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A meet with nature :: Nandhi Hills

If I address my last three days as a bag of mixed cookies, I'd not be wrong. Life is a bag inside which you get different sort of cookies (incidents) with verity of tastes (emotions). Some are sweet, some are salty, bitter sweet or some are just...tasteless. My last three days have been like three cookies that carried altogether a different taste from one another. First cookie I bit was quite bitter and I didn't like it at all. I met with an accident with my car. It's effect was horrible and I was dejected afterwards. It took time to let it go off me.

Second cookie was our jaunt to Nandhi Hills which was really sweet and relishing. We went there yesterday i.e. on Saturday and enjoyed its every bite. And something as wonderful as a pleasant trip needs to be entailed in my blog, of course. So here is how our Saturday started off and ended with a great note.

Nandhi hills is situated almost 67 kilometers away from Bangalore city and it is in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. We (I, Sumit and Ashmit) woke up at 4 AM and left our home at 5.30 by our car. When we came on road, we observed mist and fog around. I was surprisingly amused to see this because Bangalore hasn't been successful in giving away a chilly experience so far this season. In day time, its hot and in evenings, it's very pleasant. Anyways, it was wonderful to have a foggy atmosphere. With the help of Sumit's best road companion Google maps, we reached there at around 7 (in just one and half hours). There were lots of hair pin bends during the journey which we thoroughly enjoyed by doing some hooting whenever our car took a steep turn. Nandhi hills is loaded with mountains, tress, shrubs and the scenic beauty that you can get an idea from from the below pic ::

Pic from the car

Then we collected the ticket from the counter (and that costs Rs. 80) and reached to the top. The moment we reached there, I had to scoop out my long cardigan because it was too chilly for me. Weather was strikingly cold and pleasant. The sun was already risen up the horizons and we could feel its warmth up to a bit. People say Nandhi hills is worth more visiting when you witness the sun rising from their itself. We missed that I agree but there were other unforgettable memories to bring back home.

There were lots of people talking and a happy atmosphere was already dancing around. People were chattering like birds, enjoying with their friends and family and getting their selves locked into several pics. We got on a higher raft adjacent to a big open area. Weather was windy and the sight was full of nature. It was so tranquilizing and serene to be there. We got some of our pictures clicked and two of them are here to display on the shelf ::

You can see the wind playing with my hair :)

Mumma-son duo

There was on one big area attached to this ramp as I mentioned above ::

Then we visited other areas like Tipu's Drop, Temples, Children's playground, Nehru's Nilaya, Gandhi house etc. It was a lot of walking around that we enjoyed a lot. Enrich yourself about such historical place and points on Wikipedia and Nandhi hills site. In cities, we do not get frequent chances of walking in the lap of nature let alone relishing it. Therefore, it was a perfect pause from the hustle-bustles of our lives. Our son Ashmit also enjoyed a lot ::

Ice-cream manifolds the joy...isn't it?
Nandhi hills also is a source of four rivers viz. Penner, Ponnaiyar, Palar and Arkavathy. We had beverages like tea and coffee which is worth and soothing especially then when you are amongst mountains. Later we had ice-creams too. There were also one dosa stall and one more restaurant but we already had our breakfast with us that we had taken along before leaving our home (to avoid unnecessary stoppage during the journey and hence to save time). So we preferred to have that only.

In the meanwhile, we did lot of fun like these ::

I hardly miss such chance

Planting a flower into my hair 

Entering into a tree house

Future sprinters :)
All in all, Nandhi hills visit was very refreshing and energetic. It reminded us that everything around is incomplete without having a bit of nature. We returned to our home at 3 in the afternoon, after finishing some work in the city too. We were very tired of this trip because of a long day journey and a very early morning wake up. But it was worth taking all the sufferings :) 

The excitement didn't end just here. There was one more cookie waiting for me and that was the opportunity of having conversation with a renowned author. Who's she? Find out in my next post tight after this one. And at the end, enjoy a click of mine's that was taken on Nandhi hills at the end of our journey. We were resting on a unique tent like area shown below ::

I guess this is one of my best pics ever (credit goes to my photographer - Sumit :) )

A moment of serenity

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