Friday, 28 December 2012

Movie talk: Talaash

I just now finished watching movie 'Talaash' starring Amir Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Karishma Kapoor. These actors are considered as top notch in Bollywood.

I liked this movie. It has a suspense plus thriller essence and let's you dive into the complexities of life. You think what you are seeing in the mirror is precise and crystal clear. You believe you know everything and there is no curtain left to look behind it. But life has its own magic; its own suspense. It never lets you live with the complete knowledge of it. It wants to surprise you; to take you completely off guard. It shows something that no one can see but YOU only and the tragic thing is: you can't explain it to anyone. Before I tell the story of this movie, I'd like to say don't read this post further if you haven't seen this movie otherwise you will end up cursing me for exposing the touche script written for it. Once again Amir Khan has proved he can take his audience in a completely different world.

The movie starts with an accident in Mumbai near red light area. A popular actor Armaan Kapoor died in it. No one knows what happened and why his car suddenly took the right turn while the road was completely empty, crashed with the stairs near by and jumped into the river. Surjan/Suri Shekhawat (Amir Khan) is a police inspector and took the case upfront. He had no clue about what happened, why happened and how happened. He and his wife Roshni (Rani Mukherjee) had lost their eight year old son during their one outing happened few years back. He sank into the river by starting off the river boat by mistaken. Since then, Roshni couldn't find herself in peace. It affected Suri too a lot. He couldn't sleep in nights properly. He thinks he could have saved his son that day. With this guilt, he got entangled in solving Armaan Kapoor's death case. One day he met a prostitute called Rosy (Kareena Kappor) and since then she used to give Suri the information he needed. Suri found peace being with her (he didn't have any wrong intention with Rosy).

Suri and Roshni's one neighbor called Frenny kept promising them their dead son Karan wanted to talk to them, Suri refused her all along while Roshni couldn't hold herself. She had been seen a psychiatrist but she wasn't taking her medicines at all. One day she went to Frenny and then she communicated with her dead son. Suri found this out and came to Frenny's house and scolded her for her non-sense ghost stuffs. Frenny tried to persuade Suri that Karan wanted to talk to him as well but he didn't listen. Later, he scolded his wife Roshni too for believing in ghosts and their stories.

There came several characters in the movie during the Armaan Kapoor death case investigation like Shashi, Temoor, Mallika, Sanjay etc. Whenever Suri needed help, Rosy always provided him the required information. In the last sets of the movie, Suri came to know that Rosy, whose name had been Simran, had died three years back in a car accident and no body cared to save or find her. He couldn't believe it because since many months he had been meeting her.

Suri got immensely disturbed and while he was taking the main culprit behind the death case Sanjay Kejriwal, he spotted Rosy in his car's back seat. He turned back but she wasn't there. Suddenly she appeared on the road right in front of their car and in order to save her, Sanjay turned the steering. Suri was in complete shock finding Rosy was a ghost all along. He couldn't believe the person who had been giving him all the information and peace of mind was actually a ghost. It was more shocking because he never believed in ghosts and because of this, he had a fight with Roshni few days back when she went to Frenny to talk to her son Karan. Realizing his belief was shattering down fast, he went petrified and couldn't move the steering. Thus his car hit the stairs nearby on the road and flung to the river (exactly like Armaan Kapoor's did). On the bottom of the river, Suri found out Sanjay is dead and he was trapped inside the car. Suddenly Rosy appeared and helped him to come to the surface. Later Suri found out Rosy was actually dead. He located her dead body, which was unknown to everybody and buried it in proper way.

Suri couldn't believe his this life experience and he couldn't explain this to anyone. When he returned home, highly disturbed, he found a letter from his dead son Karan. For the first time, he couldn't do anything but to believe in ghosts. He went to the place where his son died eight years ago and read that letter. Karan had soothed his guilt by saying he shouldn't accuse himself for the day he (Karan) died. It was destiny and it was supposed to happen. He wanted to see his both the parents happy. Suri started to cry. right at this point, Roshni came and saved her disturbing married life. Rosy did everything to punish people who were responsible for her death.

The movie ended here. I didn't explain much of its parts intentionally. Suri's no belief in ghosts was proven wrong at the end and he couldn't say this to anyone. Life had shown him a new world that he refused to see let alone believe.

When you think 'this' can not happen, life chuckles and let 'this' happen. I don't know why life do it but I think it plays with all of us. It keeps its secret and reveals them slowly, over the years or probably centuries. I have never come across such experience but when I do, I will share it here. I won't care at that point whether someone believes in me or not yet I will share.

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