Monday, 31 December 2012

5 sound reasons for 'No resolution this year'

One and half more hours to go and viola! New year is all set to knock at your door. So many plans have been done in advance for Dec. 31st eve and Jan. 1st. So many resolutions are already dancing in your diary or on the sticky notes on your refrigerator. 'I will do this', 'I will do that', 'I will do something good this year', 'I will improve myself this year' blah blah. Resolutions are as versatile and charming as our day dreams but when they crackle before you can meet them, it hurts. Isn't it? Even if you do your best to stick with your resolution, you sometimes don't find enough motivation to go for it.

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So have you ever enjoyed a new year without any resolution? If no then read onnnn buddy. Planning helps but doing things randomly and instantaneously helps you better. I will answer your every 'How's and 'Why's.

Reason # 01 You can easily plan for a new thing anytime and any day of the year. Suppose you have decided to work onto yourself in terms of relationships. This is one of your resolutions. Why to work on this while you can do it without putting any effort in the process? Remember the number of people that hate/dislike you and automatically you will be on the right note on loving those who loves you back. This way you will inadvertently improve your relationships. Also, you can list new things in your life. New adventure, a hobby, travelling, fitness classes and the examples are endless depending upon your own choice.

Reason # 02 You will fly like a free bird. Why to chain yourself even before the new year start up? Just live freely and enjoy the freedom through out the year. That does not mean you can go on with all kind of your sins. With 'free bird' here I mean to say do whatever makes you genuinely happy. Birds never restricts themselves from flying here and there. The same you should do too.

Reason # 3 You will be able to get more options on your way. Assume you have decided to do something good this year like pursuing higher degree in Jewellery Designing. In later phases of the year, you may realize Diploma in Textile is actually your cup of tea not Jewellery Designing but you would already be in a dicey situation. Rule of thumb is always keep yourself open to more options. Decide you will do good not just this year but through out your whole life. This way you will get more options that can make you a happy soul and an evolved society person.

Reason # 4 None of your friends and relatives would be able to poke you constantly for your resolutions. O c'mon! Resolutions are someone's personal desires and no one has any right to nag you about it. But sadly many people do not follow the same unlike they follow celebrities on Twitter and Facebook. No resolutions and hence no poking and no sad-droopy-teary eyed faces of yours.

Reason # 5 At the end of the year, you wouldn't be hurt if you couldn't make it to any of your resolutions. It's true. When someone decides to do something in a certain time span and if s/he couldn't meet the deadlines, it seriously hurts. Why to end up your current year and start another one like a heart broken soul as in Bella Swan in Twilight? Cheer up! Enjoy your every day and the entire year.

But still if you want a resolution with which you can dance around for another 365 1/4 days, make a sensible one. Given the tragic end of 2012 (especially Nirbhaya's death after the gang rape and shockingly increased number of crimes against women), decide you will not let it happen at least from your side. You will be a better person and also try to spread positivity around. You will just not respect women but people of every age as well. Resolutions are like reminders you set for yourself. If you want to work on something, start right away. DO NOT wait for a fresh year to start and bang onto your head. When I feel right moment to do good things is NOW, I do it no matter what as I have expressed it in a way in one of my posts Open the door and let the happiness come. If you do all these, you will definitely make most out of your new year. Enjoy your day and Happy New Year 2013 to all my readers in advance.

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