Friday, 21 December 2012

Girls! Time to be your own bodyguard

The inspiration behind writing this post comes straight away from the 'Moving bus rape case' in the capital of our country Delhi on December 16th 2012. The girl is fighting for her life. Although she has told she wants to live but her condition is very fragile. Doctors are fighting everyday to save her life, number of families are praying for the same, several high tidal waves of protests have been happening everywhere, thousands of articles and posts are written about it and higher than these numbers, millions of hearts are crying for this shameful act done by six two-bits of our society. Delhi, so called the heart of our nation, is now proved to bear highest number of rape cases in India. People from every direction move here in order to retrieve better opportunities and sophisticated lifestyle but now the results are crystal clear. What a city giving is like a mole in the comparison of the mountains of what it is taking back. It is taking back many girls' lives, silently witnessing endless number of crimes and shameful acts done every minute of the day. Girls are being accused by several ways like eve-teasing, molestation, abduction, sexual harassment, male aggravation and not to forget, rape cases. People agitate, protest, demands to make new tougher laws, come out on roads in the form of rallies, government promises to take even harder steps but truth to be told, everything will become senseless and will go in vain after few days. Our country has witnessed this before and the same will happen again. We all will move on with our lives. This is the brutal truth of our mental status.

Today the government is talking about increasing number of police patrolling, number of policemen in the city, making tough laws like chemical castration and capital punishment (hang till death) for the criminals but can we girls be safe 24x7? Can we be safe in the every minute of our day? Can the nearest policeman reach to us before a guy flies away after tossing sexual erotic comments to us? NO. What should we do then when no one can guarantee our safety? We all know what should we do. We have to make ourselves stronger. We have to make our every nerve resistible from breaking down by little pains. We have to be our own body guards in each and every aspect. Physically it's hard for the girls to win over a boy but making ourselves strong and capable of attack the attacker's mind can be done to reduce the chances of our vulnerability.

For this, I have done a little research on my own on how girls should protect themselves and here are the ways we can protect ourselves from the horrible crimes done against women not just in our country but anywhere around the world. Let's get armed with our strength and be our own body guards.

Safety Tip #1 Stay away from strangers. No matter how much a guy is looking friendly to you, never ever give him lift in your vehicle or talk to him. I don't say every guy is a bad guy but you never know a jackal hiding in a sheep's cloth. So be aware

Safety Tip # 2 Stop making friends easily. These days girls are quickly falling in love with the guys they meet in any restaurant, pub, disco or anywhere. Usually bad boys looks for a girl and in order to fulfill their own desires, they go overboard with extra-sweetness. When a stranger guy praises you for your outlook or attitude with extra flattering words, awaken your sixth sense and move away.

Safety Tip # 3 Whenever go out, always go in groups. Take someone along if group can not be built. Now a days girls believe in flaunting their carelessness, bold characters and extra smartness with a confident note of going out alone. They think going out with someone like brother or father or any other relative is hurting their I-can-go-alone attitude. Let it hurt your ego but make sure of your safety by taking any trustworthy person along.

Safety Tip # 4 Always carry scissor, pepper spray, knife or any other kind of object from which you can hurt your attacker but it'd be wise if this remains a secret only to you. If you don't have any pepper spray kind of thing, fret not. Any Deo spray or perfume will do the task. They are flammable and highly irritating to the eyes. All you need is to be quick at the time of requirement.

Safety Tip # 5 Dress decently. It may seem offensive to many girls and I also don't believe that the dress or outfit is the solely factor of happening crimes like rapes. Girls or ladies who all the time wears outfits covering their maximum body parts also get raped but no one can get away with the fact that showing off the cleavage, smooth sexy back, long tender legs and other body parts also increase the chances to evoke a guy. Dresses have the equal capability to provoke a guy's sexual desire as your carefree attitude.

Safety Tip # 6 If you are travelling with public vehicle, make sure you jot down the name of the driver and the number plate details of the vehicle. If not then inform the details someone immediately you hop on that vehicle. I know it's tough and annoying to do it every time you travel but accidents like rape happens just once and that's enough to alter your life altogether.

Safety Tip # 7 Media like internet, television etc. are also the major factors contributing generously to the crimes against women. While you can't have 100% complete control over it, make sure you use these media for good purposes. Learn how to keep yourself safe rather than checking facebook every minute or sharing photos. Internet is a wonderful weapon to learn tricks to fight against the odds if it is put for a good use.

Safety Tip # 8 Exercise daily. If you are not the fitness freak, you will definitely freak out in any danger you fall into. Exercise to strengthen your muscles, to make your every vein strong. If you shed a tear because you have just got a little cut on your finger with a knife, it's time to make yourself stronger. Join any nearby gym, aerobics or yoga classes, dancing etc. Learning Martial Arts and Kung Fu sort of things are one of the best ways to protect yourself.

Safety Tip # 9 Staying out late has become highly dangerous. Never ever stay out late night. These days when girls are not safe even in the early evening, staying out late at night is a BIG no no.

Safety Tip # 10 In a party, never opt for boozing or drugs. I know it's a high fashion trend and the symbol of high society but once you are in trouble, those so called high society friends will be the first one to puff out like bubbles in the drinks. Opt for soft drinks but be careful always. You don't know whether your drink is pure or contaminated with some sedatives or aphrodisiacs.

Safety Tip # 11 If you are alone at the time of leaving party, call your friends or family members for a safe ride. Going on bikes with guys or with the friend of your friends might be unsafe.

Safety Tip # 12 Change routes on the daily basis if you are a regular goer to somewhere like office. Stalkers first eye on the route you opt frequently and then look for the right time to attack. Keep tossing your routes. If you don't have much options, have someone with you or be handy with some peaked or edgy tools like said in the Safety tip # 4.

Safety Tip # 13 When a guy stalk you and you are alone at the place, instead of brisk walking or running away, turn back and throw some question like what is the time. Psychology shows that when the stalkers are asked questions by their potential victims, it took them off guard and their harmful intention tends to droop. Buying some time to think about own safety might not be a bad idea. Also, you can hit him with any object you have in hands like bottle, bag or your own shoes. Make sure it hits him hard.

Safety Tip # 14 Instruct your children to not let the doors of the house open. It gives chances to criminals to attack. Teach children about various safety guidelines.

Safety Tip # 15 Use speed dial facility on your phones. In any emergency, just press a button and your family will be on the line. In some mobiles, pressing a particular button for thrice can send an already set emergency message on the mobiles of the people you have saved for this. Put your phone on another good use.

Safety Tip # 16 Keep emergency numbers handy. I am giving away some emergency numbers below:

Police -- 100 
Fire Brigade -- 101 
Ambulance -- 102 
Child Helpline Facility in Delhi -- 1098

As Delhi has become one of the most threatening city for girls, use this link to get instant helpline numbers: Delhi Helpline Numbers

If you live in Chennai, use this link to get emergency numbers: Chennai Emergency Contact Numbers

If you live in Karnataka, this link will be helpful: Karnataka helpline numbers

If you want emergency helpline numbers in any other country, use this link: International Emergency Numbers

I hope above links will seem helpful.

Safety Tip # 17 Use the body basics. Hit him hard on his groin. It will create a tremendous pain and will take him in hell. If he hold your hands, twist it as much hard as you can and hit on his stomach or legs. If he grabs you from front, hit his head with yours (avoid the pain caused to you). For more ideas, watch these videos:

But if you are caught despite of your efforts to save yourself, instantly pretend to be suffering from some disease. Pretend and tell them that you have some infectious disease in your body and harming you will infect them as well. It takes a very careful plotting but using brain, you can do it. This way they will think to save their own lives rather than harming you.

Instead of cursing the criminals and mental status of our society, I have given away some useful safety tips. Say NO to crime and YES to safety. If you are a male figure reading this post, I humbly urge you to spread safety tips among your sisters, friends or families. This will curb the number of crimes happening in our country. Also, learn to respect them. Today the families of those rapists are saying if found guilty, hang them. If you don't want your family to hate you this much, respect and protect your opposite gender.

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