Thursday, 3 January 2013

A father teaching his child about respecting women

Since few days I have been watching a pair of father-son talking on a topic that once was an alien subject to children. The father has been teaching his child about how to respect and love women in his life. He has been telling him for doing his best to not to tease or to say ill words to any woman he meet. He is not supposed to do so even if he feels anger beyond his limit. The father was saying all these things because of the recent enhanced number of crimes against women in India and he went sensitive after hearing about victims. The father simply doesn't want his child to be a kind of those criminal in the later phases of his life. He wants him to be a good and positive community person. He is teaching all these things because seeds of good habits can only be rowed in the childhood years and its fruits of respect, love, passion, sympathy and many others will be received later in his life. The child kept throwing endless arrows of questions to his father to which he got a satisfactory answers and he is now learning more about the importance of respecting women and others. I was touched to hear their conversations.

Today the father was telling his son how to take his stand when someone try to take his advantage physically. He taught him, "When someone touches you on your these body parts (showing him on his body) or try to kiss you on your lips, you WILL shout out loud. You will not tolerate this as these are very bad manners" and then he showed him how to shout in a loud voice. The son comprehended and followed the same. In short, the father was teaching his son about child abuse and how to protect himself when no one is around.

The father-son duo I am talking about here is not anyone else but it's my husband and my 6 year old son. Yes! A grown up father is talking to his 6 year old son on such topics. It's strange. Isn't it? Such subjects were a taboo in children's lives many years or centuries back. They didn't know what a child abuse is; they didn't know how his mother, sister or grandmother etc. can be molested or sexually harassed; they didn't know what does 'Sex', 'Molestation', 'Rape' etc. mean. But in today's date, the scenario is reversed. Now the children are getting more aware about these things. It is essential for them to know about such dreading concepts given the modified version of human's especially male's strange nature of brutality in taking pleasure.

Life is falling apart

Today I was watching a video on Facebook. I was surprisingly shocked to hear the things coming from a lady, named Sunitha Krishnan, who was delivering facts on Human trafficking, sexual slavery, human rights violation and prostitution on TED forum. She was telling about three small girl children who were constantly raped by several men and died at the end with no help and support. She was exposing the real scene behind the curtain about what happens when girls go into the world of prostitution and what they receive from their customers in return. They receive sexual abuse/exploitation, physical torture (like beating, getting burnt with cigarettes or putting chilli powder inside their vagina) and a destiny that is bound to change never. Sunitha has saved more than 3,200 females including female children as small as 3 year old and as grown up as 40 years old. The most surprising part was: Sunitha, who was talking to thousands of spectators, was herself raped by 8 men when she was merely 15! And today...she is protecting thousands of other girls like her.

I was astounded to see her standing tall against this oppressive ostracizing society. She was talking so calmly, strongly and confidently that can charge up any failed battery of life. I was thoroughly impressed by her. I am trying to get this video on the net so that I can share the same here on my blog. When I get successful in this, I will post the video here and then I will urge you humbly to watch the video whenever you get 14 minutes of your free time (video is about 13 minutes of length).

Why mankind put a shame on his own face? Why he lets womankind laugh and curse at its manhood in the silent corners of her hearts? I have never differentiated between a man and a woman when it comes to authority, love, relationship and equality. We all deserve happiness and equal rights. But after watching such videos and listening endless cases of rape, sexual abuse, child abuse, incest cases, ill behaviorism towards women etc. force me to think more about femininity. Is it a woman's fault if she is physically weaker than her counter part by default? Is it a woman's fault that she naturally knows how to give love and care in any relationship? Is it a woman's fault if she doesn't expect much in return? Is it a woman's fault if she gets harassed by a man? Is it a woman's fault if she is a woman? No. I don't think women are subject to blame for any of these. Then? Who to blame? Mankind? May be or may be not. May be because some men commit crimes and may be not because not all the men are alike. There are our fathers, brothers and husbands who love and respect us. Then who to blame?

It's mental sickness to blame. Some people have this disease in their minds that takes pleasure in torturing its weaker counterparts. These may be men as well as women. In today's date, both the genders are trying their best to prove their dominance over the other. Where a male commits a rape, right there a female establishes a women's right organization to put males down. But have any of the gender thought of withdrawing the battle against each other? Life would become so easy if we all start respecting one another. We are not animals. We are HUMANS. We are entitled to be more civilized than animals. But these days, it's needless to say, we are becoming worse than animals. At least, our pet dog doesn't bite us while one of our relatives may emerge as a criminal behind that face of brother, father, cousin etc.

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