Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Celebration tips to keep you crisp

Guest list is done, party menu is set, holiday destination is already booked, rounds of beauty parlor appointments are noted down in the diary, wardrobe is updated, new cosmetics got a place into the dressing table, hair style to be done is decided in advance and now waiting for the day to come. What? No! You are wrong. I am not planning for any party or celebration bash. I am trying to peek into your holiday planning details as Christmas and New year both special occasions are already preparing themselves to knock at your door. You think everything is done but wait! Have you thought about taking care of yourself before the vacation starts up? These are one of the special times to let you indulge on different sort of celebrating ideas. Live the life to its fullest by following some tips to add that WOW quotient into your personality and to make the celebration merrier.

  • If I say stay hydrated, that does not mean you have to drink 8-10 glasses of water on the daily basis. Stay hydrated means to keep your body satisfied with liquids like water, fresh juices, herbal teas, smoothies, mojitos, fat free milk kind of healthy drinks. These adds up the extra glow on your face and help your body in letting out toxins that are a BIG no no for you to keep them inside. 
  • Stay away from fizzy drinks and alcohol. Even sugar free drinks pile up empty calories into you, letting your body gloat like a balloon.
  • Drink more liquid during the day and less in the evening.
  • Guests are expected in the party and so are different delicacies in the menu. While you can never have 100% complete control on the food items to be made, still you can do something to make you regret less afterwards. Serving salads, popcorn, roasted items are wise steps to stay away from extra calories. 
  • Make sugary drinks invisible to the eyes. Instead, plan to offer light drinks i.e. fresh lime soda or herbal drinks. Such drinks have beneficial traits to keep you healthy.
  • It takes almost 15-20 minutes time for your brain to catch the signal that your stomach is full but the time these crucial minutes go by, you have already eaten up more than your body can digest. Keep drinking water in between the meals. Water curbs the hunger and this way you will feel full. Choose light drinks. Such drinks have have the ability to cut down on cravings.
  • These days alcohol is considered as one of the main party rockers. Binge drinking is harmful. Have them in average. Watch the quantity you are gulping down. Keep drinking few sips of water in between to avoid the next day's hangover.
  • While going to other's party, eat something before you step out of the home. Never go hungry. If you eat something already, you will be less likely to drool over party food items.
  • In party, never listen to the heart. Listen to your mind instead. While heart allows you to do some sins, right there mind keeps you in check.
  • Achieve that will power to stop yourself from eating like a pig. Do not hog on the food. Have small shares. Keep munching for longer time. This way you will satisfy your taste buds with the optimum food taste.
  • Talk more with people. Concentrate more on talking, not on food. If you talk more, it will get you distracted from over-eating.
  • When it comes for desserts, I also don't have much control on myself either. Sometimes I desperately want to grab that yummy big Haagen Dazs Ice-cream tub and finish it in one go. But alas! That is not advisable even for you too. Moderation is always the key. If desserts are serving, do not stop yourself. Yes! You heard it right. Do not stop yourself from smiling over desserts. Have your share. It will make you happy and as long as you are honestly happy about what you eat, you are healthy.
  • After the celebration, it is normal to have guilt and also going on crash diets. Trust me, such diets will crash your metabolic system with no result at the end and it's OKAY to commit sins like indulging on sweets or fried items. Understand what you need to do in order to get rid off those extra pounds. Maintain a healthy diet plan that can lasts forever.
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