Monday, 7 January 2013

A song struck in the cords of my heart

Today I was feeling like Titanic; not romantic but as a sinking ship. Yes! I was not feeling my best today. Bas yun hi (no reason). I am also entitled to feel like a dot sometimes...isn't it? :)

Anyways, I tried to do things that could elate me up to an extent. My husband was busy with more work today in comparison of the previous days. So he couldn't talk to me on phone to listen my sad story of the day. So I had to come for my own rescue. After mulling over things, I left my work and took a break. Don't know why but a song was surprisingly struck into the cords of my heart. I played it on my laptop and kept listening over and over. It isn't a sad one (as you are thinking). It is a romantic song from a Bollywood flick Tanu Weds Manu and the song is 'Yun hi' or 'Kitne dafe'. Despite being a romantic number, the singer's voice (Mohit Chauhan) was very soothing to my sad heart. His voice, lyrics of the song, music and its beats, rhythm etc. entire melody was chiming into my heart.

There was one more song which managed to ring into my ears for several times. That one is corresponding with my sad story means it is a sad number from another Bollywood flick called 'New York' and the song name is 'Tune jo na kaha'.

Once you know things that can soothe you at times of troubles, it becomes easier to deal with yourself.

Later on, I took a break from my work and watched cartoons with my kid (Yesss!! Cartoons). I love cartoons too and I watch Doraemon, Chhota Bheem, Ben 10 and my most favorite Oggy and the cockroaches sometimes.
I played Temple Run on my iPod.
Then I finished my left over tasks like cooking etc. very quickly and before the usual time and I finally got some golden time with me. I wasn't feeling very much for writing but I finished my self assigned writing work (not my blog). I feel better now while writing this post. And yess...I am still listening 'Yun hi' mentioned above. :)

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