all will be doomed with a message on our faces ::

"Alert!! Your system is crashing down to failure"

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  1. our sense of justice borders on the absurd! the victim never gets it or it's too late.

    1. I am saying it in a hope...It's never too late. I hope the government will feel take some serious action ONE day


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