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The story behind Santa Claus

Merry Christmas to all my readers, friends and family. Festivals are pipelines that bring joy and happiness to us. Christmas is also one such kind of pipeline that brings lots of happiness plus a magical belief of turning every wish come true by Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a symbol of GIVING. Whenever he goes, he always gives and never asks for any returns. But have you ever wondered who is Santa Claus? Is he a mythical character? Why people always hang their stockings, socks or shoes outside to get their wishes fulfilled? Why he always believes in giving? Let's get these questions answered and understand more about the symbol of Santa Claus.

Born around the year 270 A.D., there was a bishop named St. Nicholas living in Myra (now knows as Turkey). He was a very gentle and benevolent person. He always loved helping people especially children. He always presumed this as his all time duty that he had to fulfill to keep others happy. He helped impoverished girls with dowries. He also helped children by giving away coins, sweets or other things that could make them happy. He had a habit of leaving all such treats in their shoes, socks, stockings etc. Till the time he was alive, he continued serving poor and needy people. Until he died, he was canonized as the saint patron of children.

There is one famous story about his giving away nature. There was once a father who had three daughters. Because of the poverty, they were bound to sell their house to make both ends meet. To save their home, the three daughters decided to opt for the prostitution. When St. Nicholas heard this, one night he dropped three stockings with one gold coin in each. Those three gold coins later saved the family from their life miseries.

Because of his helping nature, he became extremely popular. People symbolized him as person who always GIVES never takes. Later, St. Nicholas died on December 6, 350 A.D. Because peopled loved him very much, they carried tales about his true nature throughout the Europe. Gradually, his tales touched millions of people wherever they reached.

In his honor, Christmas is celebrated every year. There are other stories behind Santa Claus that you can find here. St. Nicholas is the name behind Santa Claus. Santa Claus depicts his nature of generous help.  St. Nicholas was not rotund or pot belly figure like you see Santa Clauses today. This bodily characterization is given to make him unique and easily identifiable. St. Nicholas indeed had a white beard and the same colored beard is carried by every Santa Claus today.

It was Clement Moore's 56 lined poem (in 1823) "A Visit From Saint Nicholas" (now known as "Twas The Night Before Christmas") that provided many chief characters of Santa Claus including riding a sleigh with eight reindeer. It was Washington Irvin's book "A History Of New York" that made Santa popular for sliding down the chimney. The book published in 1773 and that makes his Santa one and only Santa Claus living for 200 years all along.

Santa Claus is not just a man who comes on his sleigh with his eight reindeer and give away prizes.  It is not possible for a man to visit every home and drop gift boxes through the chimneys. Instead, Santa Claus symbolizes the nature and adaptation towards GIVING and spreading happiness. It is a figure that urges us to spread smiles and make happy hearts. In his honor, why don't we all perceive this quality and truly celebrate Christmas?

Now the famous and very lovely Jingle Bells lyrics for all of you. Watch this musical video here: Jingle Bells Song

Dashing through the snowIn a one horse open sleighO'er the hills we goLaughing all the way. (Hahaha)Bells on bobtail ringMaking spirits bright.What fun it is to laugh and singA sleighing song tonight.

Oh Jingle bells jingle bellsJingle all the way!Oh what joy it is to rideIn a one horse open sleigh Hey!Jingle bells jingle bellsJingle all the way!Oh what joy it is to rideIn a one horse open sleigh

A day or two agoI thought I'd take a rideAnd soon Miss FannyBrightSeated by my sideThe horse was lean and lankMiss fortuned seemed his lotHe got into a drifited bankAnd we we got upsot

A day or two agoThe story I must tellI went out on the snowAnd on my back I fellA gent was riding byIn a one horse open sleighHe laughed as there I sprawling liedBut quickly drove away

Now the ground is white
Go it while your youngTake the girls to nightAnd sing this sleighing songJust get a bobtailed bayTo forty as his speedHitch him to an open sleighAnd crack you'll take the lead

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