Wednesday, 19 December 2012

December 21st, 2012? Not a doomsday for us :)

2012 and The Day After Tomorrow are such movies which give us a horrible idea of doomsday. Doomsday is the day when the earth will be destroyed mercilessly by some kind of apocalypse and date set for doomsday is not very far...just two days ahead on 21st December 2012. Doomsday is also known as The Judgement Day. In the flick 2012, it is shown that the earth will fall apart, humongous steroids will be showered from the sky, buildings will turn into dust, several earthquakes will let out their anger on earth by throwing hot molten lava on us but the major earth destruction factor will be water. The sequences bearing destruction of earth in the movie is quite capable of sending chills to your spine. It makes you literally imagine about the consequences if you were the part of this apocalypse. I know because every time I have watched this movie, I have imagined myself drowning in the water or being dead by some steroid or falling of a building. I have even felt tears into my eyes sometimes. It sounds funny but when you imagine a moment your family is dying right in front of you and you can do nothing about it, it is really heart breaking and lachrymal gland stimulating. When I watched The Day After Tomorrow, I have imagined myself dying from the global warming because this is the exact reason the earth will end up dead in the movie. And if I tell you the secret, imagination related with 2012 were more prominent than from the later movie.

But thankfully, none of this is correct. The world is not going to end on December 21st, 2012. The prediction of doomsday spread quickly because Mayan calender is finishing off in December 2012 and it has no more pages to continue with upcoming years (probably the calender maker ran out of pages :P). Just because Mayan calender ends in December 2012, that does not mean the world is going to end. It's just like when a year calender is done with all of its months, we replace with a new one. Mayan calender will also start with another year like any other calender. But I don't understand one thing that if the end of Mayan calender is in December 2012 and that definitely means 31st of it then by using which logic the doomsday is pre-set on 21st but not on 31st? Last day of December is always 31st then why not 31st? Why to scare people 10 days ago? I seriously need an explanation for this.

Other doomsday predictions- A huge rock called Nibiru will destroy the earth. Other one, extra-ordinary astronomical changes will happen in 2012. And how about this one, The Earth will cross the galactic plane (read about Galactic plane here) and this will be the reason for its destruction.

False False False- NASA has declared there are no signs of a rock called Nibiru coming towards earth or no special astronomical changes will happen this year. Also, earth will not dare to cross its galactic plane and if it will have nominal effects on it. I see NASA is a real superman saving all of us from these deadly apocalypses.

Don't you think this all sounds like when the millennium (2000) was arriving and everyone was biting their nails out worrying about computers becoming dead as the binary number (the basic language codes of the computer) 0101 would change into 0000 on the mid night of December 31st 1999? Crores of crores of currencies were printed out, setting them in some hidden parts of the world. It was proclaimed that every computer including laptop, desktop etc, will stop working. But when the New Year 2000 happened, everything was fine. We didn't get chance to mourn on the death of our computers. Instead, they all were fit, healthy and working as fine on January 1st 2000 as on December 31st 1999.

Like Carl Sagan said it precisely years ago- "Extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary evidence" and since no one has genuine evidence to make these doomsday predictions correct, it means we all can go for our new year party bashes, shopping sprees, wiping away old resolutions and seriously making space for new ones, holiday plannings etc. etc. Whatever you have planned for the 2013 new year, go ahead folks. Everything is fine and will remain so until I find my husband's credit card :)

Best wishes for New Year 2013 and Merry Christmas in advance.

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