Monday, 31 December 2012

5 sound reasons for 'No resolution this year'

One and half more hours to go and viola! New year is all set to knock at your door. So many plans have been done in advance for Dec. 31st eve and Jan. 1st. So many resolutions are already dancing in your diary or on the sticky notes on your refrigerator. 'I will do this', 'I will do that', 'I will do something good this year', 'I will improve myself this year' blah blah. Resolutions are as versatile and charming as our day dreams but when they crackle before you can meet them, it hurts. Isn't it? Even if you do your best to stick with your resolution, you sometimes don't find enough motivation to go for it.

Applicable for everyone

So have you ever enjoyed a new year without any resolution? If no then read onnnn buddy. Planning helps but doing things randomly and instantaneously helps you better. I will answer your every 'How's and 'Why's.

Reason # 01 You can easily plan for a new thing anytime and any day of the year. Suppose you have decided to work onto yourself in terms of relationships. This is one of your resolutions. Why to work on this while you can do it without putting any effort in the process? Remember the number of people that hate/dislike you and automatically you will be on the right note on loving those who loves you back. This way you will inadvertently improve your relationships. Also, you can list new things in your life. New adventure, a hobby, travelling, fitness classes and the examples are endless depending upon your own choice.

Reason # 02 You will fly like a free bird. Why to chain yourself even before the new year start up? Just live freely and enjoy the freedom through out the year. That does not mean you can go on with all kind of your sins. With 'free bird' here I mean to say do whatever makes you genuinely happy. Birds never restricts themselves from flying here and there. The same you should do too.

Reason # 3 You will be able to get more options on your way. Assume you have decided to do something good this year like pursuing higher degree in Jewellery Designing. In later phases of the year, you may realize Diploma in Textile is actually your cup of tea not Jewellery Designing but you would already be in a dicey situation. Rule of thumb is always keep yourself open to more options. Decide you will do good not just this year but through out your whole life. This way you will get more options that can make you a happy soul and an evolved society person.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

I salute a Fighter

The first news I heard this morning was about the death of the rape victim in Singapore hospital (the girl who was raped brutally by six men in a moving bus in Delhi). This news came from my husband. As a natural reaction, I felt bad for her and expressed sorry. As every minute started to pass by, her death and the whole incident behind (and responsible for) her death started to cloud my mind like an involuntary action. The more I thought, the more I find myself connected to her, the more I can relate myself to her pain and suffering.

We had planned something special for today's evening but after hearing this, I asked myself, "Should we go ahead with the same plan?" At first the answer was tough to achieve because we had been planning it since two days but my mind threw another question in return, "Would you still go on with your special evening plan if the same had happened to you or your sister or your mother? Would you still celebrate today's evening?" and right then the answer of my question became a lot easier. We cancelled on our evening plan and decided to stay at home praying for the victim and her family. I was surprised to find my husband on the same note with me. That made me proud of him again because he can feel the pain of an unknown girl despite being a man. These feelings and fight for one another let us believe humanity is breathing somewhere inside us. We are westernizing keeping our humanity intact.

I cried for the girl. I wanted her to live, to survive her wounds. I wanted her to breathe a new life all over again and support her family. I wanted her to be with us again. But all the prayers are silent now, gradually shifting to her family to give them enough strength to bear this pain and loss.

Later when we switched on the T.V., all news channels were flooded with the same news. The rape victim (named as Nirbhaya to keep her real identity safe and intact) died last night at 2.15 AM (IST) in Singapore top notch hospital Mount Elizabeth. The reason were: Cerebral edema (swelling in brain) preceded by cardiac arrest, serious infections in lungs and in other vital organs resulting in their functionality failure. She died after fighting for 13 days. The entire nation is shocked and stunned and demanding for the justice. Till when women/girls have to roam with fear in this terror surfaced country? When will the people emerge out of their mental sickness for not doing such a inhumane thing to other human? When we will get our all such questions answered?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Movie talk: Talaash

I just now finished watching movie 'Talaash' starring Amir Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Karishma Kapoor. These actors are considered as top notch in Bollywood.

I liked this movie. It has a suspense plus thriller essence and let's you dive into the complexities of life. You think what you are seeing in the mirror is precise and crystal clear. You believe you know everything and there is no curtain left to look behind it. But life has its own magic; its own suspense. It never lets you live with the complete knowledge of it. It wants to surprise you; to take you completely off guard. It shows something that no one can see but YOU only and the tragic thing is: you can't explain it to anyone. Before I tell the story of this movie, I'd like to say don't read this post further if you haven't seen this movie otherwise you will end up cursing me for exposing the touche script written for it. Once again Amir Khan has proved he can take his audience in a completely different world.

The movie starts with an accident in Mumbai near red light area. A popular actor Armaan Kapoor died in it. No one knows what happened and why his car suddenly took the right turn while the road was completely empty, crashed with the stairs near by and jumped into the river. Surjan/Suri Shekhawat (Amir Khan) is a police inspector and took the case upfront. He had no clue about what happened, why happened and how happened. He and his wife Roshni (Rani Mukherjee) had lost their eight year old son during their one outing happened few years back. He sank into the river by starting off the river boat by mistaken. Since then, Roshni couldn't find herself in peace. It affected Suri too a lot. He couldn't sleep in nights properly. He thinks he could have saved his son that day. With this guilt, he got entangled in solving Armaan Kapoor's death case. One day he met a prostitute called Rosy (Kareena Kappor) and since then she used to give Suri the information he needed. Suri found peace being with her (he didn't have any wrong intention with Rosy).

Suri and Roshni's one neighbor called Frenny kept promising them their dead son Karan wanted to talk to them, Suri refused her all along while Roshni couldn't hold herself. She had been seen a psychiatrist but she wasn't taking her medicines at all. One day she went to Frenny and then she communicated with her dead son. Suri found this out and came to Frenny's house and scolded her for her non-sense ghost stuffs. Frenny tried to persuade Suri that Karan wanted to talk to him as well but he didn't listen. Later, he scolded his wife Roshni too for believing in ghosts and their stories.

There came several characters in the movie during the Armaan Kapoor death case investigation like Shashi, Temoor, Mallika, Sanjay etc. Whenever Suri needed help, Rosy always provided him the required information. In the last sets of the movie, Suri came to know that Rosy, whose name had been Simran, had died three years back in a car accident and no body cared to save or find her. He couldn't believe it because since many months he had been meeting her.

Suri got immensely disturbed and while he was taking the main culprit behind the death case Sanjay Kejriwal, he spotted Rosy in his car's back seat. He turned back but she wasn't there. Suddenly she appeared on the road right in front of their car and in order to save her, Sanjay turned the steering. Suri was in complete shock finding Rosy was a ghost all along. He couldn't believe the person who had been giving him all the information and peace of mind was actually a ghost. It was more shocking because he never believed in ghosts and because of this, he had a fight with Roshni few days back when she went to Frenny to talk to her son Karan. Realizing his belief was shattering down fast, he went petrified and couldn't move the steering. Thus his car hit the stairs nearby on the road and flung to the river (exactly like Armaan Kapoor's did). On the bottom of the river, Suri found out Sanjay is dead and he was trapped inside the car. Suddenly Rosy appeared and helped him to come to the surface. Later Suri found out Rosy was actually dead. He located her dead body, which was unknown to everybody and buried it in proper way.

Suri couldn't believe his this life experience and he couldn't explain this to anyone. When he returned home, highly disturbed, he found a letter from his dead son Karan. For the first time, he couldn't do anything but to believe in ghosts. He went to the place where his son died eight years ago and read that letter. Karan had soothed his guilt by saying he shouldn't accuse himself for the day he (Karan) died. It was destiny and it was supposed to happen. He wanted to see his both the parents happy. Suri started to cry. right at this point, Roshni came and saved her disturbing married life. Rosy did everything to punish people who were responsible for her death.

The movie ended here. I didn't explain much of its parts intentionally. Suri's no belief in ghosts was proven wrong at the end and he couldn't say this to anyone. Life had shown him a new world that he refused to see let alone believe.

When you think 'this' can not happen, life chuckles and let 'this' happen. I don't know why life do it but I think it plays with all of us. It keeps its secret and reveals them slowly, over the years or probably centuries. I have never come across such experience but when I do, I will share it here. I won't care at that point whether someone believes in me or not yet I will share.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The story behind Santa Claus

Merry Christmas to all my readers, friends and family. Festivals are pipelines that bring joy and happiness to us. Christmas is also one such kind of pipeline that brings lots of happiness plus a magical belief of turning every wish come true by Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a symbol of GIVING. Whenever he goes, he always gives and never asks for any returns. But have you ever wondered who is Santa Claus? Is he a mythical character? Why people always hang their stockings, socks or shoes outside to get their wishes fulfilled? Why he always believes in giving? Let's get these questions answered and understand more about the symbol of Santa Claus.

Born around the year 270 A.D., there was a bishop named St. Nicholas living in Myra (now knows as Turkey). He was a very gentle and benevolent person. He always loved helping people especially children. He always presumed this as his all time duty that he had to fulfill to keep others happy. He helped impoverished girls with dowries. He also helped children by giving away coins, sweets or other things that could make them happy. He had a habit of leaving all such treats in their shoes, socks, stockings etc. Till the time he was alive, he continued serving poor and needy people. Until he died, he was canonized as the saint patron of children.

There is one famous story about his giving away nature. There was once a father who had three daughters. Because of the poverty, they were bound to sell their house to make both ends meet. To save their home, the three daughters decided to opt for the prostitution. When St. Nicholas heard this, one night he dropped three stockings with one gold coin in each. Those three gold coins later saved the family from their life miseries.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Girls! Time to be your own bodyguard

The inspiration behind writing this post comes straight away from the 'Moving bus rape case' in the capital of our country Delhi on December 16th 2012. The girl is fighting for her life. Although she has told she wants to live but her condition is very fragile. Doctors are fighting everyday to save her life, number of families are praying for the same, several high tidal waves of protests have been happening everywhere, thousands of articles and posts are written about it and higher than these numbers, millions of hearts are crying for this shameful act done by six two-bits of our society. Delhi, so called the heart of our nation, is now proved to bear highest number of rape cases in India. People from every direction move here in order to retrieve better opportunities and sophisticated lifestyle but now the results are crystal clear. What a city giving is like a mole in the comparison of the mountains of what it is taking back. It is taking back many girls' lives, silently witnessing endless number of crimes and shameful acts done every minute of the day. Girls are being accused by several ways like eve-teasing, molestation, abduction, sexual harassment, male aggravation and not to forget, rape cases. People agitate, protest, demands to make new tougher laws, come out on roads in the form of rallies, government promises to take even harder steps but truth to be told, everything will become senseless and will go in vain after few days. Our country has witnessed this before and the same will happen again. We all will move on with our lives. This is the brutal truth of our mental status.

Today the government is talking about increasing number of police patrolling, number of policemen in the city, making tough laws like chemical castration and capital punishment (hang till death) for the criminals but can we girls be safe 24x7? Can we be safe in the every minute of our day? Can the nearest policeman reach to us before a guy flies away after tossing sexual erotic comments to us? NO. What should we do then when no one can guarantee our safety? We all know what should we do. We have to make ourselves stronger. We have to make our every nerve resistible from breaking down by little pains. We have to be our own body guards in each and every aspect. Physically it's hard for the girls to win over a boy but making ourselves strong and capable of attack the attacker's mind can be done to reduce the chances of our vulnerability.

For this, I have done a little research on my own on how girls should protect themselves and here are the ways we can protect ourselves from the horrible crimes done against women not just in our country but anywhere around the world. Let's get armed with our strength and be our own body guards.

Safety Tip #1 Stay away from strangers. No matter how much a guy is looking friendly to you, never ever give him lift in your vehicle or talk to him. I don't say every guy is a bad guy but you never know a jackal hiding in a sheep's cloth. So be aware

Safety Tip # 2 Stop making friends easily. These days girls are quickly falling in love with the guys they meet in any restaurant, pub, disco or anywhere. Usually bad boys looks for a girl and in order to fulfill their own desires, they go overboard with extra-sweetness. When a stranger guy praises you for your outlook or attitude with extra flattering words, awaken your sixth sense and move away.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

December 21st, 2012? Not a doomsday for us :)

2012 and The Day After Tomorrow are such movies which give us a horrible idea of doomsday. Doomsday is the day when the earth will be destroyed mercilessly by some kind of apocalypse and date set for doomsday is not very far...just two days ahead on 21st December 2012. Doomsday is also known as The Judgement Day. In the flick 2012, it is shown that the earth will fall apart, humongous steroids will be showered from the sky, buildings will turn into dust, several earthquakes will let out their anger on earth by throwing hot molten lava on us but the major earth destruction factor will be water. The sequences bearing destruction of earth in the movie is quite capable of sending chills to your spine. It makes you literally imagine about the consequences if you were the part of this apocalypse. I know because every time I have watched this movie, I have imagined myself drowning in the water or being dead by some steroid or falling of a building. I have even felt tears into my eyes sometimes. It sounds funny but when you imagine a moment your family is dying right in front of you and you can do nothing about it, it is really heart breaking and lachrymal gland stimulating. When I watched The Day After Tomorrow, I have imagined myself dying from the global warming because this is the exact reason the earth will end up dead in the movie. And if I tell you the secret, imagination related with 2012 were more prominent than from the later movie.

But thankfully, none of this is correct. The world is not going to end on December 21st, 2012. The prediction of doomsday spread quickly because Mayan calender is finishing off in December 2012 and it has no more pages to continue with upcoming years (probably the calender maker ran out of pages :P). Just because Mayan calender ends in December 2012, that does not mean the world is going to end. It's just like when a year calender is done with all of its months, we replace with a new one. Mayan calender will also start with another year like any other calender. But I don't understand one thing that if the end of Mayan calender is in December 2012 and that definitely means 31st of it then by using which logic the doomsday is pre-set on 21st but not on 31st? Last day of December is always 31st then why not 31st? Why to scare people 10 days ago? I seriously need an explanation for this.

Other doomsday predictions- A huge rock called Nibiru will destroy the earth. Other one, extra-ordinary astronomical changes will happen in 2012. And how about this one, The Earth will cross the galactic plane (read about Galactic plane here) and this will be the reason for its destruction.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Riddles to tickle your brain

How about churning your brain by serving some fun riddles on your palate? Good pastime...right? Riddles are easy. They only need a little work out for your brain. So, let's see who gets to solve maximum of them.

  1. What would you call a frog's car if he has parked it in a NO PARKING zone?
  2. Why a skeleton had to climb up on the tree?
  3. How can you make a skeleton laugh?
  4. A lion was very hungry. He went to a self-service restaurant located deep inside the jungle. But when he reached there, he was highly disappointed. Why?
  5. An elephant and an ant were playing hide and seek. When the elephant closed his eyes, the ant hid himself in a temple but elephant found him very easily. How?
  6. My uncle was reading a book in his room while my aunt came and switched off the light. The strange thing happened was- my uncle continued reading even the room light was switched off. How is that possible?
  7. It always takes two sticks to create a fire. But how is it possible to do the same with only one stick?
  8. A mother rabbit, a father rabbit and the baby rabbit were crossing the road. When they did it successfully, the baby rabbit said cheerfully, "Wow! We all four are saved" but there were only three of them. Why the baby rabbit mentioned four?
  9. What vegetable would a cannibal buy in the market? [Cannibal- People who eat the flesh of other human beings]
  10. Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. Answer?
  11. What invention let's you look right through your wall?
  12. Which weighs less- A pound of feathers or a pound of rocks?
  13. What is so fragile even saying its name can break it?
  14. What can be swallowed but can also swallow you?
  15. I have a tongue that can't taste and a soul that can't die, what am I?
Yes...I DO know the all answers and some of them are real fun. Drop in your answers in the comment box below. They will be entertained only there, not elsewhere. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

What if every door is locked up?

Usual question...right? Like the ones that are being asked in many personality development or 'Improve into a New You' sort of classes? But this question honestly is not jumping from any sort of these. In fact, it's making a steady way to my blog from my experience.

There was the time when life threw the same question to me and I replied. The reply was hard; very hard indeed but I stuck to my words no matter what were the consequences that I had to face; no matter how hard the life would slap me several times for my answer but I didn't let my answer down. What I said, I meant it and never departed from it. What if I throw the same ball to you? What if every door from which you can go out with the solution is locked up?

I know that many of us will reply like: Search for a window then. But are you answering my question with complete honesty and integrity? Such kind of answers I have been listening from many people, keep reading sometimes on my Facebook wall or in many books. They all retort back with the same so-very-common answer: Search for a window. And I am sure many of you are replying because you have read this answer somewhere not because you have actually tried to find the answer on your own.

But what if there is no any window? What if there is a window but a very sleek one which you couldn't jump out from? What if the window is sealed pack not allowing even a single sun ray to peek inside? What if you are left all alone with the question haunting you within the four jam packed walls of the life: What if every door is locked up?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Celebration tips to keep you crisp

Guest list is done, party menu is set, holiday destination is already booked, rounds of beauty parlor appointments are noted down in the diary, wardrobe is updated, new cosmetics got a place into the dressing table, hair style to be done is decided in advance and now waiting for the day to come. What? No! You are wrong. I am not planning for any party or celebration bash. I am trying to peek into your holiday planning details as Christmas and New year both special occasions are already preparing themselves to knock at your door. You think everything is done but wait! Have you thought about taking care of yourself before the vacation starts up? These are one of the special times to let you indulge on different sort of celebrating ideas. Live the life to its fullest by following some tips to add that WOW quotient into your personality and to make the celebration merrier.

  • If I say stay hydrated, that does not mean you have to drink 8-10 glasses of water on the daily basis. Stay hydrated means to keep your body satisfied with liquids like water, fresh juices, herbal teas, smoothies, mojitos, fat free milk kind of healthy drinks. These adds up the extra glow on your face and help your body in letting out toxins that are a BIG no no for you to keep them inside. 
  • Stay away from fizzy drinks and alcohol. Even sugar free drinks pile up empty calories into you, letting your body gloat like a balloon.
  • Drink more liquid during the day and less in the evening.
  • Guests are expected in the party and so are different delicacies in the menu. While you can never have 100% complete control on the food items to be made, still you can do something to make you regret less afterwards. Serving salads, popcorn, roasted items are wise steps to stay away from extra calories. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Jokes to ease your crease

Today I was smiling over jokes on the internet and thought to spread it by writing here. This way you will get a smile while easing up your forehead creases. I hope to take your all stress, sadness, worries and tensions away for few minutes. So here we go:

Son-in-law to father in law writes a letter:

Dear Dad,

I deeply regret taking a petrol car in dowry. Please take your daughter or car back. I can not afford both of them.

Yours loving,

A lady was trying to take control of her hair which was getting drier day by day. She treated her 
scalp with olive oil and then had several rounds of shampooing in order to get rid off its smell.

The same night, she asked her husband before going to sleep.

"Do I smell like olive?"

"No. Why? Do I look like Popeye?"

John asked her mom for Rupees 100/-. She clearly denied.

John: "If you give me rupees 100/-, I will tell you what papa was saying to our maid Ratna yesterday morning?"

Mom got hell curious and hurriedly gave away the demanded money.

Mom: "Now tell me"

John: "Yesterday morning when you were out to talk to your neighborhood friend for five minutes, papa told the maid to wash his socks nicely"

or Facebooking about it :P

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A night of games and laughter

Few nights back, I and my kid was enjoying the night time by playing some games. While my husband was soundly asleep, rest of us were completely devoid of its divine effect. Usually I send my kid straight to sleep after some stories or lullabies but never games. But I guess that night was different. To kill the time, I started playing with my son. We played few games and had a hell lot of laughter stock too. And also, there were few irritating 'Hmm's and 'God! go to sleep you two' sort of things flew from my husband to us but his plane crashed because we didn't listen. But we both (I and my son) were living up to our childhood years simply.

So...the first game commenced as 'Stone-Paper-Scissor". It is one of the widely played games and required no tools to play but your hands. Players can be of any number and its quite easy to play. We both were playing it cheerfully. Without a doubt, my kid beat me in this. He was clever or better I should say, lucky.

Second game we started was "Pick the tail and Start a trail". I know this sounds unfamiliar. But truth to be told, I came up with this new game...ta daaa. That's why its name sounds so cozy and curious. The game has simple rules. I had to say a word and my kid had to pick its last letter (the tail) and then he had to say a new word with that picked letter (start a trail). It's easy. We had to spell the words as well. It increases the vocabulary of the children certainly and also, it exerts a little pressure on your mind too because you have to say words according to your kid's level. I accept new words can be introduced (I did some) but you should not go overboard with this. Play like you are a child and then enjoy the game at its full length.

Enough lecturing now. Below are the trails that we made. As the game went on for 20 minutes for the least, our dictionary was falling empty but it was fun when you run out of words in front of your child. The joy on his face was quite cherishable. I started by saying Tiger.

Tiger-Rat-Thigh-Horse-Elephant-Top-Peacock-Kite-Earphone-Eel-Lovely-Yak-Kitchen-Nest- and so on...

Friday, 7 December 2012

The Brainstorm Theory

I came across a very interesting article named "When There's A Storm In Your Brain" in a newspaper written by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. What I read is quite informative and the point of sharing the article here is to understand the phenomenon about one more complexity of our brain that can hugely impact the personality within.

The article entails about Maulana's journey and experience when he once visited Kigali (The capital city of Rwanda) in Central Africa. There he met a Gujrati Indian. He was a shopkeeper selling cloths and Maulana was amazed to see his ability to communicate in English. The shopkeeper was fluent in English and could speak at a fair level. Maulana couldn't hold his curiosity. To his rescue, a friend of the shopkeeper told Maulana about the story behind.

"Few years back, he (the shopkeeper) couldn't speak English at all while his customers were good in doing so. As English has been the main communication language in Kigali and to survive with his business over here, he was compelled to learn it. His naive mistakes resulted in mockery by some customers. Like once when one customer threw a sarcasm on his English speaking ability saying why he keeps trying to speak the language that he can't speak correctly to which he modestly replied, "I speak incorrect English so that I may be able to speak correct English" and in the span of two years, the shopkeeper learnt the language fairly well and became able to deal his customers in English language."

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

What would you do in your last 60 minutes?

Can you survive?
Once I got a golden chance to attend a one day seminar on Personal Glorification and Communication Development. The seminar was focused on different aspects of human beings, how and at what extent we communicate things non-verbally and to learn some de-stressing activities. Usually such things seems usual but the main attraction of this seminar was the training session done by a skilled corporate trainer Mr. Naresh Chhitija. He gave a warming head start to the session and as the session went on, we all were mesmerized by his words. At least I was. I was listening to him with my full attention and trying my best to settle his every word into my mind. His words were very inspiring and subjective to make me think on the different facets of life and attitudes. I penned down many things that could benefit me further in my life.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

An eclectic Saturday

What started as a normal Saturdy morning ended up in doing some wonderful things by the afternoon knocked at our world. Here it is how it all happened:

By the time my husband left for his Navodayan meeting after his breakfast, I also decided to go out and have some fun with my kid (Do not raise your eyebrows at 'fun'. It simply means to visit normal places like park, malls etc.) . After all, I am a lazy bird who sits mostly at home. So after finishing my work, I sat down with the breakfast plate into my hands. While relishing the chunks of delicious Aaloo parantha (Indian bread stuffed with tasty potato stuffing), I started to check my mails and Facebook of course. While Facebook has remained nothing but a sack of useless statuses and updates, I found a mail shooting the details of workshops/classes happening  in Bangalore in my mail box. Usually I ignore such mails but somehow I checked it and then I saw a one hour workshop pertaining X-mas tree decoration event happening today itself. It caught my attention as I was seriously looking out for some nice activity that I and my son could do together. I checked out the details and called up on the number given. Got the required details and I was decided to go for it. I was anticipating that my son Ashmit would enjoy this. I had one hour to finish off my due tasks before I could leave. I hurriedly did them all and left 20 minutes before the activity was supposed to start. After a little hassle, I found the venue and bang...the venue turned out to be a children's library named Discover Kids. It was established five years ago and is sprawled in a reasonably large space. They have separate sections for different activities. Anyway, I started to look out for the beautiful tall X-mas tree supposed to be decorated by the children with loads of Christmas related articles like Santa clause, bells, candy sticks, messages and all that. The tree was located near to the counter and I must admit, my high expectations mocked back at me. I had really thought high of this activity but the reality didn't disappoint me much either. Several kids took out the decorating articles from the tray nearby and started to decorate the tree. They were doing it happily. Ashmit was also doing it nicely with a shy smile on his face. I knew before leaving house that I was gonna click some pictures so I fished out my camera and indeed clicked some. Here are few of them:

Ashmit decorating the X-mas tree