Saturday, 8 December 2012

A night of games and laughter

Few nights back, I and my kid was enjoying the night time by playing some games. While my husband was soundly asleep, rest of us were completely devoid of its divine effect. Usually I send my kid straight to sleep after some stories or lullabies but never games. But I guess that night was different. To kill the time, I started playing with my son. We played few games and had a hell lot of laughter stock too. And also, there were few irritating 'Hmm's and 'God! go to sleep you two' sort of things flew from my husband to us but his plane crashed because we didn't listen. But we both (I and my son) were living up to our childhood years simply.

So...the first game commenced as 'Stone-Paper-Scissor". It is one of the widely played games and required no tools to play but your hands. Players can be of any number and its quite easy to play. We both were playing it cheerfully. Without a doubt, my kid beat me in this. He was clever or better I should say, lucky.

Second game we started was "Pick the tail and Start a trail". I know this sounds unfamiliar. But truth to be told, I came up with this new game...ta daaa. That's why its name sounds so cozy and curious. The game has simple rules. I had to say a word and my kid had to pick its last letter (the tail) and then he had to say a new word with that picked letter (start a trail). It's easy. We had to spell the words as well. It increases the vocabulary of the children certainly and also, it exerts a little pressure on your mind too because you have to say words according to your kid's level. I accept new words can be introduced (I did some) but you should not go overboard with this. Play like you are a child and then enjoy the game at its full length.

Enough lecturing now. Below are the trails that we made. As the game went on for 20 minutes for the least, our dictionary was falling empty but it was fun when you run out of words in front of your child. The joy on his face was quite cherishable. I started by saying Tiger.

Tiger-Rat-Thigh-Horse-Elephant-Top-Peacock-Kite-Earphone-Eel-Lovely-Yak-Kitchen-Nest- and so on...

The game I invented at the drop of a hat was very pleasing and handy. After playing for 10 minutes, we were often getting stuck on the words starting from the letter "E" and "K". The scene was worth watching. When I was stuck, my kid was immensely enjoying seeing his big mom running out of words. And when he was, needless to say I enjoyed that too. We teased each other a lot. I, though, introduced few new words to him. It's a good way to increase and re-built your kid's vocabulary. I introduced him to "Kindergarten" and "Topple". He was so pleased with this game that he continued next morning too. But this time, my husband was also a part of this game.

With all these happy memories, I wish all of you a Good Night and sweet dreams that can keep you smiling forever.

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