Tuesday, 4 December 2012

What would you do in your last 60 minutes?

Can you survive?
Once I got a golden chance to attend a one day seminar on Personal Glorification and Communication Development. The seminar was focused on different aspects of human beings, how and at what extent we communicate things non-verbally and to learn some de-stressing activities. Usually such things seems usual but the main attraction of this seminar was the training session done by a skilled corporate trainer Mr. Naresh Chhitija. He gave a warming head start to the session and as the session went on, we all were mesmerized by his words. At least I was. I was listening to him with my full attention and trying my best to settle his every word into my mind. His words were very inspiring and subjective to make me think on the different facets of life and attitudes. I penned down many things that could benefit me further in my life.

In between the musings, he was popping up few intriguing questions to all of us. I am mentioning one of them below. I don't remember his exact words but I do remember that he put awfully difficult circumstances in the question to make the chances of survival negligible. And then he asked about what would we do.

"Suppose you have only 60 minutes of your life left and you are alone on a snowy mountain. You have nothing to eat or drink. You have nothing to communicate to anyone. There is no one around you at far far distances. There is just you and you are dying. What would you do in your last 60 minutes?"

All of us went on thinking but I came up with one of the most appropriate answers he was looking for. But I didn't go on stage to answer. Few minutes back I was already on the stage to say something and now that I knew the answer of his question, I couldn't go thinking what others would think? Like this lady speaks a lot or something like that I thought. But later I realized I should have gone to the stage and tell the correct answer. I shouldn't have thought like that. Anyways, few people came on the stage with their answers but no one could provide the satisfactory one. People said they would do nothing but to wait for their death or such situation can not be possible. The trainer didn't appreciate such answers. He then left the idea of getting correct answer to all of us and continued with the session.

My answer, still, is: "If I have 60 minutes of my life left given such difficult circumstances, I will fight till the 59th minute to find an escape and then prefer to die in the last one. I will fight because it's a human nature to fight for the survival and doing so is my duty towards humanity. And who knows, what will you find during your struggle? May be a way to escape finding which will seem as impossible as being trapped in a situation like this."

The session was done and I was highly impressed by the trainer. It wasn't like the things he told weren't known to me already. Many of them were familiar and many new concepts I learnt. But the way of your expression, attitude and the choice of words make the simple things look outstanding. Mr. Naresh Chhitija had the same charisma with him.

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