Thursday, 13 December 2012

What if every door is locked up?

Usual question...right? Like the ones that are being asked in many personality development or 'Improve into a New You' sort of classes? But this question honestly is not jumping from any sort of these. In fact, it's making a steady way to my blog from my experience.

There was the time when life threw the same question to me and I replied. The reply was hard; very hard indeed but I stuck to my words no matter what were the consequences that I had to face; no matter how hard the life would slap me several times for my answer but I didn't let my answer down. What I said, I meant it and never departed from it. What if I throw the same ball to you? What if every door from which you can go out with the solution is locked up?

I know that many of us will reply like: Search for a window then. But are you answering my question with complete honesty and integrity? Such kind of answers I have been listening from many people, keep reading sometimes on my Facebook wall or in many books. They all retort back with the same so-very-common answer: Search for a window. And I am sure many of you are replying because you have read this answer somewhere not because you have actually tried to find the answer on your own.

But what if there is no any window? What if there is a window but a very sleek one which you couldn't jump out from? What if the window is sealed pack not allowing even a single sun ray to peek inside? What if you are left all alone with the question haunting you within the four jam packed walls of the life: What if every door is locked up?

Instead of replying the usual answer, I did it my way. I replied with my face up: I will change the lock and I certainly did. I changed the answer and the life, which was used to of making people bend in front of it, slapped me hard. It wasn't like I was on a mission to change the trend. I had to do what I did. I had a very cowardice choice that would cost me my life and my family. That choice was exactly like the window that was sealed pack not bearing any single ray of hope and I would be nowhere if I would have jumped out of it. I am not a coward who runs away from the miseries of life. I certainly am not but I don't want them either. If I know what's right, I do it. I made my choice and I received a reward full of hard times; the tears, the loneliness, hatred, insult, loss of ability to differentiate between what's right and what's wrong and who is with me and who feels better off without me. The life showed me a real very hard picture probably trying to scare me. But I am as stubborn as the life itself is. If life was too adamant to correct its mistakes, I also made my back a real tough one.

Hardships carves out a different person in you. Sometimes you become something worth more of hatred not love. Even your family drifts away from you. The love which was once filled in the eyes of your loved ones got replaced with the tears and helplessness. They look everywhere but not at you. It hurt but I never complaint. Life has its own ways of teaching. Life is the toughest and best teacher for me. It had taught me the real lessons of life with several painful lashes on my back; it made my eyes hurt with endless supply of tears and sleepless nights; it made the conspiracy against me by sending people away; people who are everything to me, whom I love most in my life. Since I knew the best for my people, hence I didn't change my reply. Becoming a good student is not easy especially if the teacher behind those spectacles is LIFE. It tested me and now that the hard time is over and my family is with me, I know what it had taught me. Life, being the most concrete teacher, taught the quality of tolerance with its every lash; it cleared my vision with every tear so that I can differentiate between the good and bad; provided the courage to keep my every piece together in those sleepless lonely nights and made me realized the sheer importance of the people I love by sending them away so that I can not do anything again to hurt them like that. I don't say that I am very brave but when it comes to do best for my family, I will always do what it takes.

When you are at mistake, life comes with its unique ideas to teach you. Sometimes these ideas burns your heart and sometimes it gently pats your back. Whatever it is, we all are living with our best teacher. But as we all know that living with a teacher is never easy. When you think time is smooth and you get prepared for having some rest on your armchair, it immediately throws a test on you on the spot; a very tough one many times. If you succeed, it rests back and smiles over you but if you dare to shiver or fail, it gets ready to hit you on the face. Choice is yours. Either you be brave and face the life with best answers or hide and let life honking at you forever. It will never spare you as it is perfectly crafted by Louis Hector Berlioz in his saying: Life is a great teacher but unfortunately it kills all its pupils. I guess he meant fearful pupils :)

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