Saturday, 1 December 2012

An eclectic Saturday

What started as a normal Saturdy morning ended up in doing some wonderful things by the afternoon knocked at our world. Here it is how it all happened:

By the time my husband left for his Navodayan meeting after his breakfast, I also decided to go out and have some fun with my kid (Do not raise your eyebrows at 'fun'. It simply means to visit normal places like park, malls etc.) . After all, I am a lazy bird who sits mostly at home. So after finishing my work, I sat down with the breakfast plate into my hands. While relishing the chunks of delicious Aaloo parantha (Indian bread stuffed with tasty potato stuffing), I started to check my mails and Facebook of course. While Facebook has remained nothing but a sack of useless statuses and updates, I found a mail shooting the details of workshops/classes happening  in Bangalore in my mail box. Usually I ignore such mails but somehow I checked it and then I saw a one hour workshop pertaining X-mas tree decoration event happening today itself. It caught my attention as I was seriously looking out for some nice activity that I and my son could do together. I checked out the details and called up on the number given. Got the required details and I was decided to go for it. I was anticipating that my son Ashmit would enjoy this. I had one hour to finish off my due tasks before I could leave. I hurriedly did them all and left 20 minutes before the activity was supposed to start. After a little hassle, I found the venue and bang...the venue turned out to be a children's library named Discover Kids. It was established five years ago and is sprawled in a reasonably large space. They have separate sections for different activities. Anyway, I started to look out for the beautiful tall X-mas tree supposed to be decorated by the children with loads of Christmas related articles like Santa clause, bells, candy sticks, messages and all that. The tree was located near to the counter and I must admit, my high expectations mocked back at me. I had really thought high of this activity but the reality didn't disappoint me much either. Several kids took out the decorating articles from the tray nearby and started to decorate the tree. They were doing it happily. Ashmit was also doing it nicely with a shy smile on his face. I knew before leaving house that I was gonna click some pictures so I fished out my camera and indeed clicked some. Here are few of them:

Ashmit decorating the X-mas tree

With tiny winy Santa Clause

Kids religiously doing the activity

And I also took some advantage by giving away a hand :)

After the activity, we both were lost in exploring the library. I was intrigued and therefore inquired about their membership plans if they have any. They told me everything and being an inquisitive person, I fired more questions then. After a little chit-chat and many 'Hmmm's, 'Umm's and 'Okaayyy's, I took their three months trial membership plan. See. What started this morning enrolling just for an activity, I ended up having a children's club membership. But I don't regret it. I had been looking out for some weekend club or library where I could enroll my son in order to give him some quality time and also to snatch him away from his cartoons. The library also have novels for adults. I was delighted to find this and picked one from the shelf which read Paulo Coehlo 'Like The Flowing River'. I had read his ever-so-famous masterpiece 'The Alchemist' and just his name urged me to pick this one. While Ashmit was already busy exploring his section, I got busy in exploring my book. I read its first few pages which made me chuckle for a number of times. Skilled writers like him have this ability to write funny things in funnier ways that looks funniest to you at the moment. I loved the way Paulo has written this book and guess what? I borrowed this one along with Ashmit's one kiddy book. We were there for the next two hours. I made one friend there and exchanged our phone numbers (like it is unusual to say out loud). I did some puzzles with my son, read few more pages from my book and asked few more questions at the library assistants. Hey wait! I need to call the library owner right away. (After few minutes) I talked to her and appreciated her the way she has started a wonderful thing. She was pleased. Little things do the magic you see. 

Sitting from there, a thought hit my head. I have always wanted to do something apart from my writing stuffs; something that holds the ability to keep me away from my laptop screen; something doing which can turn off the hustles and bustles of life; something that comes with good rewards in return (and with rewards, I mean appreciation and money as well) but I wasn't sure until I spent some time in this library. I find exactly the same things I wanted to have for me. Being among books and kids make me very happy. From there, I have started a dream about opening a library of my own. It will contain books for kids as well as for grown ups. I will do this...I will do that...I kept musing into my own head. Don't think that I am going overboard with this fascinating library visit. I am not. You know you want an idea that can provide certain things but you keep living in the closet of uncertainty at the moment and when that much coveted idea appears like a ghost from nowhere, it just click your mind; fills the empty hole into your world. The same happened with me. This library visit gave me the exact alternate idea of what I want to do in my life. I will open a library for all when I have the required tools. I already own a little library of my own and expanding it at a larger scale is drilling me with high hopes. The best thing is: I can be with my family. With my fingers crossed, I wish I get successful in this. One more thing...Discover Kids is enabled with Wi-Fi. It means I can take my laptop along with me next time. See...nothing can keep me off from my lappy :)

After coming out of the library, I took Ashmit off guard when we entered into McDonald's for lunch. We both were hungry and you can have the fair idea of the amount of his happiness. We had our lunch. After coming back home, one more delight was waiting for me. Before leaving home, I had set my laptop to download The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 and the time I came back, it was already downloaded. I couldn't hold my curiosity of 'What-happened-next", I watched the episode in a hurried act. You cannot understand the depth of curiosity here until if you have the same crazy fascination for any sort of supernatural mumbo jumbo witchy whacky fantasy. This keeps me insanely sane. For the first time, I liked Klaus (A Vampire-Wolf hybrid) with Caroline (another vampire); Elena (A new born vampire) fell for Damon (a super hot vampire who makes interesting things more interesting by his most interesting moves and actions. Sorry if I offended someone :P ). All in all, it's just a fiction work of some crazy-superb mind. I love TVD beyond my imagination. 

Relaxing at my couch, I am happy to fill my blog with another interesting post about interesting things happened today. As per McDonald's tricky idea to pull every kid in city, Ashmit got a toy along with his Happy meal. It is Iron man. Now The Iron man is the part of our little army of superheroes: Batman, Superman, Robin and Spider man. Five inactive men to save us from the atrocities of our lives. What an irony...ha!

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