Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A dart to nowhere

Something happened very strange right now. I was reading a newspaper and was highly consumed by it but all of sudden, I started craving for writing a post!! Don't know why. Although the news I was reading were not meant to be the part of my blog but still...I longed for writing one post. It is strange for me. Strange because a realization has just tickled my insight :: Writing is something which I can never ever escape from and my blogs!! Ohh!! I love'em soo muchh...beyond I can ever imagine.

One can call this BLOG-O-MANIA or simply BLOGOMANIA; mania that consumes you, that totally repletes you and leaves you with more of its cravings with its every last dosage. And one that is suffering from this mania can easily be crowned as BLOGOMANIAC and I am happy to be a big default :)

So this post is heading to nowhere much like a dart who is shot towards a direction but doesn't meet a bull's eye. Anyways, doing all the things purposely is not my cup of tea. Random things brings the best in you sometimes...I believe so.

And now that I am using my finger pens as keys...I am unlocking my brain bank to toss some precious memory coins out of it. Let's see what I get.

Few precious and go-gaga-about-it memories have come first. The very first coin is branded with the memories of my priceless parents. I miss them...really. I miss them a lot. I wish them to visit me within two months but they are happened to be more stubborn than I am. They are prodding US to come to them first and then they will plan about visiting us. Clever planning...isn't it? Sigh. What to say! Can't say no no to them either but I will definitely prod them more to visit us first.

Second coined happened to be branded with my siblings :: One younger brother and the youngest sister. He is married with a very beautiful girl and they have one small chubby and very mischievous son. I love them a lot and miss them too. My sister is a unique creature as she has managed to win many accolades and medals and certificates and shields and hearts of countless teachers and professors (not of boys...mind you :) ) up till her life. She is unique because she is this much studious and hard working student. I love her, miss her and wish bestest for her career.

Another coin is one-of-its-own kind. If I say that I have one and only one true friend in my life than I might be sending you goose bumps and making your eyes went as much wide as they can be. The time in which we are breathing is the insane era of SNSs and when one says she has only one true friend in the life, it certainly is strange at some points but fortunately it's true. She has been my friend since we were in Std. 9th and since then, we are impossible to depart from each other.

If I put years of our friendship on count, it says we have been tied in the friendship knot for almost 14 years!!! Man!!! I never realized that time has taken such a huge leap. I feel special and lucky to earn such good and true-to-her-words friend.

Some other coins have also dared to come out which bear traces of the sad times I have faced. But as they are as much precious to me as my other happy coins, I lovingly pat and put them back into the brain box. Some other time I'll encash them here but not today. They deserve the reward of my full fledged span of attention :)

See...random thing indeed has given me some happy memories. Happy things and bad things come and go but their memories get sealed lock in our minds. We all should encash them whenever we can. It is important to smile at our past while moving ahead towards the future.


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.