Saturday, 29 December 2012

I salute a Fighter

The first news I heard this morning was about the death of the rape victim in Singapore hospital (the girl who was raped brutally by six men in a moving bus in Delhi). This news came from my husband. As a natural reaction, I felt bad for her and expressed sorry. As every minute started to pass by, her death and the whole incident behind (and responsible for) her death started to cloud my mind like an involuntary action. The more I thought, the more I find myself connected to her, the more I can relate myself to her pain and suffering.

We had planned something special for today's evening but after hearing this, I asked myself, "Should we go ahead with the same plan?" At first the answer was tough to achieve because we had been planning it since two days but my mind threw another question in return, "Would you still go on with your special evening plan if the same had happened to you or your sister or your mother? Would you still celebrate today's evening?" and right then the answer of my question became a lot easier. We cancelled on our evening plan and decided to stay at home praying for the victim and her family. I was surprised to find my husband on the same note with me. That made me proud of him again because he can feel the pain of an unknown girl despite being a man. These feelings and fight for one another let us believe humanity is breathing somewhere inside us. We are westernizing keeping our humanity intact.

I cried for the girl. I wanted her to live, to survive her wounds. I wanted her to breathe a new life all over again and support her family. I wanted her to be with us again. But all the prayers are silent now, gradually shifting to her family to give them enough strength to bear this pain and loss.

Later when we switched on the T.V., all news channels were flooded with the same news. The rape victim (named as Nirbhaya to keep her real identity safe and intact) died last night at 2.15 AM (IST) in Singapore top notch hospital Mount Elizabeth. The reason were: Cerebral edema (swelling in brain) preceded by cardiac arrest, serious infections in lungs and in other vital organs resulting in their functionality failure. She died after fighting for 13 days. The entire nation is shocked and stunned and demanding for the justice. Till when women/girls have to roam with fear in this terror surfaced country? When will the people emerge out of their mental sickness for not doing such a inhumane thing to other human? When we will get our all such questions answered?

She bravely fought for 13 days for her survival. All I see her now as a Fighter, not as a victim anymore. She was indeed a fighter because she said 'I want to live. I want to support my family once again' when she was in the hospital in Delhi struggling for her life. The moment she said this, she became a soldier, fighting for her life and her family. Moving on with such cruelty is something that very fewer people can do that and who does, I salute them. I salute Nirbhaya for her bravery and courage. I salute her for being a matchless fighter. I salute her for being an example for all of us.

Some information I already knew about her via newspapers, television and words of mouth. She was a college going girl and also a bread winner for her family. She was financially supporting her family. That dark night when she was in the bus (December 16th 2012), she was going somewhere with her one male friend. Then somehow six men entered into the bus and committed such thing that altered not only her life but also moved millions of hearts along with it. They raped her and beat her friend mercilessly. Then they were thrown away from the bus to a secluded area. Awful to know all of this. It's a shame for our system, a spit on our mentality, a curse on humanity and above all, a deep scar on manhood. Not every man is like those culprits but some are there and those are enough to bring shame to all of us.

Nirbhaya died and many politicians are saying her death will not go in vain. System will make tougher laws to prevent such crimes. But I dare to ask them: What steps they took when two girls were brutally raped by 13 men nine months back somewhere in Rajasthan? What steps they are taking to prevent rape crimes that happening in every 54 minutes in India? Which tougher laws came in limelight to prevent a painful twist in Nirbhaya's destiny after these nine months? Nothing. World moved on. We all moved on. I don't know whether she died a natural death or some politician is behind it. If she had managed to survive somehow, she would have questioned the authorities of our nation. The government would have come under troubles because she was not alone. We all were there for her. After witnessing several scandals and many movies, I simply can't rely on our government anymore.

Yet, I want to believe, again, that laws will be made and implemented with utmost sincerity. But is any law able to change the morals of human beings? Does any law holds such capability to change a sick mind into a healthy one? No. No law can do this. Charity begins at home. Such crimes are seeded into our heads. Why not start a charity from our own heads by purifying it? How about destroying the smallest trace of committing a crime the moment its seed dare to breathe into our thoughts? If we all can do this, if we all can stitch the sickness of our minds, change will appear instantly. We women/girls will be able to roam freely in a terror free country. Along with the tougher laws, workshops must be organized in every corner of our country not just for girls but for boys also. Where these workshops can entail how to strengthen ourselves to girls, right there it can help men to evolve in a better creature of nature. Such workshops can place efforts to make men less immune to other's pain. Girls can learn how to protect themselves even in the harshest situation. How to deal with the hardships later in their lives.

After all this, I also demand for a revolution because my head is screaming with pain, for justice and in the hope of living a day when all will be safe and secure without any law. When we will be the bodyguards of one another, not the laws. Let not go Nirbhaya's death in vain. Work on ourselves and let emerge as better creatures.

I wish peace and courage for her family for the rest of their lives. I want them to know entire nation is with them and we will gain the justice. Amen and So Be It.

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