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Yours Forever Part 3: It's all about a second chance

And here is the third and last part of my story Yours Forever. Without talking much, let's find out what Diya did after finding her husband's letter. But if you haven't read its previous two parts yet, fine it here:: Part 1 and Part 2

Part 3: It's all about giving a second chance

"I was stunned reading all this. When I started to analyze everything, his every word started to pour down cold water on my anger and hatred. His words bound me to go back to our five years of married life. Was it really my mistake? What Sanchit had described in his letter was really true after all? Had I been living up to such ill behaviorism that I refused to unravel his things even then when he communicated them too? No no…this couldn’t be true. I never did this. He must be lying. A selfish thought shouted in my head. My eyes flickered to the letter resting on my lap. No matter how much I shoved away the guilty growing within, I couldn’t ignore the letter and its content which was pointing towards the things that I had done in my vanity. His letter had shaken the deepest parts of my soul. There was only one way to find out the truth that I look back and realize my own behavior for Sanchit. I stopped crying and started to compartmentalize my life into the phases where I had been wrong with him. More I thought, more my anger turned towards me.

Sanchit indeed served himself as a good husband. And if he did any mistakes, what was wrong in this? None of us is flawless and so was he. I memorized our initial sweet years of marriage when Sanchit had endless reservoir of his love pouring down on me. Later on, his love got coated with a maturity and a deep understanding which my love failed to achieve. He was mum during the arguments while I accused him for everything. He kept my demands in check while I kept his' aside. Was I selfish I wondered? A hidden realization peeked out of my mind. There were certainly the times when I was completely aware of my own mistakes but instead accepting them in front of him, I cursed him for the things that he never did. He knew I was wrong but he never bothered to argue with me. In fact, he pampered me after every argument until I melted down and smiled at him. 

My goodness! Am I an egoistic person? My ego had been so big all the time that I kept hurting him with my wrong erratic behavior? He never wanted to put up a fight with me and I, many times, ignored this fact thinking myself superior to him. But eventually his love for me showed how much null and void I was in reality.

Deeper I went; more I understood my own behavior. For the first time, it felt I was thinking more about Sanchit than myself. If his love for me was lost, I was equally responsible for this somewhere. Had I been loving and caring to him, this situation wouldn’t have been arrived at first place. I was his life partner and it was my duty to listen and understand his things and if I failed to do so, what would he supposed to do? And in the meanwhile, if he got someone exactly like he had always been dreamt of, why wouldn’t his heart naturally fall for that someone? He was already distressed and disappointed from me after all? Right?

There was an array of bombarding thoughts. Since a week, I was thinking I was the one who needed sympathy. But Sanchit needed it more than me. He loved me all along the way. He could easily get away accusing me with all the bad things happened because of me. He also could leave me behind. But he still wanted to start a new life all over with me again and easily forget that other woman. Today I realized how much I had been lucky in my life that not many women find such life partners. I was ecstatic at my destiny. The thought that he could love me again and we could make our relationship work made me as light as a feather.

I had been analyzing myself for two days now. I shoot out a cry but this time, tears were for him. With every tear trickling down, I was gathering the courage to face him. I had hurt him beyond my imagination and to fix all the wrong things right away, I had to call him and accept my own mistakes. His letter had worked as a wake up call to me. He wanted to give me a second chance and I was too much grateful to him. After all, I too never wanted to lose him ever. Not many people get such second chances in their lives and I was one of the lucky ones.

I was missing him so badly that without waiting for one more second, I dialed up his number. He immediately picked up the call. It was the evening and I only said,

“Sanchit! When are you coming home love? I am waiting for you to have some snacks”.

My few words did the magic and brought him back to me. He spoke with beaming happiness. “I am on my way Diya. I am so happy to get you back. You can’t imagine my happiness. I will be there in ten minutes” and he disconnected the phone.

I smiled at his innocent, pure love. In fact, he didn’t have the idea how much I owed him for purifying my own self. He could not imagine the volume of the happiness I was drenching with. I felt a peace inside me. I knew I was ready to amend my mistakes and to start a new life with him, again. I kept waiting for him.

After exactly ten minutes, Sanchit was at the door. We looked at each other for a moment, absorbing the loud happiness in our own minds and then we hugged like never to get apart. I said sorry for my mistakes to which he kept his finger on my lips by saying I look more beautiful when I say I Love You to him and I did the same exactly. I could feel my life had just now started. A new golden life with my husband was waiting ahead; my husband who loved me from all of his heart and whom I would never lose again. I was all set to fill his life with love, passion and care. But among these, I whispered only one thing into his ears.

“Let’s start planning for a baby tonight”.
Important learning: And here the story ends. But saying 'The End' never completes a story if we don't seek for "What you learned from this story" exactly like we did in our childhood. I hope my visitors would have enjoyed reading its last part. It's not just only a fiction work but also consists of few important learning in the life.

  • Everyday express your love to your partner via different ways. Give away small gifts, write down a message on a small paper and put it secretly in his lunch box that he carries with him to the office etc. It's up to you entirely which way suits yours taste to take your relationship to a new level. But do two things everyday--> Respect your partner a lot and show it through your kind and soft behavior on the daily basis. This way, you won't have to put much effort to keep your relationship going on.
  • Marriage is not just a ritual of getting two people together. It is basically a bond that ties them forever. Communicate your things and let your partner understand them. If s/he can't, do it again in different but polite way. Yelling, shouting, accusing will do nothing but to make your union doomed forever. Diya did the same and she went into troubles.
  • Always provide a second chance to your partner if something is going wrong again. Human beings are quite complicated. Sometimes, translating the same thing in different ways may become your savior. So always, think of a second chance. And if it is also not enough, giving away third or fourth chances won't hurt much too unless things are deteriorating down at the extreme level. Union of two hearts must have place for mistakes and understanding too not just only for love. Isn't it?
  • Diya had been lucky to find a partner like Sanchit but not all the people are like him. I mean there are people who believe in saying their things mostly through unspoken words and they want their things to be understood by this way only. Not everyone believes in sitting and narrating everything to one. So, take sometime out to understand your behavior towards your life and your partner. It will keep you at bay from several annoying issues.
  • When you think you are at some mistake, accept it right away. If you are a male partner, do it even more (I know it is quite hard but your relationship with your partner is more important not your mistakes and ego). Girls are usually sensitive (unless she lacks the concept of moral science in her life) and they don't take much time to forgive you. They can easily forget your mistakes and love you again. But female partners too must do the same. Accept, forget and live peacefully is the rule of thumb for all.
  • Diya thought it was only Sanchit who made their relationship worked out again. But truth to be told, it was her too who raised her hands to balance their relationship in critical times. If she wanted, she could have continued with her ill behaviorism but she didn't. When someone loves you from the deepest part of the heart, you must be ready to do anything to save your relationship. There are times when people simply forget the importance of each other but a few obstacles remind them the everlasting love their relationship carries just like Diya and Sanchit realized theirs. Do not let your love get lost in the complications of life.
  • What Sanchit did was wrong. No matter how ill was his wife's behavior, he shouldn't have gone to other woman. But he realized his mistake and apologized. He kept his private life up to himself only.  Realizing own mistakes and trying to amend them is much more important than thinking about the guilty person's mistakes. 
  • Life is either complicated or very simple. It depends on your choice. A strong sun ray can be burning for your skin but the same could be a bliss for someone who needs its Vitamin D. Thing is same but how you perceive it all depends on your idea of perception. Live life at its fullest. Let your partner know how much you love him/her. Preserve the magic of love. Brew love spells to keep your magic intact. Listen to your partner and do things what s/he likes. If you can't, tell it too. After all, your partner is someone who is supposed to be with you for the rest of your life; not your mistakes, not your demands, not your silly wishlists...nothing.

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